Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Macca the Corrie henchman - hard as nails?

Did anyone else spot the nails on Callum's henchman last night on Coronation Street?

It was a blink and you'll miss it moment, when Macca (played by Gareth Berliner) put his hand on Callum's shoulder as Callum was threatening GavAndy in the batcave of the basement in the Dog and Gun pub.

For a skanky hard henchman, a druggie and a baddie, he didn't half have nicely manicured nails. What lovely turned out cuticles with such a lovely shine too.

It all adds to the campy charm and charisma of Callum the baddie and I love it.

David and GavAndy are hardly Batman and Robin but Callum, Macca and Gemma as cartoon Corrie baddies are as fun as Batman's foes ever were. The scenes last night of the lair of the pub should have been filmed at a wonky angle like the old Batman series from the 1960s and it would have been perfect.  Audrey's car might just work as the Batmobile too.

Glenda Young 
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Barrie.T said...

It's all very funny . I think Sean would be more threatening than Callum

Realist said...

They're all as camp as Christmas and not very convincing.

As drug dealers they're about as believable as Santa Claus.

I do wish they'd stop with all this drug dealing nonsense and get back to what Corrie should be about.

An everyday tale about ordinary working folk who have ordinary problems!

Tvor said...

Lol that Batman pic related to Callum, Macca and Gemma cracks me up! I think Macca is more believeable as a druggie than Callum. Though Macca always impresses me as one who samples his own wares a bit too often but he's a brilliant character!

Anonymous said...

Maybe a 'POW' or a 'BAM' superimposed on the screen would have been right funny. David...where have you gone? Time to come back..IMO anyway.

Anonymous said...

Callum just does not work lol.

The actor would have been more convincing in the role of Ryan Connor iii.

I can't work out if the Callum story is meant to be funny or if it's so crap, it's funny.

Someone needs to make it stop.

Colin Schmollin said...

Have to agree with a post that you expect the Benny Hill theme to be played at any time when the "villans" who are more camp than a row of tents in Glastonbery are on screen. It also reminds me of a Carry on film. Unintentially comical writers, thanks for the laugh with the three buffoons

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