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Monday 13 April 2015

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 13 April

Bethany and her mum Sarah are supposed to be returning to Italy tomorrow, but somehow that is very hard to believe.  Also, Bethany is unaware of the proposed travel plans. They will surely stay in Weatherfield, though and for Sarah there may be a particular ‘bad boy’ who is making the pull of Weatherfield much stronger. It had to happen. David’s sister would go out with the biological father of Max and the enemy of her brother. Now Stephen has sacked Sarah, the chances of remaining in Weatherfield have increased dramatically.

Nevertheless, Gail arranges a family meal in the Bistro. While the family are there Callum strides over to apologise to David for arriving at the house unexpectedly to see Max and what’s more, he agrees to make proper prearranged plans in future. Bad boy? Losing his edge…

 Uncle Stephen phones – a very long time since we saw him – which makes her leave the fun in the Bistro. She has to email a document to him, as a matter of urgency. Not one to miss a chance Callum offers his assistance and of course, they end up in a clinch.

At last someone, Owen I think, mooted the idea of adoption for Faye’s baby. Anna though seems set against it – maybe she relishes the idea of having a baby to look after. Faye though is carrying a mountain of guilt. Her belief is that if she could somehow get rid of the baby then all would be back to how it was and Anna and Owen would be getting on. Might this make Anna and Owen make efforts to reconcile their differences and end the sniping?  Owen sees that Anna is exhausted and offers that she has a lie down while he keeps his eye on things. Anna’s mind is made up though. She needs space and energy, both of which she is sorely lacking. There is a box that Anna has packed in readiness for his leaving. Rather touchingly she has made sure that he has his cream in the box and reminds him to apply it, because she doesn’t want him getting eczema again.

Even though the real Gavin is dead, the storyline is not. Still Andy is maintaining that he is Michael’s son, terrified of revealing the truth, as all involved are, in case this news triggers the feared heart attack. Gail though is having to bear the most of the guilt. Susan, Gavin’s mother and Michael’s ex-wife is texting Gail. How long can she keep putting her off? It’s been a while since she fobbed Susan off at Gavin’s funeral, so how long can she keep making excuses before Susan realizes that Gail is lying to her? And when, as is inevitable, will Michael find out that he is no blood relation at all to the young man who has been claiming that he is Michael’s son? How will that news affect Gail and Michael’s relationship, especially as she deliberately kept secret from him that the young man who was hanging around, being rather unpleasant, was in fact his real son Gavin? What will Gail’s family think of her deceit? After all, she has kept a secret, along with Andy and Steph, of great magnitude. She is furious with Gavin and it doesn’t help when she discovers that Gavin and Nick tossed a coin to see who would work and who would eat. The winner is Nick and to Gail’s annoyance chose to work, though did promise to provide a bucket to catch the blood. 

There is no actual blood but the meal is a bit of a disaster. On learning that she is to go back to Milan tomorrow Bethany is in a huff, though she does also deliver the best line of the night. ‘Talk to the elbow – at least it’s got a point.’

Tracy is irritated with Amy who finally gets her own way. ‘That kid is spoilt. She gets it from her dad,’ says Tracy. Ken rolls his eyes  - which speaks volumes.

Ken decides to go out for an evening of culture, preferring that to watching Tracy’s face-pack dry. This opens up an opportunity for Tony to turn up, and he makes it clear he’s not interested in nuts. Both Tracy and Tony agree they want something better. Will they head off together to find it? I wonder what others think, but isn’t Tony out of the same mould as Rob, if a little more mature?

The final 2 scenes in tonight’s episodes were truly excellent. First we had Nick and Carla – Carla also in face pack mode. It was a very relaxed and natural. Nick asked Carla, ‘Do you really believe that you’re incapable of finding a decent bloke?’ Was he hinting that he himself is a decent man? Well it was pretty decent of him to put a blanket over her as he left, since it doesn’t look like she’ll make it to bed tonight.

The last scene, involving Owen and Anna was very well acted and it really does seem that that it is the end for them. Anna is angry that he is walking out on Faye, but he explains that he can’t stick around for Faye when he is not in a relationship with Anna and Anna doesn’t want to be with him – something she has made pretty clear.

Ruth Owen 

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Cobblestone said...

Occasionally you get a Corrie's storyline that just seems to be going round in circles, retreading the same ground over and over again ... How clever if you to have encapsulated the essence of this experience in your review, Ruth ­čśë

Diane said...

The Callum/Sarah scenes were cringe worthy. His pale thin hairy chest and him trying to suck her face off.... ugh.. I found myself hiding behind a pillow.

And Bethany.... argh. That little girl needs a slap. Where's Owen?

Dunno if its just me but I love Carla and nick together. Love them both but they seem to normalize each other.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Well it was like the Long Goodbye between Owen and the ever more annoying Anna, I thought he had left on Friday when she told him to move out but there he was back again cringemakingly trying to fawn around her.

The Sarah and Callum scenes were too revolting to watch, thank goodness for fast forward. The whole business was ridiculous and contrived from the silly meal with Nick pulling faces around them and Steven suddenly sacking Sarah for a small misdemenour when she shouldnt be working when she was supposed to be on leave visting her family in England anyway. Just a contrivance to keep this tedious pointless twosome on in already overflowing cast.

The Nick Carla pairing just does not work for me and why would she revert back to her original married name anyway? Surely if you went for deed poll you would go back to your maiden name? Not back to Connor where her husband Paul cheated on her with Leanne? Very odd says Frosty.

