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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

A week without Corrie

As you may know I'm currently having some time away from Corrie as I'm suffering from a bit of Weatherfield burn out. I still have a deep love for the show, its history and many of its characters but a lot of Corrie happenings today are either irritating me or just leaving me cold.

I've now missed seven consecutive episodes, the biggest gap in my Corrie watching life I'm rather ashamed to admit! I also must admit I've not missed it nearly as much as I'd feared. Corrie cold turkey is yet to descend. The question is, should I tune back in now? 

I started to think about what I was missing most about Coronation Street. Most of all I miss the humour. I know some would say Corrie is nowhere near as funny as it used to be but there are still moments that make me laugh out loud much more than actual sitcoms do. I also miss some of the more longstanding and well established characters, particularly Emily, Audrey, Rita and Sally. After so many years of dedicated watching they do feel like extended family. On a purely personal and pretty shallow level I also miss certain parts of Gary Windass and rather surprisingly Nick Tilsley. Don't shoot me down!

From interactions with some lovely Twitter followers I'm rather glad to have missed out on more of the new Bethany Platt. I saw her return episodes the other week and the character got on my nerves straight away. I wonder if she has improved any since then? 

I also missed Sean and Billy hosting the butler auction which I'm not too bothered about even if it did feature the lovely Emily. Michelle proposing to Steve...hmmm while I do not object strongly to the idea of them marrying I do worry it might be one big cringe fest. 

One thing I am definitely sorry I missed was Sally going into service and working for Norris! Sally as Norris' slave...that has the potential for its own kinky spin off I reckon!

Undoubtedly I will pick up watching Coronation Street again. I love it too much to keep away. I just don't love it nearly as much as I did. 

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John said...

The Butler auction was an excellent episode which got a lot of positive feedback on social media. You chose the wrong time to abstain!

David said...

You picked the wrong week to quit - the last few episodes have been the best this year so far!

Cobblestone said...

It's a shame you missed the school concert, Graeme. That was old-school Corrie fun.

Beth said...

Hmmm, your not missing much. The Butler auction could have been more, it seemed to be all over the shop with too much going on at the same time. Sean was dire as the auctioneer, camper than Carry on Camping. But you *are* missing the lovely Billy. I hate them together, I cringe when Sean, flounces and giggles like an 8 year old girl. I really want the Corrie bigwigs to split them up, but keep Billy he's lovely.

Norris and Sally were sort of funny together. Again, they could have made it more of a thing. Not Corrie gold by a long chalk but entertaining.

The Platts are now so squished in that teeny tiny house that they are all walking and sitting sideways and must be taking it in turns to sleep. Audrey's boiler is on the blink (so she says, to take anyone in) Bethany Platt is more annoying than the family with the chickens (can't even remember their names) all put together and that's saying a lot. And she looks about 25, considering she's just a year older than Faye. I mute the tv when she's on, her voice, accent and attitude are too much.

What you *are* missing are some beautiful scenes between Faye and Craig. Especially Craig, he's a diamond if ever there was. He and Tim are also great together! Well, Tim and Craig are just great in general.

Gone is the woman with the hair full of secrets and her daughter Katie. So no more on them, so your ok there!

Oh, Roy and the Grandfather from the Chicken family have an allotment together - boring so far.

And that's it from my perspective. I'm able to surf the net while it's on and not miss much.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Come back, Graeme, and write a blog about Craig and the people he relates to: Beth, Faye, Tim. Best thing about Craig is that he didn't come in as a cutie pie like Chesney and Simon. They've grown up and have had personality transplants. How long do rats live? I'm bawling already.

Bethany needs proper directing. She's already picked up the Corrie eye rolling technique. Sarah, oth, has been a pleasant surprise.

Other than that, the usual suspects were as boring as ever, and the interesting ones will be waiting for you when you come back.

Glenda Young said...

The last two sets of double episodes have been very enjoyable Graeme and I'm hoping it'll continue in this vein. We miss your blogs a lot. Hope you come back soon.

Anonymous said...

Hurry back Graeme, I enjoy your musings as much as watching the episodes (if not more, occasionally!) Susan

bbhilda said...

Corrie has always had its highs and lows, in 55 years, that's inevitable, but to stop watching? Well, that's just silly IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Graeme, your blogs are balanced and fair and you actually are a gifted writer and frankly I enjoy reading your blog on Corrie more than watching Corrie.

But you haven't missed much. The auction was funny but it was minimal and didn't go anywhere. I fear now that this show is in a free fall and will never even get close to the gold standard of the early days or the days of Blanche... :-( . Remember Blanche and her tirade at Peter Barlow's AA meeting? Amazing stuff we've not seen in quite some time...


Canuktuk said...

I don't know what it is about the actor underneath Nick but I have the same strange attraction to him that you do - you are not alone! Even when whatever comes out of his mouth is annoying, there is still something nice to look at while it's happening. :)


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