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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The Magical Teleporting Cafe

Many people will know that Roy's Rolls moved from Rosamund Street to Victoria Street back in 1999, but what many don't know was that it first sat where Prima Doner sits now.

I uncovered this when watching some old episodes, and noticed there was something a little off about the location of the cafe, as it's not usually straight across the road from the Bookies.

This would make Roy's Rolls on the new set, the fourth version of the cafe!

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Sunny Jim said...

I think it's just the camera angle that makes it look like that. I was lucky enough to visit the set in September 2000 after the work had been done but before the new additions had appeared on screen There are some photos here which clearly show D&S Hardware on the corner.

Chewy said...

I'm not sure, in this video ( ), at around 3:40 in, you can see the cafe as soon as they walk around the corner from the Salon, it could be that that cafe was just a facade while they built the real building behind, since there doesnt seem to be a kerb in front of the cafe in the video)

Annie said...

Chewy's absolutely right. Roy's Rolls stood where the kebab shop is today. That was in 1999 when he cafe first opened, and was the location when Roy and Hayley got married. It was moved 30 feet to the left as part of the big refit in 2000, which gave us the hardware store and the butchers, but also, sadly, the useless Rovers viaduct.

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