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Saturday 22 March 2014

'Corrie's six sexy new babes' says Daily Star

This week on twitter, Coronation Street director Terry Dyddgen-Jones tweeted this:

“Casting a new female character today. 6 gorgeous hopefuls on a second recall.”

And then Corrie's casting director Janet Hampson tweeted back:

“They were utterly lovely weren’t they?”

Interesting as it was, I wouldn't have thought a twitter conversation between two casting professionals merited front page headlines in today's Daily Star. But, front page headlines they are.  

See also: Our exclusive interview with Coronation Street casting director Janet Hampson.

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AmandaB said...

6 new pensioners that's what the programme really needs.

David said...

The headline is misleading, they were probably all auditioning for the same role. And yes, front page, seriously?

Anonymous said...

I guess it was a slow news day.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Naturally, Coronation Street is exactly where these 'sexy new babes' would live or work ...

Anonymous said...

Appealing to viewers and would-be viewers, keeping the show current and on people's minds, 'sex sells' that's what it's all about.
What would Annie Walker, Ina Sharples, Hilda Ogden, etc..think of this?
They would cluck their tongues and remark on how much the street had changed.

Newfy Pearl said...

I would not watch it if it were all pensioners. There needs to be a mix. A show of generations.

Beth said...

Can they ACT?!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't watch if it was all pensioners either, the point of the street is to show a mix of residents, and I would say they sure are doing that.
However, not giving senior residents interesting stories and focusing on youth too much, isn't interesting for everyone either.
I also think the headline for "Corries 6 Sexy New Babes" was for one role, hopefully.

Dubcek said...

I went and read the article and there was this unbelievable section of the article -
But Corrie chiefs have been so impressed with the six hopefuls that are under consideration that they could throw them all in.

A source said: “They have all done so well it’s hard to choose between them. Putting them all in would be explosive.”

I don't know what TPTB are smoking or injecting but if they do this it's the death knell for Corrie.

They've got Katie who is every bit as good looking as Keegan and probably better looking as she doesn't seem to be trying to look like an Oompa-Loompa all the time as Keegan does.
They've got new girl Steph as well.
What are they going to do bring in these six girls to work in the gym and then we find out that Kal's dad is running some kind of prostitution ring out of the gym?
It's a shame they spent all that money on a new location when SfB the producer seems determined to kill off Corrie.

Anonymous said...

They have introduced a few new characters since at least December such as Kal, his dad, Andrea, Maddie, and of course the reintroduction of Jason's father. Oh yeah, and Steph's father, and she herself has just become a regular. Please Corrie try and work on your current characters than just adding more to the already massive cast list. So sad, they axe the likes of Dennis and Bran who they couldn't be bothered with, but have the time for a good looking female character who will not get up to much.

Anonymous said...

Woops, I meant Steph's brother not her father. My mistake.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't be bothered watching anymore. This only proves that they'll do anything for ratings. I get that, in the business you want to stay on top, but it will implode, you mark my words. Look at EE..too many cast members and the actors were just waiting around = maybe have 1 or 2 scenes per week and were relegated to being stand in's and background so there was an exodus from the show. The producers could think of nothing else to do but to bring back characters that had left the show years ago and start re-cycling old storylines, or kill somebody off. A trial for murder, an affair, a new gay character etc. It's a mess and Corrie, will too, I'm afraid go down the same path. Brining back Eileen's ex? WTF for? Liz? Todd comes back as a vile piggy? The re-incarnation of Becky Grainger only this time she's gay.
Oh well - that's show biz I guess.
Oh well..that's show biz I guess.

Anonymous said...

Eastenders is not making their long time viewers happy either. They have two murderers loose on their street. A third has gotten away with murder as well but is leaving the show for a break.
They are killing off one of their legacy characters.
They have a cast of characters that are ultimately related to or have slept with each other to an extreme.
I tried watching Emmerdale but it seems grungy to me. So I am watching reruns of Midsomer Murders and giving the soaps a miss right now. There is life beyond Corrie. For many it is more of an addiction than a like. Time to move on...

Nemo said...

We need a new Ena Sharples.

Anonymous said...

At the risk of sounding cynical,since the new gal will probably be a 'replacement'for Tina[who I will not miss],does that mean she'll suddenly pop up in everyone else's storylines as Tina did to justify her arrival on the Street?


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