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Monday 24 March 2014

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 24 March

It is very early morning as Anna in her dressing gown prepares Owen and Gary's snap. It's nothing special she says, just cheese and paste, but I think we'd all be grateful to someone packing us up at around 5.30am, as the men have to be at work for six. Gary's glum face is not good enough for Owen so he tells Gary to buck up a bit for his mother's sake as 'she is 'living every second with us' and we know that's true. 'I'd say have a nice day, but I'll settle for you coming home in one piece,' Anna tells them as they head off.

Kevin is staying at Tyrone's temporarily at least. He suggests that Tyrone and himself have a strategy meeting over a fry up, so off to Roy's they go. Tyrone is visibly anxious and we remember glimpsing the chaotic cupboard full of letters that was exposed to us recently. The revelation cannot be long in coming; then it's here and Kevin is predictably furious. Kevin worked very hard to get the garage going giving up weekends and evenings and except for the paperwork Tyrone has done a good job. It's increasingly awkward that Tyrone has Kevin as a house-guest, but the unpaid tax and the resulting fines can bring businesses to their knees, so Tyrone's negligence is very serious.

Things aren't going so well for Stella either and Kevin's difficulties intensify hers. Naturally he wants his house back and as he explains to Stella he wants Jack to be settled, quite understandably. Finding a suitable,affordable place to live though, is not easy. In addition, Eva, though she means well,
has probably exacerbated her mother's problems by approaching Kal and telling him that he needs his head testing. 'You must want your head testing if  you don't want to go out with her.' Stella is pretty mortified by this and says so. A little later Eva approaches Kal and tells him, 'My mum is lovely and extremely fit.' Then, 'FYI, I still think you need your head testing.'

David and Kylie plan a night in a hotel and decide to dress up as characters from Pulp Fiction, Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace. Maria, her emotions still in turmoil, yells at David and Kylie for their planning and giggling in the back of the salon. 'You to are so self-absorbed!' she shouts.

David arrives at the hotel and Kylie will come long later. Two of David's neighbours are also in the hotel, making the most of  Carla's attendance a her step-dad George's funeral. Yes, Peter and Tina have checked into the hotel and Peter once again says that soon, he will tell Carla about Tina.
An utterly bizarre moment occurs when to hide from David in the hotel, Tina actually hides underneath a table, covered by a tablecloth. Peter explains to a wholly unconvinced waitress that his companion is agoraphobic.

They decide to go to the room and order room-service. Will he leave Carla as he promises he will? The big money is on no, so most of us are in agreement with Steph. Maybe Peter himself knows he won't leave Carla even when he's saying he will. 'I wish we could stay here forever,' says Tina as they lie in the hotel bed. This is Tina's wish but just as that isn't possible, nor it seems is a life with Peter.

Did everyone notice the shadowy figure at the window of the Platt's house? Having secured an entry the intruder claims that he has come about the gas leak and that he was in the area. It becomes clear that this is a cock and bull story and after pushing Gail, flees with Kylie in hot pursuit. She tries to catch him but he jumps into his van and is off. Gail is undoubtedly panicked and says, 'We don't know what we are up against.'

The police come and offer victim support. At least Kylie and David have the good grace not to stay in the hotel and to spend the night at home to protect Gail and the children.

At the funeral Carla tells Rob and Michelle that Simon calls her Cruella behind her back and Rob tells her that everyone calls her that. He gets her for a moment. Back at Carla's Rob says his sister drives like Sebastian Vettel and Carla says she would be more than a match for him. Rob is trying go find something to eat. 'Where's the grub?' asks Rob. 'In the shop,' replies Carla. 'Hark at Delia,' says Michelle. I can make you some butties,' and looking at a loaf says that there's a bit of green on it. It's an excellent scene. Rob leaves and Michelle approaches the vexed topic of Carla's pregnancy. Michelle makes a good point. If Carla was so determined not to become a mother why had she not acted yet?

The funeral has put Carla into a reflective mood and as she says earlier, she should be used to funerals now. Seeing everyone today has made Carla realise things about herself  'I shouldn't be a mum - you only get one life - I don't want to make a massive mistake.' Will she tell Peter? Will she terminate the pregnancy? Those are only two of the many questions we must all be asking...
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Newfy Pearl said...

Enjoyed the episode. Maria is being an a ss. It wasn't too long back when Kylie and David were broke up and miserable. This did not stop Maria from enjoying her life. she did go on about her househunting...with her wonderful trustworthy mate. lol
Poor Gail. She seemed so much older tonight.
Peter must feel like he is living in the movie Groundhog Day....both women are starting to say the same things to him! No wonder practice makes perfect! lol
Painful to watch Nick...and Leanne. She has gotten over him...but he is gonna be in for a rude awakening. BTW Since when did running improve brain damage??? Still no mention of counselling.
Kal had every right to turn down one stepped up and said Dev was a catch.....
Tina under the table just made me think naughty disgusting things befitting of her character right now....ugh...barf

Anonymous said...

Why is Gary's mother still making his packed lunch? He doesn't even live there. In fact him & Izzy seem to spend every evening at Anna's too. Living in each other's pockets like that would drive me nuts, but then again I did move to Australia!

Anonymous said...

Never mind Gary having his lunch made by Anna, the question is why doesn't Owen get his own?!

Frosty the Snowman said...

