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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 11 March

Wednesday 11th March
GAVIN TURNS THE SCREW. Gail and Michael are at odds about her late appearance at the registry office, convinced she had a case of cold feet. Did the marriage go ahead and can Gail convince Michael of how much she loves him? Meanwhile Gavin lays down the law to Steph and Andy, telling them he wants his £2,500 by close of play tomorrow or he reveals all to Michael. Desperate to protect Michael from the truth, Gail tells Gavin she’ll get him the cash and in return she never wants to see him again.
KATY COMES TO A CRUSHING REALISATION. Linda takes Izzy and Katy for lunch at the bistro and suggests they move to Portugal with her. The girls are touched but decline her offer. However when Katy has a spat with Callum over Max shoving Joseph, in which Callum turns on her and calls her a slapper, Katy has a change of heart and tells Owen that she’s decided to take Linda up on her offer and move to Portugal. How will he react?
LEANNE’S PEACE OFFERING DOESN’T WASH WITH ZEEDAN. Yasmeen and Sharif return to find Leanne and Simon staying at No.6. Leanne assures them it’ll only be a few nights whilst Tony fixes the wiring in the flat. But as the Nazirs tuck into Leanne’s casserole, they’re interrupted by a call, explaining that the flat needs a complete rewiring and she won’t be able to move back in for at least a week.         
ELSEWHERE When Sean reminds Emily about the Church Comedy Night, Emily’s cutting leaving Sean and Billy bemused. Eileen pours over the responses to her dating profile, quite taken by one of her potential love interests. David berates Callum for keeping Max out longer than promised but Callum’s unfazed and points out that as Max’s real Dad, he’ll do what he likes. 

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Anonymous said...

Oh FGS get shot of Callum - this storyline isn't the least bit interesting and the guy playing Callum couldn't act his way out of a paper bag! And in reality, would he be even remotely interested in being a father?

Frosty the Snowman said...

Well we all know the Callum being nasty to Katy is a plot contrivance so she can disappear off to Portugal with her wooden mother. The question is what will happen to Joseph, a child should be with its mother but Chesney wont let him go without a fight, just shows how writers are desperate to write pregnancies in, but then the kids are spare parts as it were. I wish Gail would dump Michael Moan, dont think I can stand him bumbling around full of self pity much longer.

Anonymous said...

Frosty,A child should be with his father too but on Corrie it seems only the mother has the right to decide what's best for the child.
What bothers me is that the only reason Katy has decided to go is because she had a fight with Callum and has little concern about Joseph's bond with his father.It's all about Katy!

Anonymous said...

I wish the actress playing Katy the best in her future but shan't miss her one bit. I just wish she would take the increasingly annoying Izzie with her. We won't be that lucky.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 20:43 You are right about children needing to be with their father just as much as their mother. The view that a child should be with its mother is archaic.
On the other topic, I just saw the episode and it seemed like Callum was trying to push Katy away for her own good, just so she wouldn't stay in Weatherfield for the wrong reason. The 'slapper' insult was too neatly timed. It was like Born Free or something, Callum pretending he didn't care about Katy so she'd choose freedom over a dead-end relationship with him. He seemed sincere when he said he'd go to Portugal in a flash if he had the chance. He also seemed sincere when he told David that seeing Max in his hyper ADD state wouldn't make him run from his parental claim. I think the writers are trying to inject a bit of decent bloke vibe into Callum, so the upcoming mediation story will not be too one-sided.

Milly said...

Yawn, yawn, yawn.
Katie leaves with Joseph.
Owen leaves with Katie and Joseph.
The Nazirs interact with chickens and people (did I say Yawn?).
Callum proves he's got some decent bones.
David's still a big baby. (zero sympathy).
Wake me up when they fire Stuart Blackburn, because no one could do a worse job.

Milly said...

Oh, and Emily and Sophie, the supposed 'Christians' act like the opposite most of the time. Yet more of the Corrie 'ugly'.
And, it'll take a lot more than a 'relationship' with a fella to take that sour look off Eileens face these days (more ugly).
..just sayin'

Tvor said...

I don't think Callum was trying to do the right thing for Katy, I think he didn't want to be involved in more than a casual thing with her and she was already starting to sound like she was looking for comittment.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree with you Tvor, there is nothing nice about Callum, it's all hogwash.

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