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Monday 27 April 2015

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 27 April

I am absolutely loving the return of Jenny Bradley. What an asset to the cobbles she is. Sally Ann Mathews is a fine actor and can convey emotion impressively through her facial expressions and body language.

There is something really intriguing going on. We saw Jenny on the phone to work, last week, telling them that she couldn’t come in. She does this when she hears that Jack’s child-minder will be out of action with a broken leg for some time. Having effectively resigned from her job, she is free to take on full time care of Jack. She tells Kevin that work has let her go.

Why, exactly is Jenny so on edge and sensitive about anything to do with little Jack? And why is she so keen to conceal her anxieties about Jack to Kevin? Regarding these mysteries, there has been much speculation. Has Jenny suffered the loss of a child? Did she have her children taken from her? For abuse? Neglect? The father run off with them? Or did she have several miscarriages or a still birth or can she not have children? Or is it something else entirely?

Thankfully though, Jenny does seem genuinely fond of Jack and doesn’t seem to be a danger to him – at least not yet. At the moment she seems to want to wrap him up in cotton wool. He seems happy to be with her too.

When Jenny accidentally bumps into Maria, Jenny’s reaction is fierce. No harm is done but Jenny rounds on Maria as if she deliberately wanted to cause harm. Our reaction to Jenny is reflected in Maria’s reaction. Then when Jack and Liam are playing together, Jenny is beyond angry when she sees Liam hitting Jack and is determined to tell Maria how awful Liam is. She asks Rita to keep an eye on Jack while Jenny bursts into Audrey’s salon and tells Maria that she’s, ‘not teaching him how to behave properly.’ Maria is badly shocked but there’s more to come - Jenny slaps Maria hard across the face. Maria is shocked, as are we.  Jenny looks wild, intense and insane. Where is this fury coming from? 

Sophie is highly suspicious of her dad’s new girlfriend, understandably so. Jenny tells Kevin that she wasn’t the one who hit Maria first, but that it was, in fact, Maria who assaulted her first. Though she shouldn’t have, Sophie rummages through Jenny’s bag and discovers Jenny’s work badge. She actually rings the employer and discovers that she didn’t get the push, as she had claimed, but that she left of her own accord. The trouble is that Jenny discovers Sophie looking in her bag, which is inexcusable. This turns her dad and Maddie against her. Sophie is so frustrated that no one believes her. On hearing from Luke the story that Jenny is putting out that it was Maria who assaulted her,  Maria arrives in the pub to tell the truth. She says to Jenny, ‘Are you off your head? Are you denying you hit me? You’re tapped in the head. You’re lucky I didn’t phone the police.’ She adds, ‘You want to watch yourself with her Kev.’

Sophie decides to visit Maria to tell her that she, Sophie, believes her. Kevin though is putting his foot down. Jenny’s ‘ All I’m trying to do is help,’ convinces Kevin. So yes, it’s true - love is blind. Norris though concludes that, ‘Both women are of questionable repute.’ But, no offence, he does want Dean Martin and Acker Bilk on the juke-box. And who can dislike Stranger on the Shore?

Chesney channels his inner Othello and becomes jealous of Sam who Sinead became friendly with in hospital. Jealousy is clearly not a rational emotion, so it is no use being cross with him. Sam gives Sinead a goodbye present, which really bothers Chesney, but is in fact a very sweet gesture. Later he also returns Sinead’s pyjamas. Sam sees that Chesney is upset and calms him down. Sam tells Chesney that Sinead is a lucky girl to have as good a boyfriend as Chesney is. Sam says he’ll not get in their way, but will he keep his promise?

Of course, Sarah is now a barmaid in The Rovers. She succeeds in persuading Liz that she needs her. Her new job is perfect for Callum. She can’t walk away and so he can talk to her as often as he likes, now she is caught behind the bar.

Bethany is starting her education at Weatherfield Comprehensive. She chooses to begin her studies in bright red lipstick and a very short skirt. Uncle Nick comes over all paternal and tells her a few home truths, while disapproving of her skirt length and make up. He even produces the classic, ‘Get that muck off your face.’

There is still clearly an attraction on Nick’s part at least, to Carla. In Roy’s Rolls Bethany shouts out, ‘Hi Carla!’ For someone fourteen years old, she certainly has confidence and thinks it’s alright to leave ‘the zoo’ when she sees fit, though has promised to return tomorrow.  On leaving the caf√©, she says to her mother, ‘Let’s give the lovebirds some privacy.’ Cheeky or bold?

Carla sees Chesney on a bench and says to him, ‘The last thing that girl needs is you moping around with a face like that.’ Well said Carla and we know her too well to just be asking after Sinead to see when she will be returning to Underworld. Shame on you Chesney. Oh - And the pig was a good idea but the nightie? Really? Never mind, you meant well.

