Monday, 24 March 2014

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 24 March

Coronation Street, MONDAY 24TH MARCH 2014 at 7.30pm
DAVID INTERRUPTS TINA AND PETER’S TRYST Peter whisks Tina away to a hotel for the afternoon but she feels guilty knowing Carla’s at her stepdad’s funeral. Peter puts her at ease but as they dine at the hotel, they’re horrified to spot David arriving at the bar. Will they be caught out?
GAIL’S IN FOR A NASTY SURPRISE Gail agrees to babysit Max and Lily while David and Kylie spend the night in a hotel, but as Kylie excitedly gets ready at No.8 to meet David at the hotel, she’s unaware of a strange figure lurking outside. When Gail arrives home, she finds a man in the living room claiming to be inspecting a gas leak, but is he all he says he is?
KEVIN FRETS FOR THE FUTURE OF THE GARAGE Kevin’s furious when Tyrone shows him the mound of unpaid invoices and tax documents.
ELSEWHERE Luke starts work at the garage, Phelan continues to crack the whip at the mill and Kal tells Leanne he understands why she can’t be with him and doesn’t want to hurt Nick either.

Coronation Street, MONDAY 24TH MARCH 2014 at 8.30pm
PETER AND TINA HAVE A CLOSE SHAVE Peter and Tina make a dash for it whilst David is engrossed in the menu and spend the evening in their hotel room. Tina wishes they could always be together. How will she feel when Peter drops her off leaving her on her own again?
GAIL’S NEVER FELT SO ALONE The man pushes Gail hard. Realising he is an intruder, Kylie runs after him but she’s left fuming when he jumps in a van and drives off. Realising her favorite necklace has been stolen, will Gail feel more alone than ever?
TYRONE FEELS AWFUL FOR LETTING KEVIN DOWN Tyrone feels awful for letting Kevin down with the garage accounts. Fiz asks Sally to have a word with Kevin to go easy on Tyrone much to Tim’s annoyance.
ELSEWHERE Carla tells Michelle she’s going to have an abortion, Kevin reminds Stella she needs to find somewhere else to live and Gary is worried when Owen tells him he’s accepted a new tiling job and intends to steal tiles from the mill so they will be quids in.

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Anonymous said...

Can someone please tell me what has happened to baby Joseph? No mention is made of him, no one seems to be home at Anna's to babysit, no mention that he is at nursery. Katie seems to come and go as she pleases with no responsibility.

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