Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 1 April

Wednesday 1st April
FAYE FACES AN EARLY LABOUR. Owen’s thrilled when he lands a building job. Anna offers to cook a special meal to celebrate. When Owen suggests an early night, Anna recoils, clearly still awkward around Owen and insists they go for a drink instead. Meanwhile as Craig and Faye hide out in the corner shop flat, Craig plucks up the courage to tell Faye that her crazy plan regarding the baby is never going to work. But he’s thwarted when clutching her tummy, frightened Faye tells him the baby is coming.
WHAT BETHANY WANTS, BETHANY TAKES. Callum calls at No.8 with a game for Max. David’s cool towards him and Sarah guesses that he’s Max’s Dad. Sarah takes Bethany shopping in town. Recognising the girls from earlier, Callum approaches them. Sarah’s curt but Bethany lets slip that David is her Uncle. As Sarah waits outside a boutique for Bethany, she’s startled when Bethany flies out of the door chased by security, having been caught shoplifting. Callum advises Sarah not to go after her and insists she gets in his car. 
CARLA’S RETURN SPARKS FIREWORKS. Carla arrives back from LA and surprises Tracy with a gift from her trip. Jealous of Carla’s success, Tracy resolves to improve her own business.
ELSEWHERE Dressed to kill, Tracy calls in the Rovers and winds Tony up, making out she’s going to meet a new supplier and he’s superfluous to requirements. Tony’s put out.

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Anonymous said...

Not many people like Tracy. Carla is making an effort. Carla could be a friend, a confidant, a business mentor. Tracy should really make one too. Stupid cow.

John McE said...

Groan. Once again we have a completely contrived speech by Anna about how painful childbirth is, just to make the point to Faye who of course is sitting there, secretly pregnant.

I do wish the writers wouldn't resort to these contrived, "coincidental" speeches - they are so overused.

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