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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Coronation Street episode review, Thursday 5th July 2012

Not the best plot line ever on Coronation Street and so let's hope the Streetcars versus Fare Ladies debacle will soon be over.

Edging towards the ridiculous is the spying Tracy. Why would Lloyd be so easily and speedily convinced by a woman he loathes, and take her on? Tracy's denunciation of Steve as a monster brings out the worst in Lloyd, who says a monster must be slayed. Thank goodness Eileen has rumbled Steve and Tracy and resolution must come soon. A strong line though did come out of the taxi war and that was when Steve said to Tracy that he could kiss her. She was keen to get started but Steve held up his hand and told her in no uncertain terms that he was employing a figure of speech. Always good to see Tracy disappointed.

Owen's comment on how people might communicate in the future was interesting. He put forward the idea that holograms might be used. Faye seems out of sorts and I just wonder if there is a story coming up about cyber-bullying. Coronation Street deals well with contemporary issues and never shies away from them. So Anna will have her plate full especially as Izzy is pregnant now. Impressive again that The Street is dealing with pregnancy and disability, not forgetting how sympathetically Gary's Post Traumatic Stress disorder was dealt with.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Terrible episodes lately - Carry on Cabbie rubbish with Lloyd and Steve why didnt Lloyd set up for himself before if he had the money which I thought he didnt. Have loads of lady drivers on the books within 24 hours, I dont know what was worse this tripe or the moanfest around Katie, Fiz, Izzy and their sprogs - all with the ever irritating Anna fawning around. Then Sean wallowing in self pity - arrrrgh For the first time in a long while I switched off before the end.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I took the advice of the Anonymous brigade who advise us not to watch if we don't like it. Tracy/Kate Ford - does anyone like them? - kept the telly switched off last night and will do so every time they're likely to appear.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Humpty & Frosty. I have been either fast forwarding or switching off for a few months now, and always when Tracy/Kate Ford is on the scene. Been a rabid Corrie fan for many years, but the past couple years have left me wondering why I bother tuning in and quite often I don't. Too bad.

Nathan Johnson said...

These rivalry storylines are getting stupid. We already had the whole Hotpot business and Audrey's salon, characters bickering over not getting what they want. Wheres the bets Lloyd will end up working back at Street Cars as thats where he belongs anyway, so all these events are just pointless. OR maybe producers will throw in another accident so one of the two (Steve and Lloyd) will feel guilty. I like Lloyd, but this comeback storyline is stupid and unnecessary.

And Corrie stop trying to educate us, I watch for entertainment. Nothing wrong with highlighting issues, but it keeps being done for the sake of it.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who enjoyed this storyline abiut the taxis? Makes a nice change for a returning character, in this case Lloyd, to actually have story to return to instead of just propping up the odd scene. Although its a tad far fetched, so far nobody has been mugged, kidnapped or murdered and so its a little light relief. Is this not the kind of thing that commenters on here have been harking on about for months? Seems the street can't win with some people!- Micky


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