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Wednesday 22 April 2015

Jenny Bradley - psycho or just scared?

In this week's Inside Soap magazine they tease a storyline coming up next week in which Jenny Bradley attacks Maria.

Jenny hits Maria in the salon after Jenny catches Liam hitting little Jack. Sophie will find out about the salon slap but Kevin won't believe her when she tells him what Jenny has done.

We've already seen Jenny act a little unstable around Jack, worrying about him needlessly when she thought he was choking on an onion (he wasn't) and when she rushed him to the docs because she thought he had a rash (he didn't).

I wonder what's really going on with Jenny and if it's something to do with losing a child of her own that's making her behaviour unstable around Jack?  If rumours online are to be believed from the tabloids, then Jenny will kidnap Jack and end up on a roof with him, threatening to jump.

I blame her dad.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Could be that she didn't lose a child but that she lost custody of her child/ren in the 'messy divorce'. Perhaps one of the reasons was that she was considered 'an unfit mother'. She was drawn to the Street rather than to Kevin and that part of the story intrigues me.

Laura said...

Wasn't it Claire, up on the roof during her post-partum depression threatening the same thing? Another rehash....what is it with roofs?....Also Stape....David.....etc etc

Tvor said...

I suspect she lost a child and had a breakdown and being around Jack is bringing it all back for her.

Colin Schmollin said...

Jenny couldnt be a normal regular person could she?. She has to be a physco or loony. Mind you I wouldnt mind giving Maria a slap sometimes meself!

Beth said...

Yawn, wasn't Stape on a roof, Claire too. Why did she have turn into a lunatic. Why couldn't the story have been a little bit normal where she came back to redeem herself with Rita and the residents.

I thought soaps were supposed to reflect real life. Yeah I get that we don't want to see them all just sitting around watching tv or eating their dinner but recently this show is bordering on the ridiculous.

Please let Cathy be at least a little bit normal!

Tvor said...

Since when do soaps reflect real life? Well, they do, I suppose, but it's an exaggerated view of it!

Anonymous said...

I for one don't get commenters sometimes. Had they brought Jenny back and given her no back story we would be reading moans about bringing her back with nothing to do for no reason aka Dennis, Amber etc. This time the writers have thought through what may have possibly happened to Jenny in the twenty so years since we have seen her and come up with a story that is now effecting her behaviour in the present day. Personally I think the writers are doing well as its a bit of a slow burner so doesnt seem far fetched. I think Sally Ann has done well in bringing an old character up to date so that she still fits in. Once its all revealed surely it will pave the way for Rita and her to build some bridges? Some of the other storylines on the other hand such as Gails and Davids are a tad silly! - Micky

AmandaB said...

I think she was deemed responsible for a child's death by her ex-husband, hence the divorce.
She's behaving perfectly logically as far as care of a child is concerned, but she's acting as though it's a huge problem each time, probably through guilt.

Anonymous said...

I would like to add Brenda Fearns on the roof with Bethany [until she was talked down by Emily] to the list of mentally unstable characters.Instead of Maria who's one of the few nice characters,why couldn't Jennt have slapped Sarah instead?She deserves it!

Anonymous said...

BORING!!!! Another drag out story line. Obviously lost a child somehow. Who cares, let Kevin have a normal woman

maggie muggins said...

I agree, the rooftop dramatic kidnap of a child and threat to jump is just way too overdone by now.

I'm finding use of terms like "loony" and "psycho" thrown around a bit too loosely in this case. People with mental health issues suffer just as much as those with physical disorders, and deserve respect, not insults. What's "normal" anyway? Just about of us have some form of mental health problems at some point in time. Nobody is 100% healthy all of their lives.

maggie muggins said...

I wrote - "Just about of us have some form of mental health problems at some point in time. Nobody is 100% healthy all of their lives."

That should be 'Just about all of us..."

Colin Schmollon said...

What would you call someone that gets on a roof and threatens to throw a toddler off if not a physco or loony which is short for lunatic by the bye. All this touchy feely nonsence.

maggie muggins said...

Colin, I know what you are referring to by the terms loony, lunatic and psyco. Lunatic is actually obsolete, and though still used, has been removed from official legislative and medical terminology in both the UK and the US.

"Of unsound mind" or non compos mentis are alternatives to lunatic, which was the most conspicuous term used for insanity in the law in the late 19th century. We now know that the moon (thus the 'luna') is not the cause of bi-poloar disorder, severe depression and other types of mental health issues.

You can use it if you want, I just find the stigma still attached to mental illness can prevent people from getting treatment. Using incorrect and insulting terms doesn't help.


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