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Sunday 16 March 2014

Corrie weekly awards for March 10 - 14

Weird Science award: Curing a hangover by hanging upside down?

Super Builder award: Jason is going to do all the renovations, plumbing and wiring himself? Is he a certified electrician and plumber, too, now?

Blast from the past award: Jason wears Charlie Stubbs' toolbelt.

Red Rag to a Bull award: Phelan is really trying to make Gary lose his temper again.

Takes one to know one award: Owen knows very well Phelan is a bully.

Scarlett O'Hara award: Carla's avoiding the pregnancy test. She'll think about it tomorrow.

Phrase of Doom award: Tina "One minute you've got your arm round me and the next, you look like you could shoot me" (I don't like the sound of that!)

Naive award: Tina really thinks it's all going to end happy families.

Nosy Parker award: Fiz can't seem to keep out of Roy's space.

Coincidence award: Tyrone needs help at the garage and Steph's brother is a qualified mechanic. Sorted. Or soon to be. It's obvious.

Fashion award: Steve and Eileen's paper crowns in the taxi office.

Lines of the week:
Todd "Tony, have you ever read The Female Eunnuch" Tony "What's that like, Game of Thrones?"
Anna "It's a lesser spotted Cropper!"
Roy "Charity isn't without it's own conumdrums"
Sally "I've seen your 'couple of nights', they're like dog years!" (she's right!)
Julie "Right. Blue Sky thinking" Fiz "I'm not jumping out of a plane!"
Carla "Shut up! You sound like the inside of my head"
Steph "I might be a gob on a stick but I know how to be a good mate"
Peter "Do you think I'd risk all this for a bit of fun?" (yes)
Peter to Carla "I don't think I've ever been happier" (naturally, you've got it all, don't you?)
Maria about Marcus "Finally got a good'un" (Soap Opera Phrase of Doom)
Carla "It's not like I can sack my baby!"

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NZ Coro junkie said...

I reckon Phelan's set this up from the start as revenge for Owen getting one over him a few months back. Hitting on Anna was a ploy to get Owen to react -instead it was Gary but same diff. He was always going to set them up so they took all the risk for this project and he got all the returns. His wife will be in on it too.

Wim said...

I guess that's what bugs me about this story: it depends too much on something Phelan could not reasonably foresee: Gary beating him up like that, and him getting hurt but not too much so.
Phelan could have hoped something like that would happen if he'd put some pressure on Anna, but it was a huge gamble with a very unpredictable outcome. So the weakness in the plot is that -as yet- we have no clue what Phelan's original plan was when he offered to go into business with Owen. We assume he intended to trick Owen and run away with all the profits, but how? Would Phelan really have banked on a "I'll get one of them to knock me unconscious in a fit of rage and leave me to die" scenario? I doubt it.
So unless we find out what Phelan's original intentions and plans were, I think this storyline has some huge plot holes that prevent me from really getting into it.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Not really homeless award: Much is trying to be made of poor little victim MADDER but her mother and brother live in a house so why is she homeless exactly? Her rude and ungrateful behaviour coupled with the awful Sophie is almost becoming unwatchable.

Pally with your enemy award: Why on earth would Gary and Owen sit with Phelan and his missues in the Rovers like they are old mates? Ridiculous.

Annoying Maniacal Grin Award: Andrea who showed such promise at first is rapidly becoming pointless just existing to hand off Lloyd’s arm and grin madly at everything.

Behaving like a lady of the night award: Does Peter ever take Tina anywhere or buy her anything? It’s just straight to bed. She cold at least get paid for it.

No respect for yourself award:: Liz giggling like a teenager and making it oh so obvious she had had sex the night before in front of everyone include her son – nice – once an old tart always an old tart.

Look after your kids award: How Tyrone and Fizz always manage to spend so much time in the pub is beyond Frosty. They both work full time and have two small children where going to the pub would be a raretity not an every day occurrence. Who is looking after them?

Anonymous said...

Carla had some good lines last week.

"I'm this big strong woman who kicks ass and takes no prisoners, then all of a sudden George dies and I'm that stupid scared little girl again."

"What if I can't give it love, like she couldn't?"

"Just adding another hungry screaming, whinging, little stinky thing to that"

Newfy Pearl said...

I found it funny when Michelle said that Carla had a good relationship with Simon! Since when????

Anonymous said...

^ Lol I know! Simon is okay with Carla sometimes but he's usually a rude brat.

I think Michelle said that Carla's 'good with Simon'...? I suppose she was when Leanne and Peter were fighting over him during the custody battle. They were more interested in scoring points and I remember Carla seemed to be the only one with his best interests at heart. She tried her best with him even though he rejected her over and over.

Tvor said...

Michelle was just trying to prop up Carla. She doesn't see how Carla interacts with Simon at home, does she? Carla does try. She's just not very good at it!


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