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Tuesday 14 April 2015

Melanie Hill: "I could never fill Hayley Cropper's shoes"

Actress Melanie Hill will be turning up on screen very soon as the new lady in Roy Cropper's life. Melanie will be playing the role of Cathy Matthews, who Roy meets on the allotment.

Melanie recently gave interviews at ITV Corrie and our blogger Graeme was all set to go and meet her, until a nasty flu bug stopped him in his tracks.  However, with the help of our friends at the Manchester Evening News, we can bring you some of Melanie's Coronation Street interview as she talks about her new role, playing Cathy.

She admitted that she will never fill Hayley’s shoes - and I don't think any of us would ever expect, or want her to.
The MEN says "Melanie knows winning over Corrie fans will be tough".  I don't agree. I'm ready for Roy to be happy again, with a new friend. She's won me over already. If it turns into romance, it'll be done slowly and properly, as is always the case with Roy. I'm not too concerned that she'll try to be the new Hayley - there could only ever be one.

Melanine said: “I could never fill Hayley Cropper’s shoes - I’ll just wear different shoes. She was so well loved and the public went through that. It was a bereavement and the fans felt it so much that I am aware of that. I am prepared for comparisons, so I might have a bottle of wine before I go on Twitter. I think that is why I am gradually being introduced as a friend. I would never attempt to fill her big shoes. I am just happy to come in in my own right as a friend of him.”

Melanie's character meets Roy when they start working on adjacent allotment plots. They confide in each other after Cathy reveals she is getting over the death of her husband.

She said: “She’s lost her husband so they are lost souls. Her husband happens to have the allotment next to Roy’s, so she goes and hangs out there and that’s when she bumps into Roy and they strike up this odd friendship.”

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It's been more than a year since Roy's wife Hayley died of pancreatic cancer.  Making friends with a new woman could be just the tonic for Roy that he needs, I feel.  

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Humpty Dumpty said...

I'll be interested to see how this turns out. Better still, I'd like Roy to have some male friends to sit with in the Rovers or visit steam train exhibitions. It might redeem Norris if he became Roy's mate. It would be good to see the older men eg: Roy, Norris, Ken, and Sharif having their own gang.

Zagg said...

I'm glad that they are giving Roy a new woman in his life. He's too young and nice of a character to doom him to be alone because of the memory of Hayley. Life goes on.


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