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Sunday 19 April 2015

Coronation Street weekly update - April 19 2015

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Carla changed her name back from Barlow, legally and officially, to her other surname of Connor this week. I assume it’s to honour the love of her life Liam, rather than the Connor she married who went with prostitutes and bundled Leanne into the boot of his car.  She got cosy with Nick round her flaming fireplace this week, the two of them bonding over cake and business.

Speaking of bonding, Callum and Sarah go sub-duvet this week as she thinks she’s heading back to Milan and won’t see mi’laddo any more after a spot of how’s-yer-padre in the casa Platt.  But when Sarah doesn’t do some work that Uncle Stephen wants her to, cheeky minx Bethany lets Uncle Stephen know. He sacks Sarah and now Sarah and Beth are stuck. With no job to go back, they decide to stay in Weatherfield, and the casa Platt is getting awfully full.  Gail begs Sarah to take her daughter back to Italy but Bethany’s not having it and tells her gran: “Talk to the elbow, Gail, at least it’s got a point.”

Talking of points, Owen made his to Anna this week when he left her. He flew out to Portugal to stay with his ex-wife and Katy before heading to Aberdeen to start a new job. Anna remains as horrid to young Faye as she possibly can, forcing her to look after the baby that she still doesn’t walk. The baby does get named this week, Faye calls her Miley after that girl what does the twerping.

Talking about twerps, Tracy winds up Tony and tells him he should go after Steve’s share of the pub in return for the money he’s paid out for Steve’s wedding. She tells Tony to lie to Liz that Tony’s stony broke and sure enough, Steve offers his share in the Rovers to Tony. Tracy’s only doing this so that she can become the Queen of the Rovers together with Tony, it’s a plan that can’t, please Corrie, pay off. Not Tracy Barlow, not running the pub, please no.  The hotpot is already curdling.

Speaking of hotpot, Sean and Billy go out for a walk in the country and call into a pub for some lunch. They like the look of the place and decide to stay the night but when the landlord finds out that they’re a couple, he tells them the room has gone and he wants them out. Sean stands his ground and calls the landlord for what he is, a coward and a homophobe while Billy realises how much he loves Sean. In a lovely little scene on Eileen’s sofa, Sean invites Billy to spend the night there and the two of them kiss on the cushions.

Talking about cushions, Julie has more time to plump her own as she gets bad news this week when Dev phones her from India. He calls to say he’s staying out there for two months longer than he expected as his uncle has died.

Speaking about Julie and her sister Eileen (ok, so that link didn’t work), Adrian arrives to take Eileen out on a second date. He seems a nice sort of bloke, a fork-life driver. He’s ordinary, reliable and arrives to see Eileen with a bunch of flowers in his hand. Jason’s taking the new relationship in his stride, he’s seen enough of his mam’s fellas come and go. Meanwhile, Todd continues to wind his mam up pretending he’s Jeff from Dubai, a rich, successful and fictional online match that Todd’s made up for his mam.

Speaking of bunches of flowers, David gets suspicious when Sophie tells him that Gail’s been in to the shop buying flowers a lot in the last few days. He follows his mum when she takes a taxi with the bouquet, intrigued to know where she’s going, there’s summat strange going on. He finds Gail in the cemetery and the flowers have been laid at Gavin Rodwell’s grave. It doesn’t take long for Gail to break down and confess all the daft shenanigans that have gone on and David knows everything. What he’ll do with the knowledge is anyone’s guess and he warns Andy in the Bistro that might just start blackmailing him soon.

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Anonymous said...

I simply cannot understand what would possess Gail to continually visit the vile "real son" of Michael with flowers all the time. It makes no sense, much like her going to the funeral made no sense.

Anonymous said...

What, Dev is leaving his children for ANOTHER 2 months? This explanation to cover the actor's leave is totally unrealistic.

Anonymous said...

I too wonder why Gail is buying flowers and visiting a grave for someone she barely new, and who treated her terribly before he croaked. Just a ploy for David to play Poirot and find out the truth.
Dev gone for another two months? Anybody missing him?

maggie muggins said...

I wish Faye had picked another name for the baby. I can't think of any other reference other than the Cyrus variety. Euugh! An unlikely celeb for her to like that much to name her firstborn after.

Nikki NZ said...

Anon at 19:55 - Agree. I don't see why Dev's kids couldn't have gone with him to India. It would make far more sense. And it's not like we've seen either of them since he left.

Nikki NZ said...

And yay! Sick, twisted David is back. I didn't realise how much I'd missed the little psycho :)

Zagg said...

I hate the Miley name as well. It conjures revolting images from the oh so disgusting Cyrus.However, it does reflect the child in Faye. Naming a baby after a silly pop star is exactly what a kid would do.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Louise wanted to name her kid Brittany, after the pop star of her generation, but was persuaded to change the name to Bethany. Maybe Miley will accordingly convert to Milly...


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