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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

TV Times release five Frank Foster killer covers

This week's TV Times comes with a choice of Coronation Street covers. And while there may be five covers there's only one killer so who do you think will be the one who bumped off freaky Frank Foster?

As evil rapist, Frank Foster, is found dead in the factory, TV Times interrogates the Corrie residents whom Weatherfield Police want to question...

Soap baddies always get their comeupance, and this week, Frank Foster makes the inevitable trip to Weatherfield heaven – or, as is more likely, hell?


‘Sally’s the one found with the body, knelt over Frank with blood on her hands – so it doesn’t look good!’

‘Sally’s found in the wrong place at the wrong time. Yes, she hated Frank, but Sally will say she’s not capable of murder.’

Previous form:
‘When she’s riled, we’ve seen Sally lash out before. She gave Natalie that famous slap round the face….’


‘There’s a big twist that throws Kevin Webster right in the frame and the police come calling. It leaves even Sally wondering if Kevin was Frank’s killer.’

‘Kevin claims not to have gone anywhere near Frank before he was killed. But there’s a twist  - and the Police later come to him with evidence they’ve discovered which makes him a suspect...’ 

Previous form:
‘His temper has got Kevin a few weeks in prison after he attacked John Stape. I hope he’s learnt his lesson but you never know. Kevin’s certainly capable of killing someone.’

Who does Kevin think did it?
‘He doesn’t say but, when he’s later questioned, he’s quick to point out it wasn’t him! Kevin mentions to Sally that it makes more sense for Peter to have killed Frank but maybe he’s just covering his tracks.’
‘Anne discovers that the contract Carla signed, giving ownership of the factory to Frank has mysteriously disappeared after Frank’s death. Considering everything that Frank did to her, and the fact that the missing contract benefits Carla, this puts her firmly in the frame and the police come calling.’

‘Carla may use the fact that she’s not capable of murder as her defence. She goes back to the factory that night to confront Frank but she claims that when she left, he was still alive. She then went home on her own, although so she doesn’t have a strong alibi.’

Previous form:
‘Carla’s had her fair share of scrapes in her past, and Carla comes from the roughest council estate in Weatherfield. She was dragged up and she’s learnt to fight her way through life – as she proved when Tony Gordon had her locked up in the factory.’

Who does Carla think did it?
‘When Peter comes back the next day with blood on his clothes and no idea about where he’s been, she starts to worry. And, when he can’t explain where he was she starts to fear it was him.’


‘Peter goes on a drunken bender when Leanne – thanks to some stirring from Frank – announces she’s going for custody of Simon. When he returns the next morning, he’s covered in blood, and has no memory of where he’s been and what he’s done.’

‘Peter can’t remember what happened that night, and he was too drunk to have killed Frank. But then again, he can’t remember that he didn’t kill him!’

Previous form:
‘He’s attacked Frank before, when they came face to face on the street and he all but admitted to raping Carla. Peter spent a night in the cells for that. And he threatened to kill Nick with a crowbar when he found out about his affair with Leanne.’

Who does Peter think did it?
‘He’s worried that Carla lashed out - after all, he knows how far Frank pushed her. Then again he’s also worried that he might have done it whilst he was drunk.’

‘There’s a big twist in the story and Michelle suddenly becomes much more of a suspect than people may initially think. She’s acting very strangely, and her friends start to pick up on that.’

‘Michelle has an alibi that takes her away from the factory when Frank was killed. But when questioned about it, I don’t know whether it will stand up. She’s very cagey.’

Previous form:
Like Carla, Michelle had a pretty rough upbringing but Michelle’s always been a very moral person. Having said that, her big thing is family and she’s very protective of the Connor clan. Frank destroyed Carla so maybe Michelle has decided to dish out some justice of her own.’

Who does Michelle think did it?
‘Michelle’s definitely involved in the mix somewhere but whether she’s capable of killing Frank you’ll have to wait and see. I think she could be!’

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Tvor said...

Kind of silly really. i know htey're trying to drum up publicity and generate interest but anyone that knows anything about soaps knows that if it isn't self defence, it's the expendable crew member. That is, unless the headlines have been telling us that an actor is leaving the show.

maggie muggins said...

RT has a poll too, and includes Eccles, the Barlows' pooch, as runner-up after Anne! lol.

Anonymous said...

If Tvor's theory is correct, I sure hope it's Michelle useless as anything with little other purpose in returning. Although with a Phil Collins twist, Michelle will conspire with the buyer chick and we'll have lesbian "Thelma and Louise" fleeing off into the countryside.

Frosty the Snowman said...

This is just a total red herring:

Carla may be capable of doing it but Alli King is not being written out so its not her, too obvious as well.

Peter: same as above.

Michelle: Why would Michelle kill Frank - to avenge Carla the sister in law she never liked until her come back? No.

Sally: Is not capable of murder, if so why not murder the other half a dozen blokes that used and duped her.

Kevin: Has a temper but its not him.

ITS JENNY ZINGY COLOURS, especially after the last scene yesterday. I reckon she is some kind of physco and Frank makes the fatal mistake of trying to dupe her as well and meets a grisly end!

Glenda Young said...

Agree with Tvor. It's all show publicity and the killer will most likely be someone else.

Cobblestone said...

If he's clubbed to death with a frozen Vienatte then we'll know it was Sally what done it ;)

Anonymous said...

Dr Carter...who acutally followed Frank to Weatherfield after he duped his parents out of their fortune in a pyramid scam and they both died from the stress...the good Dr. is out for revenge and puts Frank out of his misery.

Anna in nz said...

I think it's that buyer Jenny. She had a crazed look in her eye. And I think she doesn't realise yet that actually Frank is an evil rapist who might try to con or rape her too.

I don't think it's Ann.

I don't get this whodunnit storyline. Does that mean we won't know until it's revealed? Or do we get to see who kills Frank when it happens? I guess it wouldn't be a whodunnit otherwise. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

we all know it was clearly Roy Cropper ;)

none of the main characters are being written out - or we probably would have heard. that means its probably going to be Anne of Jenny :)

Anonymous said...

I desperately hope it's Faye the fish killer so we can get rid of her, but it's obviously his psychotic mother so hurry up and reveal all Corrie.


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