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Monday, 17 March 2014

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 17 March

Coronation Street, MONDAY 17TH MARCH 2014 at 7.30pm
TODD ENGINEERS MARIA’S WORST NIGHTMARE Maria tells Todd she’s going to surprise Marcus and meet him at the showhouse and suggests Audrey comes with her. An idea forming, devious Todd hurries away. Marcus is astonished when Todd turns up at the showhouse posing as his boyfriend. Inside the house their desire takes over and they kiss but as Maria and Audrey pull up outside, will she catch them in the act?
ROY BRINGS HAYLEY’S ASHES HOME Chesney and Fiz arrive  to pick Roy up but Roy’s already gone to collect Hayley’s ashes. They find him outside the funeral parlour, looking lost and bereft. As they wait for the undertaker to arrive with Hayley’s ashes, Fiz is overcome with grief. They arrive back at the cafe with Hayley’s ashes and Roy asks to be left alone. Fiz and Chesney wonder why Roy is so reluctant to let them up. What is Roy hiding from them?
THERE’S NEWS OF A FAMILIAR FACE RETURNING Tim’s winded to learn that Sally’s ex, Kevin, will be returning on Friday and Tyrone’s secretly panicked as he knows the paperwork at the garage has been mounting up.
ELSEWHERE Carla still can’t decide what to do about the pregnancy and snaps at Peter.

Coronation Street, MONDAY 17TH MARCH 2014 at 8.30pm
MARIA’S WORLD COLLAPSES Full of anticipation, Maria pushes the door open and is horrified as she takes in Marcus and Todd. As a disgusted Audrey and Maria leave, Marcus is in despair - this is exactly what Todd wanted. Back on the street, Maria is numb. Full of rage, she slaps Marcus across the face and tells him they’re over. With nowhere to go, can a devious Todd persuade Eileen to let Marcus stay at theirs?
ROY’S GRIEF DERAILS HIM A worried Fiz, Tyrone and Chesney call round at Roys and demand to know what it is that he’s hiding. Roy refuses to let them in but they push past him. As they enter the flat, will they be disturbed by what Roy’s been hiding?
TIM’S MIFFED ABOUT KEVIN Sally’s unconvinced when Tim tells her he’s fine about Kevin returning. He plucks up the courage to tell Sally that he loves her and is scared she’ll reunite with Kevin.
ELSEWHERE Leanne clocks Stella mooning over Kal and makes her mum admit she fancies him.
Leanne’s awkward, realising her own burgeoning feelings for him.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Ha ha cant help but have a sneaky admiration for Todd, he is a master menipulator and Marcus reminds me of a rabbit in headlights I am just dreading the fall out - the pointless wooden Maria mumbling and blubbing on Audrahs shoulder - never mind SWEEED TART. Hm

Anonymous said...

It's easy to mAnipulate decent, trusting people. Deliberately inflicting pain for one's own pathetic entertainment is not admirable, it's sad. Pretending to "love", while causing anguish, is vicious. WHAT HAPPENED in London to cause such a personality transformation? Someone must have really hurt Todd!!

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