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Monday 20 April 2015

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 20 April

Monday 20th April
ANDY’S CAUGHT IN THE ACT. David borrows Nick’s car and tells Andy he’s got a plan. David pulls up outside a seedy pub and orders Andy to go in and buy some drugs. Andy’s horrified but David makes it plain he’ll do as he’s told or he’ll reveal Andy’s true identity to Michael and report him to the police. Andy returns to the car with a small bag of drugs and David speeds away. As Michael puts the finishing touches to Gavin’s birthday tea, David pulls up outside the Dog & Gun and spotting Callum’s car, orders Andy to plant the drugs in Callum’s glove box. Inside Callum’s car, Andy fumbles with the drugs, unaware that Callum is heading back to his car. David watches, horrified.
SEAN AND BILLY BOTH GET BAD NEWS. After spending the night together Sean and Billy are loved up. As Billy sets off on his parish visits, Sean regales Julie with the story of the homophobic landlord. Sean’s horrified to discover Julie’s called the Gazette about his homophobic encounter and sends the reporter packing. But when Billy arrives in the pub explaining the sick child he was visiting died, Sean forgets his anger as he comforts Billy.
JENNY’S BABYSITTING DAY GOES AWRY. When Jack’s child minder falls ill, Jenny insists she’ll go and collect Jack. Spotting a slight rash on Jack’s neck, and completely overreacting, she rushes him to the medical centre. 
ELSEWHERE Bethany’s appalled when Sarah enrols her at Weatherfield High School. As Roy and Sharif work on their allotment they meet Cathy on the adjacent plot.

Monday 20th April
DAVID CROSSES CALLUM. Callum’s stunned to find Andy in his car and frogmarches him into the pub, demanding answers. Andy makes out he was trying to steal his car and the drugs just fell out of his pocket. Callum’s having none of it and menacingly threatens Andy, until David bursts in, admitting that he ordered Andy to plant drugs with the intention of then reporting Callum to the police. As an angry Callum vows to teach him a lesson, David does a runner. Andy arrives at his birthday party, explaining to Gail and Steph how David’s in trouble. As David runs down a darkened street, he’s suddenly pounced upon by Gemma, Callum and Macca who drag him towards the car!
ADVERSITY BRINGS SEAN AND BILLY CLOSER. As Sean comforts Billy, he confesses to Sean that he’s falling in love with him. How will Sean react to his admission?
JENNY’S ACTIONS AROUSE SUSPICION. Having been given the all clear by the doctor, Jenny takes Jack home and asks him not to mention it to Kevin. Clocking them, Tyrone wonders why Jack was at the doctors. Kevin’s bemused.
ELSEWHERE Roy and Sharif find some common ground with Cathy as they work alongside each other at the allotment

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Why is Bethany appalled at being enrolled at Weatherfield High? I thought it was she that was so desperate to stay? Oh dear more eye rolling. This pair have become annoying very quickly.

Anonymous said...

How much longer will the Platt madness go on? David 's being kidnapped by Callum meanwhile Andy has a 'birthday party' as Gavin who's dead?How sick is that!Yet no one seems concerned about David.

Zagg said...

Yeah, David being kidnapped by Callum now is just so silly. It seems like the writers have painted themselves into a corner and are REALLY striving for ideas to get out of this mess they created. And then what? Kylie comes back and sets everyone straight, gets back together with David, Callum goes to jail along with his pathetic "gang"? It's been a long tedious road.


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