Sunday, 30 March 2014

Les Dennis thanks Ricky Gervais

On the South Yorkshire Times website today, there's an interview with Les Dennis who we saw this week breaking into Platt Towers and scaring the dickens out of Gail.

And while much of what he says in the South Yorkshire Times interview is similar to the interview our blogger Ruth did when she met him a short while ago, it was interesting to read a bit more of his background, as I am unfamiliar with Les Dennis.

Les says that his family home was also burgled, so that's a piece of irony. He moved his family to Cheshire shortly after that, which was within the last couple of years. It makes the commute to the ITV studios very convenient.

He's a lifelong fan of Coronation Street and made an impression by doing an impression of Mavis Riley back in the 1980s with his then-comedy partner Dustin Gee who "did" Vera Duckworth. He's also appeared in Celebrity Big Brother during which he appeared to have a bit of a breakdown. After that, he didn't get much work for a while but comedian Ricky Gervais offered him a job, having created a role in Extras. That relaunched his career.

“So every cloud... You’ve got to think of it that way,” adds Les, who attributes his career reinvention to the Office star. “If I hadn’t done Extras then I wouldn’t have been offered the roles I’ve been offered on stage, and I wouldn’t eventually have got here. Everyone needs a reboot now and again.”

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