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Friday 17 April 2015

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 17 April

Friday 17th April
DAVID MAKES A GRAVE DISCOVERY. Pointing out that she’s family, Sarah tells David he can’t throw her out. But David is adamant that she and Bethany are not welcome. When Callum calls at No.8 to see Max, Sarah bemoans her predicament. Will Callum be interested to hear she’s sticking around? Meanwhile when Sophie lets slip to David that Gail is often in the shop buying flowers, he decides to follow her. Having followed Gail to the cemetery, David watches her from a distance. Is David about to make a shocking discovery about Gavin Rodwell?
SEAN AND BILLY CONFRONT PREJUDICE ON A DAY OUT. Worn out after a long walk, Sean and Billy find a country pub. They book a room for the night but it’s clear the landlord is disapproving. Making out there’s been a double-booking, the landlord tells Sean and Bill there’s no longer a room available.
TRACY WON’T TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER. Tracy fantasises to Tony about running the Rovers and reminds him that although Liz and Steve own half each, Steve owes him big time. Backed into a corner, Tony lies to Liz, claiming he’s made a bad investment and a loan shark wants his money back.
ELSEWHERE As Eileen prepares for her date with sensible Adrian, she fantasises about Jeff, showing off his photos. Todd smirks, enjoying winding Eileen up. When Faye moans about the lack of space in her bedroom with all the baby’s things, Anna snaps that she should have thought about that before having sex at the age of 12.

Friday 17th April
DAVID REELS FROM A DOUBLE WHAMMY. David catches up with Gail outside the cemetery and telling her he knows she visited Gavin Rodwell’s grave, demands to know what’s going on. Will Gail be forced to confess the truth about how Andy stole Gavin’s identity and she’s been keeping the truth from Michael? Meanwhile after an afternoon of sex with Sarah, Callum makes to leave but as he heads to the door, David arrives home. Callum quickly covers, making out he just called in to see Max. Max is thrilled to see his Dad whilst David seethes. Going in for the kill, Callum tells David he’s cancelled their mediation sessions and he’ll see him in court. David reels!
SEAN AND BILLY TAKE THINGS TO THE NEXT LEVEL. When Billy and Sean confront the pub landlord, accusing him of fabricating the double-booking to disguise his homophobia, he demands they leave. Billy opens up to Sean and admits his true feelings for him. Sean’s thrilled and they kiss passionately.
STEVE IS COMPELLED TO MAKE A BITTER SACRIFICE. Tony tells Liz he owes the loan shark £25k and he needs the money quickly. Liz suggests Steve could sell his share of the Rovers and repay Tony the money he borrowed to settle his tax bill. As Tony assures Tracy he’s put their plan into action, how will Steve react to the news of Tony’s predicament. Will he be prepared to sell his share of the pub?
ELSEWHERE Anna tells Faye she won’t be returning to school any time soon as she has to accept she’s now a mother. Despondent, Faye chats to Craig about the baby, trying to convince herself that she’ll grow to love her. Determined to make an effort, Faye asks Anna to show her how to change a nappy and announces she’s naming the baby. Is she turning a corner? As Eileen and Adrian enjoy a drink in the pub, Todd makes digs about Eileen’s other love interest in Dubai. Will he scupper her fledgling relationship with Adrian?

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Anonymous said...

What gives Anna the authority to tell Faye anything of the sort? Isn't attendance mandatory at Faye's age, unless, that is, Anna plans to homeschool both Faye and the baby. She is, after all, a literacy instructor:)

Frosty the Snowman said...

What century is Anna living in? For goodness sake get rid of this appalling woman. Stop bullying Faye to keep a child she clearly doesnt want and is too young to deal with just because YOU DO. Why should the poor young girl pay for a silly mistake for the rest of her life? Arrggghhhh.

Humpty Dumpty said...

By law, Faye is allowed a certain number of weeks off school and then the education authority decides with the family where the young mum will finish her education. Home schooling is closely monitored by a specific department in the local authority. As with the Kirsty story when the professional association of physiotherapists complained, I hope that Corrie is rapped if Faye's story strays too far from real life. Particularly as SB made a big thing of saying that they had to get it right.

