Friday, 21 March 2014

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 21 March

Coronation Street, FRIDAY 21ST MARCH 2014 at 7.30pm
A FAMILIAR FACE RETURNS TO THE STREET A loved-up Sophie and Maddie are exhilarated after spending the night together, but Maddie’s troubled when Sophie suggests they keep it secret and packs a bag, leaving a note for Sophie. Kevin arrives back on the street but as he goes into the Kabin with Rita, Maddie sees his unattended bags and scoops one up. Kevin’s furious and as he waits for the police, Rita tells him about the burglary at Sally’s. so when he spots the door ajar at No.4, how will Kevin react when he finds a strange man (Tim)crouching by the TV?
STELLA SEIZES THE DAY - AND HOPEFULLY KAL Leanne is jealous when Kal enters the Bistro and Stella makes her way over to him. Nick can tell that she fancies him and encourages her to make a move. Will she bite the bullet and ask Kal out?
TODD MANIPULATES JULIE INTO SHELTERING MARCUS Todd tugs on Julie’s heart strings to persuade her to invite Marcus to stay with her at No.12 temporarily so that he won’t lose him. He’s delighted when Marcus accepts.
ELSEWHERE Roy returns to work in the cafĂ©, Michelle covers when Tina enquires after tetchy Carla, saying she’s just grieving and Tyrone offers Kevin a room at No.9.

Coronation Street, FRIDAY 21ST MARCH 2014 at 8.30pm
 KEVIN STRUGGLES TO ADJUST TO LIFE ON THE STREET Realising the man he’s just punched is Sally’s new boyfriend, Kevin feels annoyed that he’s ruined his homecoming. Sophie’s face drops when she reads Maddie’s note, but when Tracy turns up with Maddie and accuses her of trying to sell her stolen goods, Kevin recognises that they are his. Kevin’s resentful when Tim urges him not to give Maddie’s name to the police and leaves in a huff. Is he jealous of Sally’s new love?
KAL AND LEANNE ADMIT THEIR FEELINGS Stella’s disappointed when Kal gently tells her that he’s not interested in dating her. Kal admits to Leanne he turned down Stella because he wants her instead. Will Leanne tell him she feels the same or will her feelings for Nick take over?
PETER LURES TINA BACK INTO HIS ARMS Tina apologises to Peter for not being understanding. Peter tells her that he will leave Carla but not until the time is right. Tina gratefully agrees to wait as long as it takes.
ELSEWHERE Maria and Marcus come face-to-face in the pub and she launches a stinging attack on him and Todd.

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