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Monday, 2 March 2015

My big, fat, Corrie themed wedding

For a real dedicated fan of any genre or someone with a strong interest in a particular culture or hobby, any event is a chance to indulge in one's fandom. I know several people that have had themed birthday parties and weddings including a wedding not that long ago where all the guests dressed up as super heroes!

I have always had a strong interest in the British culture due to a wonderful history teacher. Thus, Great Britain has been a favourite holiday destination, a frequent source of reading material (both fiction and non-fiction),  I have many friends there and I really enjoy lots of movies and television shows from the U.K.  Obviously, as this is a Coronation Street blog, Corrie is one of my favourite shows.

For my upcoming wedding, there had to be elements of Coronation Street. My fiance likes the show though isn't as much of a 'fan'atic as I am but we both love Doctor Who as well. Could the two be a successful mix? We say yes! My fella is a talented artist and he created this cartoon as our wedding invitation. There are also elements of steampunk inside and on the back is a mechanical "steampunk" version of Hilda Ogden's famed ducks.

We will be incorporating the theme tune to usher us into the reception and my fiance is even contemplating an attempt to mash up the Corrie and Doctor Who theme tunes together (he's also a musician).

I will *not* be wearing a pinnie, head scarf and hair curlers over a Bet Lynch beehive. I have to draw the line somewhere.

Have you incorporated special "fandom" themes in a wedding or event?

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John from Corriepedia said...

You have excellent taste in your choices of television programmes to like!!

Anonymous said...

TVOR warmest congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Sounds like a lot of fun! When is the big day?

Tvor said...

Thanks! Date is later in the spring.

Kathy Brett said...

Love it! Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, TVOR! Wish you and Graham every happiness! What will you do about the TV remote control, however? Are you moving to GB, Tvor?

Anonymous said...

Well, it was done before by the BBC in '93 with Eastenders ('Dimensions In Time') so why not now?!

"Pickled in time like gherkins in a jar"

Martin Leay said...

Awesome! Many congratulations and all the best for your Big 'Corrie Who' Day in the Spring. I'm getting married in August and will have to shoehorn Coronation Street in to proceedings at some point! :-)

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