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Saturday 25 April 2015

Coronation Street weekly update - Wedding, Kidnap and Banksy

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It all went a bit crazy gang cops and robbers this week on Coronation Street. Remember the old Batman and Robin series from the 1960s where the baddies weren’t that bad? All Corrie needed was a Kapow! here and a Zap! there and Callum and his gang of comedy villains would have been dragged off screaming in a camera shot set at an odd angle.  Instead, they bundled David up in the boot of Callum’s car, took him to a warehouse where he was tied to a post and then Callum threatened him with a girl’s rounders bat and some pliers.  Callum and his crew of comedy Corrie villains are becoming great fun to watch.

From the camp-tastic Callum, the lovely manicured nails on the hands of his henchman, and the skank-tastic Cat(pee)Woman Gemma, they’re just great fun - in a not entirely intentional way.  Anyway, the reason Callum bundled David into the boot of his car was that David, now he knows about GavAndy’s secret, blackmailed him into going into a dodgy pub to buy drugs and then to plant them in Callum’s car. Nice plan if it had worked, but Callum caught GavAndy in the act. 

Elsewhere this week, Gail was married again. Yes, she finally said “I do”, again. In fact, what she said was “I absolutely, definitely, 100% do!” before yanking Michael towards her for a smacker on the lips.  Her marriage to Michael now makes her Gail Potter Tilsley Tilsley Platt Hillman McIntyre Rodwell and long may she reign. They have their do in the Bistro and it ends in disaster as Bethany gets drunk and inadvertently chucks the wedding buffet and wedding cake all over the floor.  There was a lovely shot in the Platt’s house as they celebrated GavAndy’s 30th birthday this week with jelly and a game of Jenga. Bethany plays her turn and it all comes crashing down. “See that?!” Sarah yells at her daughter. “That’s what you’ve done to my life!”

Sean and Billy’s encounter with the homophobic hotelier last week reaches the ears of the local press when Julie rings the paper to highlight the injustice. A hack from the Weatherfield Gazette arrives for all the news but Sean, rightly, sends her away with a flea in her ear. “I don’t want to be a story,” he says.

Sally gets herself all uptight when graffiti appears on the wall opposite her house.  It could be a Banksy but Sally wants it washed off and quick.

Up at the allotment (at least I'm assuming it's 'up' although it could as easily be 'down' or 'over' or indeed 'round at the allotment'), Roy and Sharif meet Cathy, who is on the allotment plot next to theirs. It turns out that Cathy’s husband has died around the same time as Roy’s Hayley passed away and the two of them chat over cups of flask tea.  There’s a friendship brewing, slowly and subtly, but it’s there, the sadness of widow and widower uniting them both.

Kevin’s childminder has broken her leg and Jenny rings work to tell them she’s not coming back and puts herself at Kev’s disposal to look after little Jack. It’s all a bit suspect, we know something’s not right with Jenny but we don’t yet know what. She rushes little Jack to the doctors for no good reason and then hides this from Kevin until Sophie tells her dad that she doesn’t trust Jenny.  Kev sticks by Jenny, for now, anyway.  Jenny takes little Jack into the Kabin and tells Rita and Norris she’s taking Jack out for the day. “Going by tram?” asks Norris, which even for him was a bit low, as Rita points out.  Norris was referring to Alan Bradley of course, but little Jack’s mum Molly was killed by a tram too.

And that was just about that for this week.

This week's writers were Joe Turner (Monday); John Kerr (Monday); Mark Burt (Wednesday); Damon Rochefort (Friday); Ben Tagoe (Friday).   Find out more about the Coronation Street writing team at

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Humpty Dumpty said...

I know you're supposed to take it with a pinch of salt, but the Callum/Sarah storyline is getting tiresome and it's only been going two minutes. Would Sarah really leave her mother's wedding party to see her dodgy bloke? Would the family really let Bethany get so drunk? I had such high hopes for those two but it's just too silly for words. I'm sure the actors are having a brilliant time performing these larks but that's not the idea, writers. It's the viewers who should be enjoying it. But there's always Roy and I look forward to seeing more of the allotment story.

Customer No 1 said...

Why does Bethany have to be so nasty and snidey? You would think she would enjoy being at her gran's wedding with the family - although the guests seemed to be in short supply - should have got rent a crowd. I thought she was desperate to stay in weatherfield? She acts like that is the last place she wants to be. Michael's cringeworthy "speech" had us wriggling around in our chairs while Gail just stared at him dumbfounded. Not sure what the point of the muriel on the wall was.

Anonymous said...

Humpty Dumpty,I agree that Roy is the saving grace of Corrie right now.If it wasn't for him,I would've given up on the 'Platt Show' a long time ago!
I was disappointed at the missed opportunity for the truth about 'Gavin' to be revealed at the wedding thus ending one of the most ridiculous, dragged out storylines once and for all but no it still sputters on along with Callum\David and Callum\Sarah[yick!].

Anonymous said...

That's the second time Sarah has told Bethany that she's ruined her life, and that's just since they've been back in Weatherfield (and the first time was before Sarah got fired). If Bethany has grown up hearing that sort of thing, it's no wonder she's the way she is.

I'm hoping that, after Sally cleans the graffiti off the wall, it is suggested that it was by a Banksy-like famous graffiti artist. That would drive Sally bonkers.


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