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Saturday 11 April 2015

Coronation Street weekly update - the one with reading notes

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Poor Faye. She’s just given birth to a baby she didn’t even know was on its way until a couple of months ago and now she’s got the cops at her bedside asking her questions she can’t and won’t answer.  They want to know was she forced and who the dad is, but Faye can’t bring herself to talk about it, can’t even admit she’s just given birth. She wants it all to go away and wake up from this bad dream and who can blame her? As if that’s not bad enough for the kid, she’s got Anna on her back trying to get her to take some responsibility for the baby she doesn’t want. 

Faye breaks down and tells Sophie her true feelings and news reaches Owen that all is not as rosy as the happy family picture that Anna wants to paint. Owen suggests to Anna that the baby is adopted but Anna has her rose tinted specs on and nothing and no one will remove them, for now.  The baby’s dad Jackson and his parents are summoned from the posh estate to be told the baby news. Jackson denies it and his parents take umbrage with Anna and leave. I can’t say I blame them, it was all arranged and executed so cack-handedly by Anna, that I’d have scarpered quick-sharp too. 

Then, finally, the social worker calls round. Faye starts by telling her everything she thinks she wants to hear – yes, she loves the baby - yes, she’ll look after it with help from her family and then, glancing at Owen and knowing she has to tell the truth, she admits she doesn’t want the baby at all.  The social worker tells Anna she’ll be back in touch, which leaves the Windass-Armstrong household in a right old state. Anna and Owen argue and she tells him she doesn’t love him any more.  Owen packs and leaves after he’s had a cry at the table and Anna sits nursing the baby.  Ooh, Anna, be careful. You’re going to lose everyone soon.  They’ll all leave you one by one.  I’ve never liked Anna since she was awful to Roy…unforgiveable behaviour in anyone’s book.

In happier news this week, Eileen goes out on a date with a fella from t’internet called Adrian. It goes well, he seems normal, Eileen even smiles, which is always good to see.  However, there’s another fella online called Jeff, in Dubai, who Eileen’s keen on too. What she doesn’t know is that Jeff is really Todd, stringing his mum along online for his own vicious pleasure. What a nasty piece of work he really is, and quite pathetic too.

Bethany winds up Jason and tells him that Sarah’s still in love with him so Jason takes his ex-wife to one side in the Bistro and lets her down gently, telling her he still loves Eva, even though she’s gone. Sarah’s confused, she doesn’t know what Jason’s on about but it soon becomes clear that Bethany’s been winding things up.  Revenge is served on Bethany when Sarah and Jason pretend they’re getting back together, much to Bethany’s disgust.  I’m liking Bethany and enjoying having her and Sarah back on the Street although I am finding it hard to relate to them as mother and daughter and then there’s the lack of Italian accent of course, but still, enjoyable all the same.  I was a bit perturbed when Sarah took Bethany to the gym and mother and daughter worked out, side by side. What on earth is 14 year old Bethany doing working out in the gym when there’s a perfectly good chip shop to hang around outside of?

In the Rovers, Liz cooks Tony a romantic meal in the back room and ponders on about being able to pay for Steve and Michelle’s wedding.  What Liz means is that she wants to be able to pay for it herself but Tony takes it to mean that Liz wants him to pay for it.  He gets in a strop with Liz but then the next thing you know, he’s offered to pay for their wedding.  Further stropment of the Tony variety occurs when Liz tells Tony to let Steve think, for the sake of his bruised pride, that Liz is paying for the wedding, not Tony. 

Tracy finds out what’s going on and plays to Tony’s wallet, blaming Liz for fleecing him dry in the money department and treating him like a bank. If anyone’s going to do that, it’s Tracy’s job, surely.   Tony falls for the trap and Tracy takes him upstairs again to listen to tapes, telling Todd she’s gone to look at some mobile phones with Tony. When she returns and Todd asks her about the phones, she says she didn’t go. But when Tony drops Tracy in in saying they had been to see the phones, Todd knows summat’s going on between them. His suspicions are confirmed when he spies Tracy and Tony muttering by the fan heaters in Barlow’s Buys. Tracy tells him to keep his trap shut, or else.

And that was just about that for this week.

This week's writers were Julie Jones (Monday); Jonathan Harvey (Monday); Mark Wadlow (Wednesday); Jayne Hollinson (Friday); Ellen Taylor (Friday).  Find out more about the Coronation Street writing team at

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Callum popping up like a jack in the box everywhere you look is now becoming ridiculous. And Sarah and Bethanay eyeing up the men is very tiresome and rather tacky, what exactly is the point of their return?

Dime said...

I really can't warm up to Bethany-the actress is overacting the part.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Tracy's bitchy remarks to Faye about the cost of nappies were appalling, but not for the reason the writers wanted us to be appalled. Yeah, yeah, we know that's supposed to just Tracy spreading venom wherever she can. I was appalled that the writers got it so wrong. Tracy only attacks adults whom she feels threatened by eg Carla or those on the Street who don't respect eg everyone. Tracy wouldn't have spoken to Faye like that, not because she has any empathy with her situation, but because Faye is simply not on her radar. It would be Anna that Tracy would accost, preferably in the pub where there would be an audience. If she spoke to Faye at all, it would be to express sympathy for having such a trashy mother, again in front of the widest possible audience.

Cobblestone said...

Spot on there, Humpty! The subsequent jibe to Todd about the 'new local pram-face' was entirely Tracy, but she would not have bothered accosting a child in the street in that way. It wasn't even done to get at Gary, whom I cant remember her ever interacting with before.

Tvor said...

It's too bad Gary didn't know all of Tracy's history. Let's see. Drugged Roy for a penny, pretended he was Amy's father and then sold Amy to the Croppers for cash. Nope. Doesn't have a leg to stand on.


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