Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Spoilers for next week's Coronation Street, April 20 - 24

Without any piffle, here's the storyline for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up nicely in 50 words or less.

Week of Monday April 20 to Friday April 24

Will Gail and Michael marry this time? David blackmails Andy and causes trouble with Callum, Sarah enrols Bethany at Weatherfield High, Roy meets Cathy at the allotment, Sinead starts to walk.

The full weekly preview, with pictures is right here on Corrie.net

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Zagg said...

So Luke thumps Andy. Finally! The sanest, most reasonable person on the street is that Luke. I liked him right from the start.

Anonymous said...

Zagg,I agree about Luke and he better not be arrested for assault either.
When will the Platt madness end?
I don't know what's worse,Gail marrying Michael despite all her lies or the dragged out Callum\David storyline with David being kidnapped and of course no one particurely Sarah will believe him.

Anonymous said...

I'm actually enjoying that David is being terrorized by Callum. David's behaviour has been completely ridiculous regarding the custody of Max malarky and now it's officially reached a laughable level.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Frosty doesnt give a monkeys about Sinead either, a totally boring and mundane character with an annoying monotone voice. Get rid.

Zagg said...

Sinead? Haha...I completely forgot she was on this show.
I think it's time to cull the heard. She should roll off into the sunset with Sam, Old man Chesney should join Katy and Josef in Portugal, Izzy should also catch the next flight to Portugal, Anna and Garreh should join Eddie where ever the heck he is. Faye could stay with Tim and Sally. That frees up a whole house and a half!

Anonymous said...

Since David knows the truth about him,I wonder if Andy set David up to be kidnapped by Callum in hopes of keeping him quiet?

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