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Thursday 16 April 2015

It's Just Nick

Exactly what kind of aftershave does Nick Tilsley slap round his chops every morning? Whatever it is, it's working. 

If I was him I'd still be recovering from being Praying Mantis Erica's Christmas plaything. But no, now he's sitting in Carla's flash apartment with its loud wallpaper and curious newfangled fireplace topping up her wine glass in his shirt sleeves and tucking her in for the night. Does he just pick on strong women when they are vulnerable? After all he's married Leanne Gob On A Stick Battersby not once, but twice! 

Leaving aside Nick's good fortune with the ladies for just one second, what has happened to his life-affecting brain injury? For a moment my computer alerted me that I had spelt it BRIAN injury by mistake - oh the irony. Remember big toothed, unusually muscled for a man who lives on pies and hotpot Brian Tilsley? Well clearly Nick doesn't because he never mentions him. Seriously though, did the shaving off of Nick's "I'm nasty now" beard signal the end of that particular story arc?

Back to the bedside manner. Nick has had dalliances with Natasha the hairdresser (who turned out to be a bit bonkers), Becky (ditto), Eva (who turned out to be a bit Eva) and Leanne, who despite her family background, lap-dancer background, fire-starter to claim on insurance background and general frowny stompiness (Ok I'm making up words now), is considered quite a catch. Yes, even though she has that Simon child biting at her ankles. We fondly remember their first wedding, when they ran away to a television version of Gretna Green back when Nick had a different face and skin tone.

I can kind of see what the women of Weatherfield see in Nick. He's handsome, sophisticated (ish) and successful (somehow). He's the man who brought orzo and halloumi to Coronation Street and served it in under a viaduct. Being honest, if he brought me a bottle of red and a molten chocolate pudding after hours I'd happily let him plump my cushions and pop on Texas' Greatest Hits. 

Carla and Nick though? Really? I maintain she would have him for breakfast and still have room for one of Roy's sausage and egg baps. I just don't get it. He sat on her couch the other night like her gay best friend. I don't see the chemistry and I don't see him being Carla's type. For a start he hasn't locked Leanne in his car boot, thrown Roy into the canal or been falsely imprisoned for the murder of a neighbour he was enjoying trysts with in the local Travelodge.

Still, I'd prefer Nick and Carla to Nick and Erica. I know Liz needs a pal, but must it be Erica? She zooms into shot with all the subtlety of a very unsubtle thing. I haven't taken to her and I'm not looking forward to her returning yet again. The only thing I do like about her is her wonderful ability to get up simpering Gail's nose. 

So do any of these preposterous love matches work for you?

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Nick's too young for Carla. All her men have been around 10 years older than her (Liam wouldn't have lasted long): Paul, Frank, Peter. She enjoys the battle with the older male and would soon get bored with Nick. I could see them being best mates and the 'and friend' to each other's invites, but that's all. I still think Nick and Leanne should get back together. They have a deep, mature love for each other which is always just there under the surface. However, that may not be exciting enough for Corrie writers. I don't know why Carla needs a steady partner at all. I could see her having flings with business acquaintances which she could happily tell Michelle about, but we don't need to see them.

Tvor said...

I don't see the chemistry either. He's on the young side for her. I can see her being attracted by a man that's "safe" for a change but any time that's ever happened (Trevor the binman, anyone?) she'd ended up bored. Oh I can see what he sees in her. He probably feels like all his birthdays arrived at once. But for her, Nick would likely be an oasis in the turbulence of her life. Plus, and I've said this before, he's a wet mama's boy and Gail won't be pleased! Carla might be marginally better than Erica but not a lot.

As for the brain injury, they aren't always permanent and he's had a slow recovery, still seeming to have the occasional blip like the toher week when he thought he messed up the payroll.

Carry On Blogging! said...

The brain injury need not be permanent as I know it's often not the case but it went from all they ever talked about to now never mentioned.

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed your humour in this, Graeme, and you're spot on about the vibe - "He sat on her couch the other night like her gay best friend." Exactly! There's also the fact that they used to be uneasy business partners. The only aspect of the pairing I like is how it lets us see two characters who do not live directly on the Street (and furthermore are single adults, without extended family or children on the premises) interacting in a normal, neighbourly fashion. It's actually rather refreshing.

In the past, haven't multiple characters lived in that posh apartment complex? In addition to Nick and Carla, wasn't there also Dev and Mike Baldwin? Yet we never saw them visiting each other's digs that I can recall.

I agree with everyone who says these two should remain 'just' friends. For whatever reason, it's something Blackburn seems good at, exploring the not-obvious chemistry of characters who accidentally end up as friends, like Tim and Kevin, Faye and Craig, Faye and Sophie, and now, maybe, Nick and Carla.

Frosty the Snowman said...

What does everything have to be a shagathon? Is there one neighbour that hasnt slept with anohter neighbour at some time? If only it happened in Frosty's street!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't he also engaged to Maria at one point?? I just can't see it...
Rebecca in TO

Anonymous said...

I agree with a lot that has been said but I've enjoyed the Carla and Nick scenes and personally, I think they do have chemistry. However, I can't really see them getting together anytime soon. For a start, it's one-sided. Nick fancies her but I haven't yet seen ANY evidence to suggest that Carla fancies him. Erica will be back soon so Nick will have be satisfied with her.

BTW if anyone is interested, there is a RadioTimes interview online with Ben Price and he said he'd love something to happen between Nick and Carla.

Zagg said...

HAHAHA!! Frosty! It doesn't happen in my neighborhood either!
I am on the fence about Carla and Nick. I think they work well as friends. I am not sure about a love relationship. After all this seems so unlikely. Personally I have always wanted Leanne and Nick to get back together and stay together.
But Nick and Erica...yuck.


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