Why didnt the funeral trio stop off at the Bistro for sommat to eat, everyone else does and up pops Kal again. How pathetic and embarrasing was Eva announcing that Kal should fancy her 50 year old mother because she is 'fantastic' - sit down and shut up love. I almost feel sorry for Michelle Collins - this of course is all building up to her slipping out the door quietly when she had such a trumpeted entrance.

Anonymous said...

So far 'Kal' isn't 'working out' for me ( see what I did there?) . He's a good looking guy but as interesting as watching paint dry . I don't see chemistry between he and Dev even tho i know they've worked together before . The Peter and Tina storyline is also unconvincing and vom nducing , he's way too old for her and although I think Chris G is a fab actor I don't understand Peters motivation . I'll b glad when it's over . But I will miss Chris G .

John McE said...

I just wish Kal would stop touching everyone he speaks to - especially Dev and Nick. He can't keep his hands off them!

And has Gail been shampooing with Baby Bio? Her hair seems to have doubled in size in the space of a couple of episodes!

NZ Coro Junkie said...

I'm really glad Kevin's back. He's one of the oldest characters on the street, there's too much history and too many connections for him to be written out unceremoniously. I'm only sorry his return is to be short-lived. I hope Michael Le Vell has turned a corner and will be through his rehab quickly and successfully.

I also hope Carla keeps the baby. We need another Barlow to keep the dynasty going :)

Newfy Pearl said...

NZ Coro...I am a Kevin fan too. He made the mistake of sleeping with Natalie and has been paying ever since. I for one found the Molly and Kev storyline believable as Sally treated him like dirt and Ty was like an old man and took Molly for granted.
Not that I don't like Sally and Ty...they have reasons for the way they are too.
But seeing as Sally has moved on with Tim, and Ty is perfectly matched with is time for him to have a love of his own.
As for the older man younger woman affairs...such as Tina and happens. Tina was vulnerable, and Peter appreciated her attention to Simon. Also he was feeling emasculated by Carla's ownership of him.
I like the storyline...and I am looking forward to seeing it play out.

Newfy Pearl said...

With that said..there were only two characters I did not bounce back to liking after their dalliances....cuz I love Kev and Peter in general.
I did not like Martin after his affair with young Katey...and Jamie Baldwin lad after his affair with step-mom Frankie. Both of these storylines made my skin crawl. There was no coming back from that. Katy was a kid, but Frankie definitely knew better...Yuck!

Anonymous said...

Still waiting for an explanation as to why Nick has not gone to a brain injury clinic for follow-up and therapy. No..that might make sense and we surely can't have that.

Anonymous said...

Kevin and Julie? He comes complete with a little boy of his own..maybe when he's back for good.

Kate said...

Did anyone else find Fiz's behaviour very odd when Kylie was chasing the van? Fiz just stood there with quite an odd expression on her face.

I noticed Gail's hair as well!

Anonymous said...

Anon, I agree with you regarding Gary and Izzy constantly at the Armstrongs. They never seem to go home. Like you said the constant togetherness would drive me crazy! Don't Katy and Joseph(who we never, ever see)live there also?

Mr Potato said...

Nothing wrong with Anna making butties for Owen's lunch and for her son who is working with him. So they live in each other's pockets a bit, so what - so do a lot of people. I reckon Phelan should have employed Jason and his dad - judging by the speed he has finished that gym, the Mill would be done by now as well!

Anonymous said...

who takes care of the kids - Jake & Joseph - or do they just stuff them in the cupboard? We very often see Gary, Izzy, Katy, Owen & Anna in the same scene - so who is looking after the little ones???

LORD CRISP said...

Anon above - probs the same person that looks after Hope and Ruby when his parents are either interfering in others business or sitting looking gormless in the Rovers every night.

Anonymous said...

Mostly fillers. We didn't learn that much more than we do already about what's happening to these characters. I appreciate the comments about the gym being ready so quickly -- only in the land of the soaps, I guess.

Tvor said...

Newfy Pearl, exactly so, re Peter's motivations. Add to that the Barlow genes and you've got the inevitable. Possibly the exercise is helping Nick with his stress levels, that alone will aid in recovery.

Rosepatch said...

Enjoyed the scenes with Carla, Michelle and Rob. They go back a long way, and seem to be the only family any of them have now. They should stay on the same side.
Michelle is much nicer when she is with Carla than with Steve. She is a good friend to Carla, up the sisterhood!
Confused about the sequence of events re David, Kylie, hotel bar and burglary. David looked at his phone, abandoned his drink telling the barman to "keep the change" and dashed off. THEN Gail surprised Les Dennis, Kylie came in, her phone rang and it was David asking where she was, and then she told him they had had a break in. Did anyone else notice this, or have I got it wrong?
Fizz is doing my head in. She is such a control freak. Tyrone never seems to get the right sort of woman, someone who understands him and will make him happy. His women choose him, rather than the other way round, and it always ends badly. Fizz is such a control freak, she is the same with poor old Roy.
Hate the Peter and Tina scenario. Sooner it ends the better!
In general I think Corrie is getting better - love the little bits of humour. Reminds me of the good old days.

Anonymous said...

Fiz gets on my nerves too and that drawn out Mardy way of speaking . Tyrone and Maria ? She wouldn't b interested in him now - been there - done that . Cue Fiz close ups on her tearful baby blues and wobbly chin action - can't wait ( to switch over)

Newfy Pearl said...

I see what you are saying Tvor....proper exercise releasing of endorphins etc.
As for suggestion of Kev and Julie....sadly not his type....remember Alison? We do not want Julie jumping in front of any 18 wheelers now do we? lol


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