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Wednesday 15 April 2015

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 15 April

Wednesday 15th April
OWEN BIDS FAREWELL TO THE STREET. Owen breaks the news to Izzy that he’s moving away for good. Izzy’s upset, while Faye accosts Owen in the caf√© begging him not to leave. Owen tells her he doesn’t have a choice but makes Faye promise to be honest with Anna about her feelings towards the baby. Faye plucks up the courage to tell Anna she doesn’t want to keep her daughter but with emotions running high as Owen says his goodbyes will Faye be able to find the words?
TONY MAKES A DECISION. Tony promises Tracy he’ll dump Liz when the time is right and that they’ll find a pub and run it together. But Tracy tells him she doesn’t want any old pub, she wants the Rovers, so all those people who’ve spent years looking down on her will have to show her some respect. Tracy tells Tony that if he’s serious about her, he’ll find a way to get the Rovers. Will Tony agree? Meanwhile Steve’s furious when Liz lets slip that it’s actually Tony who is funding his wedding.
DAVID TIRES OF HIS HOUSEGUESTS At Sarah’s request, Gail phones Stephen and begs him to reconsider Sarah’s position. Will Stephen agree or has Bethany scuppered her plans to return to Italy? David’s perplexed to see Gail looking at flowers outside the shop, reminding her that she binned the last lot. Gail’s flustered. Meanwhile David’s fed up of the mess created by Sarah and Bethany.
ELSEWHERE Julie’s put out when Dev calls to tell her his uncle has died and he’ll be staying in India for longer. Eileen shows Julie a photo of Jeff from Dubai who she’s met on a dating site. With Julie’s encouragement, Eileen sends him a message.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

So at last Owen is leaving for good after it being dragged out for a week. Time for Izzy to go too I think, Dad and sister gone, no longer with Garrah, she has had her time and is now pointless.

And for goodness sake David, man up and chuck the gruesome twosome out of YOUR house. These two may have been OK for a cameo visit - but staying on permanently - NAH!

Elsie Tanner said...

Totally agree with you Frosty, I have to say I am fast getting the hump with Sarah and Bethany. How old is Sarah meant to be? The words "GROW UP" come to mind. Also not liking her behaviour around camp Callum.

They got rid of our Dennis for no good reason, can't see why they can't get rid of these three for perfectly sound reasons.

Anonymous said...

What happened to David Platt? He's gone all whimpy and cry-baby like. For a guy that had no problems pushing his own Mum down the stairs, he sure is has done a 180 mewling and looking like he's going to $hite his pants when Callum comes around. C'mon..we want the old David back..warts 'n all! (At least I do, anyway)

Anonymous said...

We just saw that the flat above the corner shop is empty. Perfect place for Ms. Thing and Ms. Thing junior to be moody cows from.

Zagg said...

I could not agree more. Time for Evil David to make a long awaited appearance. He needs to lower the boom on Stroppy Sarah and Big Mouth Bethany. Our Real David would have tossed them and their Italian luggage out on the cobbles by now. Our Real David would have Callum wimpering as he left town or at the bottom of the canal by now.
C'mon Corrie writers. We want the real David back!!

Humpty Dumpty said...

The story ran out of steam weeks ago. It's just been a waiting game until Kylie's return when, miraculously, the real David springs back into action.

Anonymous said...

Funny,I don't remember Gail calling her brother on David's behalf when it was revealed Sarah framed him by planting drugs to get the job in Milan but she'll do so for 'Princess'Sarah who's dating a drug dealer?!
I agree with everyone's comments about David throwing out Sarah and Bethany and while he's at it,Gail and Michael should get their marching orders too!

Beth said...

Sarah Platt looks and acts just as she did when she was a stroppy teenager on the cobbles. She has not changed, developed, matured one bit in the time she's been away. Especially considering she's supposed to have experienced a different lifestyle, culture and worked in a top notch company doing a top notch job. Her behaviour suggests it's six months later and she's lived round the corner. . She continues to whine "muuum" like a little girl, is beyond rude, has not an ounce of common sense. So there's no wonder her daughter behaves just like her. I'm having difficulty telling the two apart.
Right now I really am wondering what was the point of bringing these two back to an already under used over bloated cast.

Anonymous said...

Anon 21:02 and Beth, I agree completely with the pair of you! I am watching in Canada and am wondering why on earth those two characters were brought back? Like you said Beth Sarah is behaving exactly like she did when she was on the show in the past. I can't believe she supposedly has some sort of "position" in her uncles firm. Did she even finish highschool? I doubt it. As for Bethany what a rude, spoilt little brat. High time David kicks the lot of them out! Bethany will probably be the next one getting pregnant.

chartreuse said...

Since Sarah has been working in Milan - a major fashon capital, as you said for a good firm - why could the writers not have her come back because Stephen is expanding into the English market? He could have given her the responsibility of setting up that branch, given that she has been working for him for 6 or 7 years - a kind of apprenticeship path rather than her going to university and getting a degree in fashion design and/or business. That would have meant seeing an independent woman, who (with a lot of help and unbelieveable good luck - uncle Stephen!!) made something of her life although she was a teenage (and single) mother. Now she is back - living in the Tardis house OWNED by a brother she dislikes and to whom neither she nor her daughter pay the least respect, with neither a good reference nor prospects.


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