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Sunday 19 April 2015

Corrie Weekly Awards for April 13 - 17

Got it Bad Award: Nick for Carla. She wasn't answering her phone but he decided to take a chance she was in anyway and he brought cake.

Name Game award: Carla keeps going back to Connor rather than Donovan. I suppose it's to do with business mainly.

Fashion don't. The hat is cute. But it doesn't suit someone Izzy's age. I don't even think Amy would like it!

Phrase of Doom award: Gail telling Nick "You wait until you have kids" and Nick replying "The best thing about that phrase is never having to hear it again" Oh dear.

Hypocrite award: Anna doesn't want Owen in her bed but she was shocked when he said he was leaving town and not coming back at all. She used Faye as an excuse but Faye's not Owen's kid and it isn't enough.

Only game in town award: Surely there are other corner shops or garages that sell cheap flowers for Gavin's grave other than Dev's?

Shock of your life award: David looking at a grave of a man he thinks is actually alive!
Pants on Fire award: Tony pretending he owes a loan shark.

Skulking award: David creeping after Gail.

Brotherly love: Nick does have the measure of David's cunning. Just like a corkscrew! And he's right! David needs to settle down and do what he does best. Scheme.

Pop Culture award: Sean telling the landlord not to check Trip Advisor!
Lines of the week:
Nick about the family dinner "I'll be on hand with a mop and bucket should any blood be spilled" (a very real possibility!)
Gail "We've not come here to be sniping and arguing. We can do that at home!"
Bethany about her mother "She is such a drama queen" (another one that gets it from her mother, then, both of them!)
Tracy to Tony "Would you rather be next door helping Old Ma McDonald put her rollers in"
Bethany "Talk to the elbow, at least it's got a point!"
Pub landlord "OUT!" Sean "Yes! And proud!... It'll be nice to get back to the 21st century!"
David "I thought *I* were the 'ead case of the family!"
Sean "Homophobia is alive and well and living in a pub in the Peak District. They do pub quizzes on Mondays. Stonings on Wednesdays"
Nick "This is about cunning, guile, fighting dirty and in that situation, there's not a man in the world I'd back against you"
Sarah "I've had a crisis but does anybody care?" (no, you brought it on yourself)

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Frosty the Snowman said...

No point in being there any longer award: Izzy of the strange headgear, Frosty also noticed the devil hat and tea cosy plonked down on her head. Is this some kind of strange Spring fashion up North? Anyway, with Owen gone and Katie gone and as she is no longer in a relationship with Gary, she is pretty pointless and it’s also her time to go now.

Supposed to be a tough guy award: Tony is supposed to be this cool hard man but he is ordered around by Liz who is almost old enough to be his mother and now he is turned to jelly by Toxic Tracy when anyone with half an ounce of sense would avoid her at all costs. He has turned into a mug.

No warning award: The sacking of Sarah after working 10 years in a family business for a small misdemeanour was ridiculous. Although she hasn’t changed a bit from when she was a moany moody teenager, obviously a decade working in one of the most fabulous cities in the world, maturing 10 years and having a teenage daughter hasn’t changed her a bit. I personally find her a whining waste of space, exactly the same as before.

Sudden turnaround award: Poor Faye was so determined she didn’t want the baybay, suddenly she wants to call her Miley and loves her after all. I am disappointing that they didn’t go down the adoption route but the same old keep the kid and then it is never seen while everyone goes to the pub scenario.

Don’t bother to join MI5 award: How silly was it this week with Gail? Never been seen to visit Joe, Brian or Tina’s graves, she suddenly is making weekly visits to the grave of the bloke she met once and tried to blackmail her. Then out of all the flower shops, petrol stations and supermarkets in the world she has to get flowers from Dev’s on the corner acting as shifty as possible! Dah

Heart condition cured? Award: What happened to Michael heart’ condition that Gail bangs on about COULD KILL HIM? He seems to want to go for a drink at any opportunity and feeds his face with chips and frys from Roy’s?? What’s going on?

Bully award: If David can be demon David with Andygavin, why cant he stand up to Camp Callum? This story is so dragging on ad nauseum.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the age difference between Liz and Tony is all that great. She is 57. His son, Jason, is 32, so Tony must be in his fifties as well.

Anonymous said...

'Slapper of the Year'award to Sarah who seems more concerned about sleeping with the local drug dealer [who's her brother's nemesis]then gong back to her job in Milan and has the gall to whine when she's fired?!

C in Canada said...

What took this long to bring out Demon David? He should have taken wimpy Callum out MONTHS ago!

Humpty Dumpty said...

Faye's apparent bonding with the baby is maybe just for show. She's trying hard to be the good mum. I imagine it will fall apart pretty soon.

Rossie said...

Cfaye believes that Owen and Anna broke up because she has had a baby. She feels guilty, especially when she sees how upset Anna is. She thinks that it will please Anna if she acts as if she loves the baby and wants to keep her. But she won't be able to keep that up for ever. Sooner or later the facade will crack and who will Anna screech at then? Hope the writers don't aim her at Tim. After all he did remind her gently the other night that he is already spoken for. He is thrilled with his granddaughter, but that is all. I find Anna exhausting and very painful to watch. Like others have said already, perhaps adoption should have been considered. I shudder to think what sort of life the poor little mite is going to have with Anna and Faye!

maggie muggins said...

I enjoyed Sean's quick comebacks to the landlord! Wish I could be so fast with some people I know.

I'm finding Izzy's hats a bit much too. One silly hat was OK, but they seem to go on and on, not very flattering. Especially when the dialogue is serious.

Anonymous said...

The thing about Izzy's hats is that they speak volumes to who she is as a character. Only someone extremely confident and unconcerned with the opinion of the world could get away with wearing such silly headgear. It reminds me of who Izzy was when we first met her - a f*ck you and your opinion, strong, independent woman, who attracted Gary because, at some level, she was his match in terms of raw, brazen, fighting spirit. Initially I loved Izzy as a character and loved her relationship to Owen, who had raised her to be a fighter, even if the result was that she tended to rebel and fight against his desire to protect her. So for me, the hats are a reminder of that whole back story which, sadly, the writers have either forgotten or fail to plug back into. The current incarnation of Izzy is a wet noodle by comparison, a person so bland would never be able to pull off the hats she does. Maybe the actress still finds the character through the costume, regardless of the lines she's given in the script.



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