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Monday 17 March 2014

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 17 March

Oh Todd! What happened to the sweet boy who became an excellent support to Sara-Louise and a great step-dad to Bethany? At least for a while.Well it seems a metamorphosis has taken place in that there London. No longer Eileen's blue-eyed boy, that role now belongs to Jason, and full of Machiavellian deeds and plots - all planned to secure his own desires.

Todd wants Marcus and Todd is determined to make him his, no matter what the consequences. Despite Marcus' protestations, it doesn't appear at all in doubt that Marcus is strongly attracted to Todd - and it is not hard to see why. Todd is good-looking, fun, witty and determined. Quite an irresistible mix, especially when compared to Maria, who, lovely as she is, has a child who makes for a huge responsibility and though she's sweet, well, she's perhaps a little limited, much as I feel disloyal in saying this.

Todd's plan's success is Maria's ruin and how well Samia Ghadie acted her part tonight. Her utter distress was totally credible and her concern for Liam and what she would tell him was causing her as much distress as the effect of Marcus' actions on herself. Her decision to get revenge is immediate. 'I'm going to hurt him like he's hurt me.'

Audrey says that, 'He'll give you a hug and stab you in the back' which is what Maria feels as she says with disbelief that she thought Todd was her friend, yet she was playing gooseberry and she didn't know it.' She realises that he set up the 'showdown in the show home.'

Todd is completely unrepentant, obviously so, as this is what he wanted. In response to Eileen's comment about breaking up a family, Todd replies, 'They weren't a family, they were a farce.' Now, despite Eileen's 'over my dead body' Marcus is staying the night at the Grimshaw's. Sean gently persuades Eileen by saying, 'Just one night' and Todd thanks him, though Sean is swift to tell Todd that he's not doing it for Todd. Jason can't bear it and heads off to Eva's.

In the Bistro it becomes clear to Leanne that her mother, Stella, has her eye on Kal. Though she denies it and says that she can look if she wants, Leanne is not convinced. Given the lingering looks, it appears that Kal has his eye on Leanne. Interesting to see Nick jogging round the cobbles and it's almost impossible not to speculate as to what might happen with Nick, Kal, Leanne and Stella. Don't worry Stella, there's always Kal's Dad or Dev. Does Kal have a mum?

Roy goes to pick up Hayley's ashes and when asked by the assistant if she can help, he tells her he is only window-shopping. Only Roy could come up with such an answer. Clearly, Fiz is hurt that Roy seems to be avoiding her and everyone else who is a member of the human race. He's busy though and is turning his flat into a replica of the Woodhead line that ran from Sheffield to Penistone to Manchester. Chesney is clearly impressed but Fiz tells Roy that he can't live like this. 'Why,' he asks her. 'There doesn't seem much point anymore,' he tells her. as his visitors leave, he takes Hayley's ashes out of the cupboard and puts them on the shelf, Hayley's name invoking the forgotten character, Minerva, the Roman goddess of wisdom. The others he mentioned are all from Greek and Roman mythology too. They were Aurora,Pandora, Electra, Juno, but I couldn't get the other two and would really appreciate it if someone could fill us in.

Roy's comment about the ritual of collecting people's ashes typifies his attitude to the afterlife. Hayley has gone and he is irritated by the 'romanticised nonsense' of the ashes 'the calcified remains of some bones don't equate to the real person.'

So to Tim and his anxiety about the return of Kevin. Sally plays a canny game, knowing full well that Tim feels threatened by Kevin. He tells Sally that he loves her and Sally rewards him by saying that she loves him and that there is no chance that she and Kevin will get back together.

As Rita says, 'We're all fools when it comes to love.'


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Anonymous said...

Did corrie miss a section tonight? What happened to Maria actually seeing something??

Unknown said...

thought they'd bakes Hayley into a cake...all it needed was a candle on top...

Unknown said...

Ariadne, Diana and Minerva are the other names you're thinking of!

Ruth owen said...

Thank you very much Karen.

Unknown said...

For the first time the exterior shots were clearly filmed on the new set. It looks huge in comparison to the old. Loads of space around the Victoria St apartments and the garage too.

Newfy Pearl said...

Wow! Maria at her misery. This actress is one of the few that really makes misery come to life. It will be interesting to see her 'hurt marcus' as she has never said this about anyone else. Is this the turn to Maria's character....I think this will be interesting.
By the way...where was Liam????

Frosty the Snowman said...

