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Saturday 22 March 2014

Coronation Street weekly update - Kevin returns with jacket and Jack

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“Everything’s changed around here,” mused Kev Webster when he came back to the Street this week.  Kev’s been looking after his dad in Germany and finally returned home with mini-me little Jack in a matching jacket.  But while Kev noticed that Sally’s got a new fella and there’s a new mechanic in the garage working with Tyrone, he failed to mention the extra window upstairs in the Rovers Return and the extra door at Roy’s Rolls.  Keep looking, Kev, there’s a lot more changed than you expect.  For yes, this was the week when the new set on Coronation Street was shown for the very first time and we are clearly in the new era of the new set.  It’s brighter, wider, cleaner, sharper, windier.  Everything’s changed around here.

Tim’s been nervous about Kev’s return to Weatherfield and to Sally’s life.  “I think I love you. Sort of,” he tells Sally.   “Are you only telling me this because Kevin’s coming back?” Sally asks him and Tim’s reply isn’t probably what Sally wants to hear but at least it’s honest: “Well, yeah.  Yeah, I am.”

And when Kev does return to find Tim in Sally’s house, he mistakes him for a burglar and wrestles him to the ground. The two of them fight before Sally sorts them out, ticking off Kevin and telling him: “Don’t just stand there looking gormless.  Do summat useful and put the kettle on.”  There’s a classic Corrie line if ever there was one and advice we could all take to heart. 

Over at the show home, Marcus is supposed to be meeting Maria, who’s going to be late. Todd takes his cue and turns up before Maria gets there, seduces Marcus and by the time Maria turns up, the two fellas are rolling around on the shag-pile in their undies.  I’ve hated Marcus being with Maria as I never found it believable, so to bring this storyline to its conclusion has not only been long overdue, but it’s been done very well.  Todd’s so nasty he’s great (boo, hiss), Marcus is weak and Maria’s grown a pair of balls bigger than Marcus ever had.  It’s great to see Maria finally get her teeth into a storyline, given the right story and the right dialogue, Samia Ghadie is a great actress and it’s just a shame we don’t get to see that too often.  She’s firey and feisty right now and I love it.  As for Marcus, Eileen lets him stay one night, and no longer, at her house overnight then Todd wangles a room for Marcus at Julie’s house until he sorts himself out. It could take some time.

Roy’s been spending too much time upstairs in the flat. Fiz, Tyrone and Chesney are worried about him and so up they go, demanding to know what he’s doing in there all on his own. What they find worries them more.  Roy’s turned his whole living room into a model railway recreation of the Woodhead Line – complete with tunnels and bridges.   “I had to remove some of it, “ he tells them. “It made it difficult to watch Newsnight, sitting down.” 

Elsewhere this week, Tina and Peter go round and round in circles up the ginnel.  She wants him to leave Carla, he just wants a bit on the side.  Carla meanwhile has done a pregnancy test and she’s in the pudding club with baby Barlow.

And in other news this week, Kal fancies Leanne but Stella fancies Kal, who doesn’t fancy her. 
And that’s just about that for this week.

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Anonymous said...

Kevin sounded a bit congested.

Frosty the Snowman said...

I am not a big fan of Kevin but he was the voice of reason yesterday while the rest of them fawned around the disgraceful Maddar. Perhaps if Tyrone had spent more time in the garage instead of spending it in the Rovers, the Bistro and the caff running after his swalking girlfriend the admin wouldnt be in such a mess - get Tina in to do the books of course is the answer - you know it makes sense!!!

abbyk said...

Actually, Frosty, 'get Tina to do the books' would have made great sense, as she had been doing them since she was a kid for her dad and then for Owen at the yard, and she's a friend. And she needed the money. Too bad who ever plotted the storyline thought that the worlds most tiresome tryst was a better idea.

Disagree about Marcus and Maria. They could have been an interesting couple, but as soon as they got through the initial HUGE issue, we didn't see them until CC's contract was about to run out. There were so many potentially interesting ways to go with them, plus just the usual stuff of 2 nice people and their friends. Instead, they were barely mentioned and only seen in the minimal contractual way. Todd is a despicable weasel but since M&M have nearly been forgotten, their breakup is sad but really non-impactful. Pity, because I liked them both.

Glad to see Kevin & Jack. Gail really needs a spine. Or a reason to be away from her family.

Anonymous said...

In Tyrone's defense, the books were probably in a mess for a long while due to Kevin using the garage profits to book hotel trips with Tyrone's wife Molly!As for Tyrone spending more time with Fiz,it was because they were helping Roy cope after Hayley'sdeath and I hope Sally remembers this and tells Kevin.

Anonymous said...

I find it laughable that Marcus, who was always supposed to be the voice of reason, would be overcome with lust and start screwing around with Todd, knowing that Maria was on her way to the house.

Anonymous said...

Please keep reminding about A Perfect Duet -- just went to the site to order, but it's listed as "coming soon", can't put it in a basket to buy yet. Thanks.


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