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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Corrie weekly awards: June 25 - 29

High Noon award: Showdown in the cafe.

Marking your cards award: Peter's insecurities about Nick bubble over and are threatening to come between he and Carla.

Coming over all Previous award: Faint star: Mary got all a-quiver over the idea of Norris fancy dancing.

It still hurts award: Teary star: Leanne still has a hard time seeing Peter and Carla together.

Pants on Fire award: Karl *said* he'd get gambling help but it sure didn't sound like it.

Bull in a China Shop award: Mary was twirling Maria around the shop and knocking stock off the shelves. That's the kind of Mary I like, rather than that nasty spiteful one.

Most Realistic Breakup award: Marcus and Sean. It was so sad to watch but at least there wasn't a slanging match. Not then anyway.

Wonderful stuff: Gail drinking at the bar. Eva snarking at Sunita and Leanne. Beth with a furry mobile cover, mistaking the rat for the phone!

Crying Towel Award: Soggy Star: Nick's gonna need the crying towel, later if not sooner. Marcus and Sean have split up.

Rebound award: Leanne moans about being alone and Peter being happy, so she falls right into Nick's arms because he still loves her if nobody else does.

Lines of the week:
Mary to Hayley "I didn't know you were a dancer" (she's only been taking salsa lessons for 2 years)
Eva "Button your blouse up, Sunita, it's not a knocking shop!" (Claws in, ladeh!)
Gail "Lewis. Could I have a virtuous glass of water to put my son's mind at rest?" Lewis "Still or sparkling?" Gail "Still. I'm sparkling enough!" (Bwahahaha!)
Mary "We don't make old bones in our family. We burn bold and bright and then are snuffed out like a cheap candle"
Nick "I always wanted to be a dad" (maybe since you grew up because you didn't want to be when you were married to Leanne)
St.Ella "what about love, Leanne?" Leanne "It's overrated"
Simon "As long as we're together, it doesn't matter where we live"
Marcus "The only thing i spooned last night was Liam's 'Tickle Me Elmo'"
Simone "Is that a rat!" Tracy "That's his mother"

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Terrible Granny award: If Simon stayed the night at Dreary and Ken’s why didn’t she just give him some toast or cornflakes in the morning? Sending him off to school with no breakfast is just daft, just so as he could go to the greasy spoon with Nick and be seen by Peter - hm very contrived.

Voice to shatter glass award: Eva shrieking like a banshee with Ratgate, sorry it wasn’t funny it was like a bad Whitehall farce.

Non Custody award: Sorry but Simon is PETER’s natural son, why Leanne is calling the shots all of a sudden when nothing has been done legally is just unbelievable and stupid.

Acting like a spoilt 10 year old award: Sean and his embarrassingly appalling behaviour at Marcus’s place of work. Just get rid of this awful character although I suspect he and Marcus who deserves more will be back together again before we know it.

Laying 500-1 she wont turn up award: Violet supposedly turning up to bring Dylan down, we all know that wasn’t going to happen –duh.

Scary award: Mary who is obviously going to transfer her obsession onto poor Royston now. The woman creeps me out !

Humpty Dumpty said...

Quite a telling remark from Marcus. He tells Aiden that Sean is happy and cheerful with his friends at the factory but is miserable with him. That's quite realistic but it shows that Sean's character is best played as one of the chorus. He can have his ups and downs during coffee breaks. Maybe it's the actor or the way the character's written, but trying to give depth to Sean with his own story lines fails.

Tvor said...

I would disagree with that, Humpty, i think Antony does very well with his own storylines and I like the character of Sean. We don't always see the serious side of him but I think when we do, it's well acted and usually well written. I think both Marcus and Sean are good and realistic characters.

abbyk said...

Agree with Frosty about Mary's new hobby. Watch out, Mrs. Cropper.

Re: Sean, it's got to be the way he's drawn, because he was convincing and solidly in character for that ridiculous display of immaturity at the hospital. The break up was sad but honest as well. None of the acting was called in.

There are times when the writers just mishandle the characters and push them beyond the realm of believablilty: Mary's extremes, Becky's drunken rampages, Tracy bitchiness. We've seen Sean be caring, responsible, friendly and funny, so, for me, what we saw on Friday was a story issue, not an acting one. He's a simple, middle aged man with little ambition, who reacts emotionally to every situation. No 35 year old would carry on like that. Who ever is responsible for writing this character needs to step back (or grow up).

Tvor said...

Sean is an emotional person so yes, I think his reactions to all of this are entirely realistic for him. Age isn't really related to it, personality is. But we can all agree to disagree :)

Anonymous said...

Spoiled brat...Peter ranting on and on to Carla and then giving her a right frosty glare when she says there's nowt to eat at home. I don't think Carla is going to stand for his childish carry-on's much longer.
Antony C actually surpised me with the break up scene at Eileens..tears and all..good on him.
The rat in the from the tarantula in the bar but Eva was funny and Steve up on the chair..ha!

maggie muggins said...

I thought the Sean/Marcus breakup story was done well. Glad too that in the end they did talk about it, not just storm out. I like Sean, and it will be interesting to see how they each deal with life after the split.

The rat-phone in the Rovers had me laughing out loud, something I don't often do watching Corrie.

Unknown said...

Adding to the comments already, I too think the break up was handled well, totally realistic - yes some people may have expected fireworks from Sean, but I guess reality for both of them was expressed. Very sad, but looking to the future (in the writers' minds perhaps) may be yet another reunion in the future. The gutting thing for me was that both of them were each still in love with the other but they both saw different futures.

Sean going to the hospital may be over the top for some, but for me the way he was just showed his incessant insecurites (and no wonder considering the history of his previous relationships and with Marcus before). Who hasn't felt jealous given the lead up situation with Aiden and Marcus meeting him in a bar?

The rat in the pub was a much needed bit of light relief, I love Corrie for its down to earth humour, and it's this and the often understated writing and ease amongst the characters which sets it out far ahead of the other soaps.

Just to add line of the week for me was the photo CD Marcus gave to Sean "our memories" that had me crying all over again. Beautiful and honest writing, thanks Corrie


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