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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update, February 6 2012

Greetings and welcome to the Coronation Street Weekly Update. And so without any further ado, here we go with this week's Coronation Street update.

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It’s the aftermath of Frank’s rape trial this week. With Leanne away visiting their Toyah, Peter declares his love for Carla to Deirdre and his dad. Little Simon takes out his hurt and frustration over losing Leanne by acting up at school and he tells a teacher to stick a book “where the sun don’t shine”.  And so the spirit of Blanche lives on.  He also runs around the Barlow house screaming. Little Amy follows suit, because when you’re a kid, that’s exactly what you do. And if I lived in that house, I’d run around screaming too.
At Roy’s Rolls Milton eyes up Roy’s till rolls and suggests they go into partnership to open a string of railway-themed restaurants called Beef Encounter.  But not even Milton’s fancy-pants computer presentation complete with steam train noises and the suggestion that staff could dress up as signalmen, can turn Roy’s head. He turns Milton’s offer down flat, much to Sylvia’s chagrin and he choo-choo-chooses to run Roy’s Rolls just as he’s always done.

Rosie’s heading for life as a reality TV star after her pics are spotted in the Weatherfield Gazette and she gets a call from her agent to say she’s wanted for a trial for Channel Totty-tv or something. This is after Rosie gets sacked from the Council as the face of the road safety campaign when she and Jason get frisky in his van and it hits another car on a road.  Jason also gets sacked when Owen finds out he was out in the van when he shouldn’t have been and that he’s crashed it too.
Over at Underworld, freaky Frank Foster offers Carla an offer she’s tempted to take.  He wants the whole factory back and moves his workforce and mum in. Knowing it’s unworkable, Carla thinks seriously about accepting Frank’s offer for her share of the factory, even if it is insultingly low. But when she goes to tell him she’ll sell, Frank’s nasty little smirks and comments are too much to bear and she tells him to stick his knicker factory offer where the gusset don’t shine. 

Back at the flat, Carla’s now got hot and cold running man around the place when Carla and Peter, or as I like to call them by their celebrity name, CarPet, play house, leaving little Simon with Ken and Deirdre, or as I like to call them by their celebrity name, Ken and Deirdre.  Making breakfast for Carla, there was a lovely line from Peter, a variation on the old “How do you like your eggs in the morning?” chat up line: “Don’t you keep your eggs in the fridge?”  Oh yes, Carla’s eggs are very well chilled. 

At No. 13 Steve comes up with a plan so that he and Tracy can live under the same roof while living apart. He gets Owen to build a wall to convert the house into two flats. It’s illegal of course but good fun to watch.  Tracy’s living upstairs and Steve’s down. He’s very down when Tracy turns off the heating for the whole house but it’s only because Steve had unplugged the lecky to stop Tracy playing her tapes really loudly upstairs. Some habits die hard. 

And finally, this week’s “In The Back with Stella” award goes to Leanne and Peter who both succumbed to Saint Stella’s siren call go through to the back.  I reckon that’s where Gail’s dad Ted Page is, and the kebab shop, we’ve not seen either for months.

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This week's writers were Jayne Hollinson, Ellen Taylor, Mark Wadlow, Debbie Oates and David Lane.  Find out more about the Coronation Street writing team at

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Anonymous said...

CarPet might be The Best Celebrity Name Ever (tm). Thanks G!

ChiaGwen said...

Um Flaming Nora - I may need a new prescrption for glasses - but is that a pic of Rosie with the unbuttoned top and Sean looking at the mounds of flesh within....?

Anonymous said...

Carla's already annoyed with Peter for sticking his nose in her business affairs...I guess the honeymoon's over!

Anonymous said...

I think Sean is traumatized by what he sees, it's like looking at a car wreck; he can't look away but is horrified.

Flaming Nora said...

It's a brilliant picture and every time I mention Rosie's boobies I like to get that picture out.

maggie muggins said...

CarPet, hee! Brill update as always Flaming Nora!

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