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Monday 31 March 2014

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 31 March

Coronation Street, MONDAY 31st MARCH 2014 at 7.30pm
CARLA HAS A BOMBSHELL FOR PETER Carla’s left feeling thwarted when her attempts to get Peter alone are unsuccessful. Desperate to tell Peter about her pregnancy, she’s on edge and snaps at Eva and Kirk in the factory. When he finds a glum Carla on Maxine’s bench, will she finally drop the bombshell on unsuspecting Peter?
PHELAN TWISTS THE KNIFE FURTHER Phelan remains suspicious when Owen and Gary deny all knowledge of the break-in at his house and Anna’s left worried when Katy is unable to drum up any business. Does Phelan have a part to play in the lack of work available?
SALLY STRUGGLES WITH MADDIE’S PRESENCE  Sally’s feeling increasingly concerned about Sophie and Maddie’s relationship and feels Maddie has outstayed her welcome. Kevin offers to have a word with Sophie.
ELSEWHERE Gail’s left feeling sick when the police call at No.8 hoping that Gail and Kylie can identify the intruder from some photos and Julie and Sally plan a ladies’ night at the Bistro.

Coronation Street, MONDAY 31st MARCH 2014 at 8.30pm
PETER’S ROCKED BY A CURVEBALL FROM TINA Peter’s consumed with guilt when he realises just how much he loves Carla and vows to stand by her whether she decides to have the baby or not. In the street Rob and Tracy wind Peter up and he bites back by increasing their rent on the shop. But Peter’s in for more of a shock when Tina decides to drop a bombshell on him. Is Tina pregnant too?
STELLA’S PLANS CAUSE HEARTBREAK FOR EVA Eva’s upset when she finds out Stella’s leaving for New York on Wednesday and is fuming when she realises Leanne already knew.
OWEN HITS ANOTHER BRICK WALL Owen’s furious to learn the council has blacklisted him and won’t give him any more work. Owen’s convinced Phelan’s behind it and he confronts him about his bad mouthing him to the council but Phelan laughs in his face.
ELSEWHERE Sophie and Maddie come clean about their relationship and Gail’s shaken when the face of her intruder is laid out in front of her.

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Just saying said...

Liked the interaction of the Platts. David and Kylie - this reminds us why they are good together. Kylie with mom and daughter. :-) Gail stood by her and now she repays in kind.
Also liked interaction with Michelle and Carla. They are like sisters for sure (funny because they were never that close before the Connor brothers died) I think it is a nice dynamic. Sure beats sour faced Michelle at the pub. I think it is time to move her out (not just for Steve but for her as well.)

Zagg said...

She ain't the only one. Her presence is ruining this show for me right now.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree and I can't believe I'm writing this but I feel sorry for Sally - the first time ever. I keep willing her to toss Maddie out and if Sophie gives her a big mouth about it, Sally should toss her out and all! She can go live with Kevin.

For some reason I cannot stop looking at Kylie's hair; it's like she's got someone else's hair on her head and I just can't get used to it/find it distracting. Very surprising to see how rattled Gail is but a good way to show us another side of her (rather than just the woman with bad taste in men who should have cut the apron strings ages ago).

Just saying said...

I disagree Anonymous....making Gail a withering violet is not a good thing. She is at an age where she should be taking her life back and feeling empowered....not shrinking away from danger.
Look how Deirdre reacted to her 'break-in" She kept her wits and sussed out the true culprit. She did not once whine and cry about it.


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