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Saturday 29 March 2014

Coronation Street Weekly Update - lies, lust and lippy

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Peter Barlow’s turned into a one-man circus. He’s developed a juggling act while tightrope-walking between Tina and Carla. He’s the incredible, invisible man. Tina seeks him here, Carla seeks him there. He beds Tina here, he beds Carla there. While Carla’s at her stepdad’s funeral, he’s in a hotel room with Tina. And when he’s home with Carla, Tina’s moping round her flat waiting for him to call. And so it goes, the soap staple of lies, lust and lippy. But this circus tent will soon come crashing down on Peter’s head when he finds out that Carla’s pregnant.

Over at the garage, Kev loses his big top with Tyrone who hasn’t been keeping the books up to date. The garage is fined for not filing taxes on time and Kev blasts Tyrone, when it’s not really his fault. Anyway, they make up afterwards and are mates again, taking Steph’s brother Luke on trial as a mechanic. Kev tells Stella he wants her out of his house so he can move back in, and until then, he and little Jack are living with Tyrone and Fiz.

Gail gets a fright when an intruder breaks into her house.  It fair unsettles her and she stuffs a cricket bat down the sofa incase the fella should try to break in again.  Well, he might want a game, who knows? Meanwhile, David and Kylie need some time on their own but plans for a night in a hotel go awry after Kylie takes pity on Gail and stays in with her when she realises how scared the intruder has made her.

Beth’s over the moon when a cheque for five thousand pounds arrives in the post. It’s a reward from the woman from the bingo, the one Beth saved from being mugged.  The Weatherfield Gazette give Beth’s story a double page spread: ‘Local Hero saves Maureen’s Bingo Win’ and the story goes online too.  Nasty Norris points out to Beth that people have been leaving horrid comments about Beth’s appearance on the Gazette website, and of course, Beth goes to have a look.  She’s upset, as you’d expect.  Craig leaves some comments of his own for his mum, pointing out how lovely she is while Kirk wonders aloud: “It’s new to me that badger’s bums are rough!”

There’s trouble at t’ Mill when Owen and Gary half-inch some of Phelan’s tiles to do a job on the side, and at Phelan’s expense. But he’s not daft, is Phelan, and figures out what’s going on.  He tells Owen that he’s keeping the eighty thousand pounds that Owen’s invested into the building project.  “You can’t do that,” says Owen. “I can,” says Phelan, and what Phelan says, it seems, goes. So Gary decides to break into Phelan’s house to get back the CCTV footage of him beating Phelan up. He doesn’t find it of course, and it’ll not take long for Phelan to figure out who’s been breaking and entering into his McMansion.

And that’s just about that for this week.

This week's writers were Mark Burt, Martin Allen, Susan Oudot, Jan McVerry. Find out more about the Coronation Street writing team at

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Anonymous said...

Uh oh, is this a sign that Beth is about to undergo a "make over"? Of course this will have her jogging around the block (a la Molly), getting her hair done by Maria and a new wardrobe from Julie. Then a few months from now she'll be back to her original self and it'll all be forgotten.

Mad Hatter said...

Beth shouldn't change her appearance, she is fine the way she is. I don't see how she looked like a slapper.

Anonymous said...

It's a wonder neither Carla or Tina hasn't contracted and STD by now. Tina especially - local bike.

Wear yer galoshes said...

You know that would actually be a more relevant story line than both the mistress and the wife being preggo at the same time - matching STDs and trying to keep it secret. Then it can somehow get out and reveal who the common denominator is between them; that'd be an original affair reveal.


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