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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Coronation Street facts and figures up for sale on eBay

A friend of mine has found this Coronation Street book of facts and figures while he was cleaning out his back room.  It doesn't look like an official publication and I wonder if anyone knows where it has come from and who Terry M is?

If you're interested in buying it, it's for sale on eBay now.

Here are the details:

Titled " The Coronation Street Book Of Facts. A Chronological Overview"
Author listed as Terry M.
We won this as a Coronation St fan gathering whilst living in Canada.
This looks like either a Canadian fan-made publication or a Coronation St writer reference.
Volume One is signed by Author, Terry M.

This Set is listed as Edition 1, Copy 55 and details the dates it was printed as "April 14 2005, 25 copies; April 20 2005, 25 copies, April 27 2005, 15 copies."
8-1/2" x 11" size, spiral coil bound with a clear plastic cover and a heavier card back page.

Volume One
Episode Dates and Details, Dec 1960 to April 2005, Episode Numbers 1 to 6000. Each episode shows episode number and air date.
Some episodes list significant storylines, character introductions and farewells.
Also includes -
A Brief History of early residents of Coronation St 1902-1960; Map of Coronation St layout 2005;
Residents addresses on April 11, 2005; List of longest serving characters as of 2005; list of Multiple Marriages; and 'All Creatures Great & Small,' a list of animals and creatures that have appeared, including a history of Jack's Pigeons.

Volume Two
Character Profiles, Dec 1960 to April 2005
A listing of all characters with details of first appearance, and bio info
Also includes -
Group Outings - Details of trips and outings in the storylines.

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Realist said...

Not to wish to rain on anybody's parade without seeing the contents of this publication but it probably doesn't contain any info that is not freely available on the Corriepedia website.

Anonymous said...

And probably a lot less than that site.

Tracy, Canada said...

Terry M visits another Corrie chat site, although he hasn't been posting on it for a while. And yes, he is Canadian. From Ottawa, if my memory serves me well. ( Guestbook)
I will make a post on that site, and hopefully he is still lurking around :)

Tvor said...

AT the time Terry put this together, he offered it for sale to the guestbook posters and any others. This was before Wiki and Corriepedia and was quite comprehensive up to that date in 2005. He did a lot of hard work putting it all together. Yes, it's all available online now but it wasn't back then.

BarrieT said...

I rememberTeryM from the old CSVU coronation street visual updates we site, in tne early days of the world wide web. Even before itv had their own website, someone called David I think used to do reviews of daily episodes with screen shots of variuos scenes and quite funny commentry. That was in 1999. It was a great website for overseas fans who were 2 years behind or couldnt watch it. He was later made an offer by ITV to do a website for them and after a few years once catch up videos were introduced it all stopped. TerryM was a fan who posted quite regularly and was very knowledgable. He tried to sell some hand made books that he'd put together. This is probably one of them. As its unofficial who knows how accurate it is. Its probably a lot more accurate than the current archivist at coronation street. For real authority daran little has published some official books.

Anonymous said...

Terry M lives(d) about 2 km from my house in the west end of Ottawa and I paid for and picked up a copy at his house. He was a very knowledgeable man. The book was interesting but unfortunately with Wikipedia and other sites some of the information has been superceded.

Mike Plowman was the author of the CSVU updates and he did it with his girlfriend (now wife?) who he met online from Canada due to their shared interest in CS. Not sure where those updates are now


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