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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Coronation Street hour-long episode review, Sunday 7 Dec

So far so bad, for the sofa. So will it be leaving Sally’s? The sofa which she first detested then loved when she realized how expensive it was, may well be on its way back to Diane’s. Diane who is, according to Sally, ‘a breath of fresh air’ and who ‘has a summerhouse!’

‘You’ve all told lie after lie – you have deceived me over and over again’ says Diane.  Such strong words – and all for a sofa. 

Shame for Kevin though, as it looked as if he might have found a new romance – unless Diane can see past sofa –gate and laugh at the whole ridiculous business.

Sean is up with the lark on a Sunday, which comes as a surprise to Eileen. Might it be excitement or future plans to get up in time to accompany Emily to join the congregation at Billy’s church. This morning though, Emily is on her way earlier than usual as she is introducing the new vicar.

Eileen quizzes Sean as to the meaning of his early rising. He is though, surprisingly unforthcoming. ‘You’re normally chapter and verse, ‘she says. Sean tells her he met someone. ‘Spill!’ demands Eileen.

‘He’s high up in a global organization and does lots of charity work,’ he tells her. ‘He’s special – I’m playing it cool.’

Tony is very keen for Zeeedan to work for him today and ends up offering him triple time, which, if he doesn’t accept, means that there will be no more work. Zeedan accepts and tells Tony that today is his mother’s birthday.

Later, Kal has a word with Tony. ‘I know what you’re about. An ageing hard man throwing his weight about.’  A fair summary? Or is Tony more than and better than that?

The Community Centre, which seems to be the whole preserve of Yasmeen, seemed chaotic. Sharif is a reluctant Father Christmas and Alya is an even more reluctant elf. Sally wants another photograph because ‘Tim looks confused’ on the first photo. Yasmeen says they can have as many photos as they like, as long as they pay for each one.

Maria has Max run into her and consequently she stabs herself in the eye with a mascara brush. Luke is very solicitous and tells Steph she is not needed.

Kylie is discovered in the Dog and Gun by David and Eva, with Callum and with drugs. Kylie desperately tries to talk her way out of it, but no one is believing her.  Despite Eva telling Kylie all that she has going for her in life, it makes no difference and it seems, for now, that the drugs are winning.

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Anonymous said...

Good Lord that sofa is hideous and this storyline is bizarre! I don't care how much either cost!!

Frosty the Snowman said...

Frosty has seen those sofas before, very designer but made for spacious apartments, not two up two down houses. The story was mildly amusing though, although Kevin bought and paid for the sofa in good faith from the husband so legally Dianne wouldnt have a leg to stand on. A load of sillyness from the Nazirs although I do like Grandad. Leanne so does not fit in with them and perhaps its time for Mrs Stone Face to be written out now. Liking the new vicar but what he would see in a simpering fool like Sean, the Lord only knows!!

Anonymous said...

I suspect that in the real world she wouldn't' be able to reclaim the sofa.

It was sold to Kevin fair and square who then gifted it to Sally.

I would imagine that any dispute Diane would have regarding the sofa would be with her hubby.

Rosie said...

So nice to see Kev smiling and happy for once, is Diane staying? If not can they please find a new love for Kev and his little lad. Loved the idea of compatible foursome with Sally and Tim. They all work really well together.

Cobblestone said...

That really is one laid-back vicar - he didn't show a scintilla of surprise at encountering Sean behind the bar of Emily's local. "Of all the gin joints, in all the towns in all the world ..."
I agree with Frosty though - what would he see in someone as shallow and frivolous as Sean?


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