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Wednesday 19 March 2014

Why Audrey will always be my Queen of the Street

I am unashamedly a massive fan of Audrey Roberts and the lady who brings her to life, the super Sue Nicholls. Audrey is for me the Queen of Coronation Street. Sue has been a part of Corrie since April 1979 and I hope she'll be on our screens for many more years to come.

I think one of the main reasons I love Audrey so much is that we've seen her character develop a great deal over the years. There is something satisfying about this progression that we rarely get in soap operas, as characters either always play to type or actors get fed up and leave. I've loved seeing Audrey develop from the flighty piece who neglected Gail and got up Ivy's nose, through her social climbing days as Alf's devoted wife to her current incarnation as doting gran, fierce defender of those she loves and wise counsellor to many.

Much of this is down to Sue Nicholls who plays Audrey so beautifully. Sue is undoubtedly a brilliant actress, equally at high drama (the Richard Hillman saga) tragedy (losing Alf and Alma) and comedy. Such diversity is becoming increasingly rare amongst today's crop of Corrie actresses.

I love the relationship between Audrey and daughter Gail. For an onscreen partnership to last so long is pretty rare and sometimes I wish they would exploit their rich history more often. I loved the now famous scenes of mother and daughter out power walking in the countryside and I hope the writers can come up with more in this vein.

Audrey also has lovely relationships with several younger members of the Corrie cast - as we saw on Monday night with Maria. These scenes always feel more believable and less forced than the relationship Rita is supposed to have with Tina McIntyre.

My one frustration with Audrey is that she always seems to feature in other characters stories these days rather than her own. There was a spell when she was quite prolific post-Hillman, mainly featuring in romantic storylines with the likes of Fred Elliott, Bill Webster, Archie Shuttleworth and of course Lewis Archer. An actress who can make even the awful Marc/Marcia story appear watchable is worth her weight in Corrie gold.

I think it would be nice to see Audrey appear in a storyline built around her for a change, and not necessarily involving a man.

So do you agree that Audrey Roberts is a Corrie legend? What are your favourite Audrey moments? And what would you like to see her do next?

As Queen of the Street, I hope she reigns for a long time yet.

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Anonymous said...

I would have agreed with you up until she turned her back on her misguided daughter. Blood is blood..Lewis was a con artist and claimed another victim in Gail, who was abducted by the personality snatchers a couple of years ago and hasn't been seen since.
She cared more about dead-head Maria's house hunting than her own daughter's welfare and helped David put her out of her own home. A queen? Not in my books.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Audrey should be meeting ladies who lunch, and popping off for weekends. I'm not sure she needs a major storyline; I quite like the fact that she pops up regularly in other people's. I was hoping she'd become friends with Gloria but that didn't happen. Although I like Audrey and Gail together, I wish they weren't in each other's pockets.

abbyk said...

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!

I agree with Anonymous 14:04. She's very watchable, but the way she treated Gail post-Lewis was inexcusable. If there were an honest (i.e., believable) attempt for her to regain Gail's trust and love, maybe. Instead we've been treated to a brusk dismissal of Gail's pain and financial loss for a petty, pubescent 'you stole my boyfriend' wave of the hand. Like to watch her, she's great with Maria & David, wish Claudia would return, but Queen of the Street, I think not.

Carry On Blogging! said...

I have to say I think Gail had it coming! I quite enjoyed Audrey telling her where to go!

Hoon Ha Hon said...

Yes ACCHEWLAR I love Audrey.

Newfy Pearl said...

I agree Gail had it coming. I heartily agree with this post. If I was to be a character visiting Corrie I would want to be connected with Audrey in some way....maybe stay at her place....have chats about the people on the street. lol
I would like to see her retire from the salon. It is time for her to enjoy the fruits of her labor so to speak.
I don't want her to be like Rita creakily holding up the counter or vice versa at her establishment.
Surely there is nothing wrong with a woman of Audrey's age being a lady of leisure.

Anonymous said...

With regards to comments about how Audrey turned her back on Gail in the aftermath of the Lewis saga,I would like to point out that Gail threw David out of his own house in the aftermath of the Nick\Kylie fling while Audrey took him in and was the only one who told Nick and Kylie they weren't innocent victims either!As for Lewis,Gail got what she deserved after telling the Duckworths to shut up when her husband Richard Hillman stole their life savings.

ChiaGwen said...

Graeme - I love Audrey to bits as well!! My favorite moments are the Gail and Audrey power-walking episode and also believe it was Audrey who thought Kirk was making a pass at her in the Rover's... :0 - I could be wrong. As for Gail and the Lewis saga, Audrey deserves a gold medal for how she treated Gail after Lewis' 'farewell Gail' video. Anytime I see Audrey on screen it is fabulous but agree she needs a story all her own again, and not necessarily with a man - and speaking of men (Owen), whatever happened to the 'damp' in her house storyline? Audrey needs new women friends besides the increasingly annoying Rita.

Anonymous said...

I agree - Audrey is the queen of the street, not Rita.

Gail has it coming.

Anonymous said...

I think Audrey is great, and Gail absolutely had it coming!

Frosty the Snowman said...

Yep even grumpy old Frosty likes Audrah - she defintely is Queen of the Street not sarcastic creaky old Rita! Aud needs some storylines Bring back son Stephen for a visit.

Zagg said...

I've always liked Audrey and enjoyed her story lines for the most part. Gail did have it coming after she took up with Lewis. I have to admit,to this day, that video taped departure by Lewis destroying Gail was one of my favorite Corrie moments of all time. She did deserve it. I think it went beyond the "you stole my boyfriend" thing. It was the absolute betrayal that I believe hit Audrey to the core. Gail was a right desperate pain throughout all that story.

They need to give Audrey a a good story line. She is a lot more vital to the street than Rita at this point. I do feel she is the Queen of the Street.

Kate said...

Couldn't agree more. Love Audrey!

Anonymous said...

Audrey is deffo Queen of this Street! David and Gail both need someone to push them down the stairs - they've both absolutely got it (and had it) coming. Audrey is no push-over nor is she a misery guts, so that makes her Queen in my books!


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