John McE said...

I never thought I'd say it, as he's always bin a bully, but I feel rather sorry for Owen. With Anna's hormone's going into "Mother Earth" overdrive, all he was doing was trying to let Faye decide for herself, and gets given the boot because of it.

And then, Anna has the cheek to try and make him guilty because he won't stick around "for Faye". Talk about wanting your cake and eating it.

And personally I am loving the new Bethany - long may her cheeky put-downs continue. I've even quite warmed to Sarah-Louis... Sarah-Lou... er Sarah. I reckon by Christmas, she'll simply be "S".

John McE said...

Oh, I do wish we could edit posts. "Bin a bully" indeed!!! (blush)

Lord Cambridge said...

The ever dreadful Anna seemed to want Owen to move out but still "stick around" obviously to foot the bills and contribute towards Faye's Bay-bay. Also is Michelle very tall or is Anna very short? I thought both women were average height but Michelle was towering over her yesterday in the Rovers???!

Anonymous said...

where was baby Lilly in the 'empty house' - how easy it must be to let kids just disappear when you don't need them!

Ruth owen said...

Thank you very much Cobblestone.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Lucy Fallon is very young and I believe this is her first tv role. She really does need proper directing. I quite like Bethany but she's way too OTT even if that's meant to be the character. The directors let Becky get on the viewers' nerves because Katherine Kelly had a tendency to throw herself all over place as if she was on stage. If Bethany carries on with her eye rolling, and flouncing about, we'll soon get cheesed off. And, for goodness sake, why are there no references to Milan which she might have hated, but a teenager like her would love to show off her knowledge of Italian food and fashion.

I can't work out what the writers' intentions were with Anna. Did they want to make her so obnoxious in this storyline? I'm sure we're meant to see it from her point of view ie that she's trying to do the right thing and getting it horribly wrong. It's not coming across to me, anyway. I'll say it again. Corrie characters need friends in whom they can confide. That way, we hear their innermost thoughts. It worked a treat with Faye and Craig and made both characters completely believable. Anna doesn't have a friend on the Street and I'm not surprised.

Laura said...

Spot on Humpty and Frosty....

What about Sarah's fabulous flat in Milan?
To be fired over such a triviality after 10 years on the job working for your uncle is absurd.

abbyk said...

I hate adults written as children in big hormonal bodies! Its actually worse than Simon being written as a 6 year old.

Re: Sarah's firing, for all we know, she's been written up before and is on final warning. Did she actually take a family emergency leave, or did she just bunk off of work? The firing may not be so out of the blue. HOWEVER, why she thinks she can muck about with Callum in David's home, all carefree, is another story. His house, his enemy, you're a guest, seriously??? David, don't give in, kick her out. She can stay with Aud and her dodgy boiler.

Tracy, going on and on about poor old Liz, living in a box room, plans,... You're nearly 40, nobody wants to hear about your plans anymore.

Anna, you impulsive dimwit, you didn't take one minute to reflect on the massive upheaval dumping Owen now is inflicting on your family. He managed to forgive you for something you did during your relationship, you can't forgive his past? You won't even listen to him. He is not Faye's father, he has no responsibility for her. You dumped him, he has few ties, he can do whatever he likes. And leave it is. Frankly, he can do better.

G-Andy, Gail and texty Sue, just shoot me now.

Next week, can we have a bit more of Nick with his good tuck in skills, Roy and his considered opinions, and Craig, please? Need some adult relief.

Anonymous said...

@ abbyk, I agree, Owen can do better.

I always liked the character, sort of Len Fairclough-ish, rough and tumble, but a good caretaker for his girls.

I hate what the writers did to Owen with the whole Linda backstory, and disappointed to learn that the actor, himself, wasn't totally comfortable with the character. It could have been better all around.

That said, Ian's last few performances have been incredibly moving. I'd rather go to Aberdeen with him than stick around the hell-hole Anna's made of her own (and Faye's) life. I feel really sympathetic to Faye, who, although she initially thought Owen was a threat to her, now understands that he's the rational anchor.

Hopefully others on the Street, like Alya, will step up and create a buffer to protect her from the madness of her adoptive mother.

Zagg said...

Humpty I am way passed "cheesed off" with Bethany. I am actually disgusted in the direction they have taken her. Even Tracy Barlow has moments of "nice", scenes with Amy, her mother etc....that were genuine and you saw some hope down deep in the character. But Bethany? Holy smokes. She hasn't said ONE kind word to anyone since she appeared on the street. She is mouthy, deceitful and just plain mean. Who on earth could spend a minute with her without giving her a slap in the yap?

Nikki NZ said...

Frosty, Elsie reverted back to Tanner after divorcing Alan Howard, even though her maiden name was Grimshaw.

In real life I know a few women who having married fairly early, had kids and a career under their married names. My mother remarried and chose to keep my father's surname rather than take her new husband's because after 35 years, she didn't want to lose what had become her own identity.

Anonymous said...

Humpty Dumpty,Anna did have a friend in Roy until she took Gary's side when he tried to rob the caf├ę and terrorised Roy.
I guess Gary will be the breadwinner of the Windasse family now?
aabyk,I agree with yout comments about Sarah and what cheesed me off is it was Gail who let Sarah and Bethany stay not David!The same Gail who threw David out of his house when hit the fan about Kylie and Nick who were allowed to stay.
If Gail supports Sarah's relationship with Callum,I think that will be the last straw for me as a viewer.


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