Are we supposed to believe that Marcus a thirty something intelligent professional is so overcome by desire for the skinny sneering Todd that they get naked in an unlocked show house with the agent nearby? A bit contrived and a bit rude. Now tiresome little Maria wants to 'get even'. Better get the next train back to Guildford Mr Dent!!

John McE said...

So now all straight viewers know... the only thing us gay men can do is rip our clothes off at the first hint of passion! And what exactly was Todd hiding with that cushion? :-)

Tvor said...

Lots of straight couples get caught in flagrante, too, on soaps! :))) Todd certainly wasn't hiding his dignity! lol

Newfy Pearl said...

It is a soap...and as Tvor said lots of straight couples get caught too. Should Corrie present gay people in a more dignified way than straight?
I think it was silly how Tina seemed so very naked while two grown men jump up with black underwear on hiding behind pillows.
BTW Just had to mention...Audrey at her best here - the protective one. Thought David and Kylie were a bit insensitive...I thought they deep down they were Maria's friends.
Thought Tim was so so cute - declaring his love for Sally. The gruesome twosome just showed their immaturity by giggling at the sight of it.
Stella needs to find someone her own age....or better yet...move on....I cannot get over how she humiliated Dev and yet they are the same age.
Michelle - did she remember that Maria is the mother of her beloved Liam's son?? This is the first connection I have seen between the two in literally months.
Overall good show...I enjoyed it. :-)

Anonymous said...

I agree. Marcus would never stoop so low as to just off his clothes and start the horizontal mambo with Todd - he's just not that sort of person. Now he gets to be treated like pond scum while I suppose Todd will slink around smirking and rubbing his hands together. Gawdawful crap IMO.
Rita is just a fool, period.

Hoo Han Haa said...

I dont mean to be rude but what has Maria done to her teeth? Those veneers, when she didnt have anything wrong with her teeth before, it has really aged her.

Beth said...

I had totally forgotten that Michelle is Liam's aunty. It's little connections like this where Corrie falls down these days. She doesn't seem to have anything to do with him or show interest.

Dilly Daydream said...

I so wanted someone to grow a pair and punch Todd in the face. What a lying toerag he is!!

abbyk said...

Every aspect of Todd & Marcus is completely unbelievable. Marcus was long established as a decent, intelligent guy. No way would he cheat on anyone let alone his partner, no way would he fall for Todd's transparent manipulations, no way would he be interested in someone so despicable. He's a nice person, he makes friends with nice people, he broke up with Sean when he became manipulative. Nobody has a massive personality change at his age unless something massive has happened in his life, massive as in death, divorce & cancer.

Why does Eileen feel compelled to let Todd stay under her roof? Isn't there a time when 'kids' should be kicked out? I'd say ruining a friend's family, after she repeatedly told him to back off, would be one of those times.

Humpty Dumpty said...

This *dramatic* storyline is only happening because Charlie Condou is leaving. If the writers had wanted to explore the possibility that Marcus was reassessing his life, they could have done it in a low-key, more realistic way. But the actor's leaving and the writers decide to give him a major storyline where he behaves totally out of character. If CC was staying, Marcus and Maria wouldn't get a look in with all the other stuff going on. No wonder viewers get cynical.

Zagg said...

"Todd is good-looking, fun, witty and determined. Quite an irresistible mix".....What? I choked on my fish sticks reading this. Todd is a slime bucket, devious, condescending and determined to live with his mother. Quite a horrible mix if you ask me. This contrived story for Marcus' departure has left a very bad taste. I despise Todd, can barely look at him on screen.
Just more poor writing.

Newfy Pearl said...

Interesting how Maria robbed Marcus from Sean....Sean thought Maria was his friend too.
Hmmmm...I am seeing a lot of 'reap what you sow' action going on with Corrie right now.
Same with Carla...she is being cheated on in the very same way Peter did when he was with Leanne.
And as for Peter...didn't he marry Lucy while Shelly went by herself for her sister's funeral? Now Carla has a funeral to go to..Maybe Tina should get a vicar ready just in

abbyk said...

Newfy, I thought he and Sean were already apart when Marcus got together with Maria. Sean may have been pining, but it was over.

Newfy Pearl said...

You could be right abbyk! ...technically...but as the relationship hit the skids due to Marcus wanting a child and Sean not...Marcus was encouraged by Maria to not settle. She did start up something with Marcus while she was definitely still involved with Jason though. Remember how she shut him out and turned to Marcus when she found the lump in her breast.
The hijinx of life seems to peaceful and uncomplicated. lol


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