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Saturday 29 March 2014

Mother's Day Poll: Will Carla Connor make a good mum - Yay or Nay?

It's Mother's Day on Sunday 30 March here in the UK, so here we go with a special Mother's Day poll.

Now that it looks like Carla will go through with her pregnancy, will she make a good mother - yay or nay?  What do you say?

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Anonymous said...

I would say that 'yes' Carla would make a good Mum. She's caring and loyal and not afraid to speak her mind., I think she'd be like a mother Lion to her Cub; very protective.
She's a self-made woman of course, who I'm sure must be thinking right now of how she could juggle both having a baby and running the ( across the street) business. She's happily married ( as far as she knows at this time) and her husband, being part of the business is advantageous.
She's shown herself to be somewhat uncomfortable around children, but all that could, most likely would change if the child was her own.
She has to be thinking that this would be her last ( unexpected) chance at being a mother to her own and Peter's child.
She loves a challenge, and this is one of life's most important. I think she'd love and cherish the child, find a patience she didn't know she possessed and be proud, just as Michelle said she is of Ryan.

Anonymous said...

I think initially, she's going to resent the baby because of everything that's going to kick off over the next few months. But I like the fact that Carla can surprise people. For example; the way she forgave Sally for siding with Frank. Carla reached out to Sally and persuaded her to go back to the factory - which I'm sure a lot of people weren't expecting. Then there was Simon's custody battle... Peter and Leanne were more interested in scoring points. Peter started it when he stopped Leanne from seeing Simon, then when Peter let Simon go to live with Leanne, Leanne decided to stop him from seeing Simon and even threatened to move away. Carla was the only one who had Simon's best interests at heart and she tried her best with him, even though he rejected her over and over.

Finally, who can forget the way that Carla was there for Hayley? Their friendship was unlikely but beautiful - and again, I think people were surprised to see this other side to Carla.

I think motherhood for her would be a very interesting journey to watch.

Humpty Dumpty said...

First, being gloomy, I don't think this pregnancy is going to go the distance. I hope not, in a way, because as with all other soap pregnancies, viewers have to wade through nine months of trauma. By the time the baby's born, nobody cares. However, assuming the baby is born, Carla could turn out to be a good, perhaps eccentric, mum in her own way. I don't suppose she'll find reserves of patience but she has got reserves of cash so will use baby minders, crèche facilities, nurseries etc. That doesn't make her a bad mum at all in my book. She will not like other people's children, and many of us fall into that category!, so will not be brilliant at birthday parties, play dates etc. It would be a Christmas baby so perhaps that's the big storyline for 2014.

Anonymous said...

Hell no. She has no interest in it and is involved in a completely farcical relationship - she'll have none of being a single mum when things go pear-shaped with Peter. And you know what? It's perfectly fine to not want to have children and to carry on with your life - although hopefully a heck of a lot more careful (like having yourself spayed). This idea that we need more babies on this flipping Street is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

I agree with comments about Carla being a good mum as she shown a gentler side with Simon after his parents' divorce and when he was cyberbullied.I just wish that Simon could give Carla a chance as he did with Nick and meet her half way.On the other hand, I don't think Tina who is also supposedly will be pregnant with Peter's child would be a good mother.She only wanted to keep Jake out of spite not love for the child because of Gary'a drunken pass and ahs shown little interest in him since and believes her baby is what will win Peter from Carla,Even then I think her pregnancy is another one of her ploys nothing more.

Anonymous said...

Carla's personality has definitely been made softer over the months; from her hair colour to her new-found gentleness and kindnesses, esp re: Hayley.
She was portrayed much harder before so I could almost say they will let her go ahead with this pregnancy, however I do agree with the street itself seemingly having more than it's share of babies lately.

TJ. said...

I am torn. I'm all for character development and a part of me would like to see Carla deal with the biggest challenge of her life but I don't want to watch another character suffer and lose herself because the writers have decided to give her a child! I think Carla is one of the best characters on the show and she's portrayed by an excellent actress so I hope the writers know what they're doing!

It could be interesting as long as they stay true to her character.

Corrieqooq said...

Carla could be a great Mom as long as she has an awesome Nanny and a really good therapist. ( if Kevin can do it, well...) The baby will be her greatest love and to heck with Peter and all the 'A-Holes' she's had relationships with. Business life will change and life will be a balancing act for a few years, but she'll make it. Carla Connor is a strong character and she should be seeding the Street with the next generation. She is the Matriarch.

lizzieizzard said...

I think Carla will actually surprise herself on how capable and how well she will cope being a mother. She may have doubts but once she sees the baby she will be better than best mother, although I don't see Peter there as I think he will slink away after everyone finds out first Carla is pregnant and secondly Tina is also pregnant by Peter. Oh the feathers will fly - and I will see Peters family estranging him from them. Sad time ahead.

Anonymous said...

I think Carla will come very close to having an abortion after the Peter/Tina affair is exposed. She will then make the decision to stay pregnant even though Peter is the father, somehow, after the 'suspense' of will she or won't she has been done, she'll come to realize that this baby will provide the closest, most real, and long term relationship she will ever have.
I then think Carla will surprise herself by how close she will feel to her child.
If she has an abortion, that's it, over, end of story right there.

Dubcek said...

I'm a little surprised at Michelle, when she thought she might be pregnant she went ballistic demanding that Steve have a vasectomy and carrying on as if it was the end of the world and now she's doing everything she can to force Carla into going ahead with the pregnancy hardly what I would call a balanced response to the situation.

Anonymous said...

Michelle's 'change of attitude' to Carla's pregnancy, compared with her own reaction to a possible pregnancy, has nothing to do with the character of Michelle, and everything to do with the scriptwriters whose short-term memory capability means that they often cannot remember from one week to the next how plot-lines are proceeding. Time for a major shake-up in the scriptwriting department!


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