Flo said...

I keep hoping that this storyline will end with Faye giving the baby up for adoption. I think it would be a valuable "service" for many who are in a similar situation and aren't sure what to do. The Bethany/Sarah storyline is a perfect example of what happens when kids raise kids, this is the perfect opportunity to show the converse of that. As for Anna homeschooling Faye--when exactly is she going to have the time? She chucked Owen out and now she's going to have to work to make ends meet. I agree that the writers need to get this right and that if they don't, someone needs to come down on them. Don't start a sensationalistic story line if you aren't going to handle it properly. I'm already sick of Anna's attitude, she isn't looking out for Faye's best interests at all.

Zagg said...

Holy smokes. What kind of mother would even want her 13 year old to forsake her education for ANY reason? I agree, they really need to direct this story line to adoption. Too many people do not take having a baby seriously enough. That why there are so many deadbeat fathers and unwed young mothers barely scraping by. With Faye realizing she is not equipped to handle a baby,she is showing a self awareness that is rare on this show. This is the perfect opportunity to tell the other side of this situation....the adoption process. If Anna ends up forcing the baby on her broken dysfunctional family, that will just be ridiculous. SHE is not capable of raising a baby at this point, much less Faye.

Anonymous said...

Finally, people that agree with me on this matter! Faye needs to get rid of the baby, end of, and go on with her life. She should also go live with her dad as Anna is incompetent.

Laura said...

I also hope this ends with adoption. It seems to be the best outcome for both Faye and the baby. I'd feel bad for Tim though. It would also be more believable than a mother insisting her 13 year old daughter drop out of school to raise a child. In what world does that make sense?

It will be interesting to see if/who finally gets through to Anna on this subject. I can't imagine anyone whose opinion she values more than her own, so it's hard to guess.

I know there is such a thing as open would be so interesting to see this avenue explored on the show.

Anonymous said...

I would totally NOT give the baby up for adoption. The family would need counselling. Anna is very eager and loving to make a go of it for Faye's sake and I'm sure that Gary and Tim would be there for everyone 100%. There should be support for Faye between being a new Mum and being able to still go to school. My God, we're not living in the dark ages. It can be done.

Laura said...

It's not about living in the Dark Ages, it's about considering all options. Not once has Anna asked Faye what she wants to do. She has just assumed Faye will keep Miley, end of. If she believes Faye is capable of raising a child, she must also be capable of considering all her options and making an informed decision about what is best for her and her child.

Considering that Faye herself is adopted, and that her biological mother caused her a lot of damage by keeping her when she wasn't equipped to do so, and that adoption enabled Anna to become a mom again, it's believable to me that they would at least have a conversation about it.

Not saying that keeping the baby can't be done, but this is an opportunity to explore another option that would fit for this family. As I mentioned, there are now such things as open adoptions, where the biological mother can still maintain contact and have a relationship with the child. Adoption is no longer sending your child into some abyss and hoping for the best, and I think Corrie has a great opportunity to explore that and show what it looks like. They've explored teenage parenthood more than enough lately; it's time for something different.

Anonymous said...

Laura,I was thinking perhaps Roy is the one who gets through with Anna about what's best for Faye and that the baby should go up for adoption?
Otherwise I think if she's not careful,Anna could drive Faye to the brink of suicide or perhaps getting rid of the baby herself so life can be normal again.

abbyk said...

Giving Miley up has so many story options, I don't know why we have to suffer through another decade of the Windass Poverty Saga. Faye could stay in school, have fun & friends, be the 1st in her family to go to university and make something of herself, but always fighting the nagging doubt of her decision. There could be an open adoption (if they have them in the UK) but Anna is the one who stays in touch. Giving up the baby was Faye's plan. Maybe Sally needs to step In to Owens place and make Anna and Tim listen to Faye.

It was nice to finally see grown up Sean, but even better to see the return of Demon David.


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