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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Coronation Street Weds 30th September episode review

"All that matters is that he's gone and we're a family"
Hello and welcome to another Wednesday review for what I think has been a fabulous episode.
All of the Callum drama from last week has taken a backseat and comedy reigned supreme tonight. Anna and Sally sniped over the counter in the café and Eva Price looked every bit Elle Woods, as she and her cleavage went for a hilarious run on the treadmill at the gym.   However, there was a piercing touch of sadness for those at Number 9.

The Platts' current drama was touched upon, as Max has had another nightmare about his dead dad. A remarkably calmer Kylie reassures him that he will never see Callum again. Later on, a curious Max enquires exactly where he has gone, but David fobs him off with a vague answer. When Max excitedly suggests that David adopts him now, Kylie and David suddenly realise that he can't be adopted now that Callum is dead, something I find hard to believe. They make Max believe that they're a family again, but they both know that they're trapped and Callum is still controlling them. David also reveals to a panic-stricken Sarah that he has disposed of Callum's phone in the canal.

Desperate Sally is on a mission to win Tim back. Doing something which I would have thought Sally would deem too 'common', she steps out onto the Street in her dressing gown as Tim is working, loudly proclaiming how sexy he looks. She then begs ex-husband Kevin to talk to her ex-fiancée and he reluctantly agrees. The bromantics of Weatherfield have a lunchtime pint, during which Tim does not give in. When Sally cannot resist sticking her desperate nose in, Tim realises that this talk was manufactured and leaves after firmly tells Sally that it is over. Over in the café, after a lot of sniping over the counter, Anna gives Sally a pep talk and encourages her to keep fighting; she knows that Tim still loves her. But mainly because she wants her sofa back and is struggling to cope with Tim's nocturnal habits. It is Craig, of all people, who comes up with a very artistic idea.
"This is how I see you"
"Well that's not my mouth. Tim says I've got a lovely mouth"

The loveable Craig has been struggling to come up with an idea for his art project. He decides to help both Sally himself by spray-painting Beth's Egyptian Cotton sheets with an abstract picture of Sally. He hangs them right across the Street and when Sally sees Tim, she apologises yet again and asks for his hand in marriage. Unfortunately, this is to no avail. Tim refuses to accept her proposal. Still, I hope Craig gets an A for his project! At the end of the episode, Sally declares to Tim that she will be there on Monday, waiting for him in her wedding dress.
"Tim. I know I hurt you and I'm sorry. I will never hurt you again, I swear. Will you marry me anyway?"
"I'm not gonna marry you just 'cause he's done a Banksy on a bedsheet."

Bringing a darker tone to the episode was the diagnosis of Hope's cancer.   Fiz and Tyrone are back in the consultant's room when they are dealt with the blow that Hope has a type of cancer called Neuroblastoma. This means Hope will be subjected to more tests, chemotherapy and many more visits to hospital. Fiz is monotonous when she says she can't believe it.  Back at Number 9, the pair sit stiffly on the sofa, unable to take the news in. Earlier in the day, Hope had been telling her mum how she wanted to go to Lapland to meet Santa Claus, like her schoolfriend had. When Fiz is at the factory discussing time off, Tyrone books a holiday to Lapland, knowing they can't afford it. Quite rightly, Fiz is furious when she finds out and angrily demands that he cancels it. I have to agree with Fiz. Tyrone has been sweet, but very dopey.

"I can't take it in. How can we put her through all this?"
"They've said that they can treat her and that she'll get better. We've got to believe them"
A fantastic episode tonight. The buzz of the live episode is still lingering around the Street and it makes things very exciting indeed.

As always, thanks for reading.

Jordan, Twitter- @JordanLloyd39

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Tvor said...

David was going to adopt Max long before Callum was in the picture. Nobody mentioned anything about permission then. If Callum doesn't show up after a period of time, (which of course he won't), I'm pretty sure they can proceed without him.

Anonymous said...

Sally looks like Homer Simpson in that picture IMO.

Anonymous said...

I didn't quite catch it watching the episode, but was Craig's assignment to "change hearts and minds"? If so, it seemed like a lost opportunity. Couldn't he have changed hearts and minds about gay marriage or summat? Also, how did he get into Sally's garden? Does he have a key?

Zagg said...

To "change hearts and minds" and using the Sally/Tim scenario was the PREFECT opportunity. It was timely, personal and sweet. Why on earth would he take on the gay marriage issue? It is not relevant to the stories right now. If Sean and Billy were front and center, yes, by all means.


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