I’m rather looking forward to the friendship between Cathy and Roy, though she doesn’t accept his offer of taking her for a drink. We know she has lost her husband recently and often loss of confidence goes hand in hand with a bereavement. As Roy goes upstairs to change his cardigan, Cathy disappears. He finds her at the bus stop, but before he can call her a taxi, she has set off walking. 

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AmandaB said...

I'm at a crossroads with my JB interest now, I loved her initial return coupled with the interaction that ensued with Rita. But this soap-psycho business is grating already. Amazing how just one episode can make me totally change my mind. Not looking forward to this dragging out, just want the truth (with backstory) asap and for things to work out for her and Kevin.
Detest Bethany - are 14 year olds really like that now? 16 I could accept, but 14 is pushing it a bit for this behaviour, attitude and makeup. I really do think it's casting a 19 year old that's the problem here and I'm amazed the director hasn't reigned her in.

Ruth owen said...

i watched carefully after the Maria slap and am sure that Maria was rubbing the wrong side of her face...

Anonymous said...

I'm watching in Canada and must say I am very disappointed in Bethany and Sarah. Sarah still acts like a teenager hasn't matured a single bit. Bethany is one very rude, disrespectful young lady. The way she speaks to her relatives is disgusting. I am not looking forward to seeing more of them.

Anonymous said...

'Hand that Rocks the Cradle' comes to mind..woman is a whackjob. Good stuff!

Dime said...

If I hear Bethany say "Uncle Nicky" one more flamin' time...

bluegardenia said...

I just watched the episode where Sarah gets "fired" by her brother ridiculous...and now they are all living under the same roof!!! Good grief...Max and the baby, David, Michael, Gail, and now Sarah and her devil child...where are they all sleeping in this 3 up and 2 down? Callum makes me ill...he's disgusting and a ridiculous character. Now Tod has found out about Tracy and Tony and we all know what's going to happen there don't we. Corrie is sadly becoming a cartoon caricature of itself. What are the writers thinking of? Rehashing old storylines...Coronation St has done some great work...I would like to see that return.

Anonymous said...

What I couldn't get my head around was Kev and Tyrone giggling over Luke's distress at losing Maria - what kind of mates are they supposed to be?

Frosty the Snowman said...

Hm how many times does Carla and Nick 'turn up' in the same place together? I counted 3 yesterday when they have had little interaction before.

And The Most Pointless Returnee Ever, Sarah followed in her predecessor's footsteps as barmaid, not been there 5 minutes and already taking a "break" then disappearing to conduct her personal life.

Frosty is sorry that Jenny has been turned barmy as he would have liked her to stay.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff with Jenny last night and the scene where Sarah twisted Norris ("Mr Cole") round her little finger was excellent!

Humpty Dumpty said...

A jumble of plots left me feeling exhausted last night, like being at a very noisy party and trying to make sense of what people were saying. Too many in the cast and we have yet to welcome back Fiz and Kylie! We need a few hints about Jenny's backstory before the rooftop drama unless that's all going to explode very soon. Bethany has no redeeming features. She's a younger version of Tracy and that will soon get boring. How long before she finds a totally unsuitable boyfriend; I'm guessing a married man in his 30's. Zero chemistry between Sarah and Callum. Ches and Sinead could go tomorrow and nobody would miss them. Roy and Cathy saved the day.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely detest Bethany, Sarah and Callum. How old is Sarah meant to be? And Bethany is equal worst addition to the cast along with woodentop Callum.

Really sorry they are turning Jenny into a psycho, why can't she just be normal? What's wrong with that? Apart from which, would hate to see Rita being proved right.

I also thought it odd that Kevin & Tyrone were laughing at Luke, very inappropriate.

Anonymous said...

Considering that Kevin had an affair with his wife and fathered her son,I was also disappointed that Tyrone joined him in laughing at Luke who's been a good friend.
As for Kevin,I wonder if he'll like Tyrone and Luke laughing at him when his pschyo girlfriend threatens to commit suicide with HIS son[who he never pays attention to]?

Anonymous said...

I really love Tim as a character, but it seems like the writers are getting overly attached to this whole bromance thing, where Tim and Kevin bond while laughing off how annoying Sally is, or can be. Now the brotherhood's attitude has extended to include all wives and girlfriends, regardless. And Tyrone being part of that mentality? That's not his character at all. Plus, as Anon 16:21 says, Kevin is not exactly prepared to laugh off his psycho girlfriend. It highlights how unique Tim is that he can maintain a sense of distance from Sally's shenanigans and love her all the same.

Louby said...

I am not really enjoying the JB stuff at all. Isn't the"formula" a bit tired now - one person spots that a newcomer is bad news, but gets told they're overreacting etc, until said newcomer shows true colours and proves the person was right all along. Perhaps I've been watching Corrie for too long. My hopes for it now rest on Roy, and Tim/Sally who are fab.


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