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Friday 14 March 2014

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 14 March

Coronation Street, FRIDAY 14TH MARCH 2014 at 7.30pm
CARLA AGREES TO DO A PREGNANCY TEST Peter’s worried about Carla but she tells him she’s just upset about her step dad and he’s worried when Tina puts pressure on him to tell Carla about their affair. Carla tells Michelle she doesn’t want children and clings to her as she awaits the results of her pregnancy test. Will Carla be horrified at the outcome?
STEVE DIGS IN HIS HEELS OVER TONY Steve rudely pretends not to have heard when Tony and Liz invite him to Tony’s birthday drinks. Will Liz let Steve get away with this rudeness? 
SOPHIE’S DISAPPOINTED WITH MADDIE Sophie questions Maddie about a bottle of vodka which has been stolen from the corner shop. Maddie denies all knowledge but Sophie finds the bottle in Maddie’s bag.
ELSEWHERE Eileen’s annoyed to see Lloyd and Andrea fawn over each other in the cab office. Fiz is intrigued to hear from Sean that Todd’s got a secret boyfriend and she’s bemused to see a strange cabinet in the caf√© that Roy brought down from the flat.

Coronation Street, FRIDAY 14TH MARCH 2014 at 8.30pm

PETER BACKS OUT OF TELLING CARLA THE TRUTH Tina tells Peter she’ll come with him to the flat to tell Carla the truth but Peter doesn’t intend to tell Carla and says he need to do this on his own. Carla’s devastated  to find she’s pregnant and when Peter finds her upset she lies and tells him she’s grieving for her stepdad. Tina waits nervously in the Rovers but is gutted when Carla walks in and smiles at her. Realising Peter’s let her down, how will she react?
TODD AND MARCUS AROUSE FIZ’S SUSPICIONS Todd makes quiet digs at Marcus when Maria shows him some house details. Fiz picks up on the tension and is later left intrigued when Marcus collars Todd in the ginnel and tells him to stay away.
LIZ STANDS HER GROUND WITH STEVE Andrea tells Steve to grow up as it’s clear he’s jealous of her relationship with Lloyd. Tony later takes a scared Steve to one side and asks him if he’s got a problem with his seeing Liz. Steve assures him he’s fine about it.
ELSEWHERE Maddie kisses Sophie and suggests they go to bed but Sophie refuses and Fiz tells Roy that Hayley’s ashes are ready for collection and offers to accompany him to the crematorium.

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Anonymous said...

Ok..what's up with this show? It's ok for a female to smash some bloke across the face but if he had smacked Tina in the head, the shoe would be on the other foot! I doubt anyone will even think twice about it. Have the writers got such short memories that the whole Tyrone abuse storyline is out the door, or is it ok to hit someone if you're temper is up and you're a female character on Corrie who is pissed off?

David Parsnips said...

This Tina/Peter business is just going around in circles. And we have another two months to go before the Orange one gets bumped off, I dont know if we can stand it!!!

Humpty Dumpty said...

Cos it is, Anon at 11.18. Just like it's OK for women to chuck a drink over a bloke. Some might say women only retaliate in that way when men have used their power against them. Women haven't the physical strength to land them one like another male would (and there's too much of that in Corrie, as well). However, Tina has drenched Tracy with drink so she's equally at home assaulting men and women.

Hoon Hung Hing said...

Why is Carla suddenly all upset about George the step dad who has never been mentioned and she never really knew? Where is this all going I wonder?

Anonymous said...

I wonder why is Eileen annoyed at seeing Lloyd and Andrea happy?I could understand her being upset at Todd sleeping with Marcus[apparently Fiz is going to involve herself with that too?Doesn't she have a daughter to look after?} but what does she have against Andrea?It's though Eileen dislikes seeing other people happy because she's alone.

Newfy Pearl said...

Who is this Anonymous person who keeps jumping at the sight of 'abuse'! Please if you stand by your comment leave your name so you do not get lost in sea of anonymous quotes and people may converse with you.
Unless it is used as a storyline tool - such as Kirsty and Tyrone - I don't think people really think much about a woman slapping a man on a show like this. To be honest Peter deserves a slap from every woman he has ever been involved with. lol Remember when Shelly punched him in the chops! Now that was well deserved! lol

Anonymous said...

Well if it's a matter of "deserving" a slap, then Tina should be top of that list! Smiling at her "friend" while provoking that friend's husband to escalate an affair. Throwing rocks through windows. Screaming the Street down. Being the town bike. However, as the first comment points out, it is a double-standard on this Street that women can do whatever they want to men. And no, I'm not leaving my name because I have no interest in "conversing" with anyone. I am making a comment. End of.

Newfy Pearl said...

Maria acted as a friend toward Tracy when she was sleeping with Charlie Stubbs...Tracy grabbed Maria by the hair and dragged her into the street. I wonder what Carla will do to Tina. lol
I personally think there is a difference though between a man hitting a woman - though I have to say I did not like it when Karen used to get violent with Steve.
As for 'conversing'...I do not mind putting my name to my comment and responding when someone comments on my post. It is your choice to put your name as Anonymous....but just like my can expect replies to yours. Either way...I assume you are a fan too - otherwise you would not be here on this happy viewing! :-)


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