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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update, February 27 2012

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The vultures are circling around Frank Foster’s head because he’s getting killed off next week. Which means this week all the usual suspects are being lined up and given motives for knocking off freaky Frank. I suggest it was Sally in the dark with the candlestick when she finds out Frank’s having a fling with Jenny Sumner. Or could it be Peter Barlow in the bookies with a dagger when he finds out Frank’s reported Barlow’s Bookies for fraud after Peter refused to pay out on Karl’s betting slip. Or maybe it’s Miss Carla Scarlett with the gun that does Frank in for being a beast. Or Prof Kevin Webster who plum goes and kills him in the garage with the spanner. And it can’t be Mrs Peacock because Corrie killed her off. Your guess is as good as mine but if I was making a bet at Barlow’s Bookies, my money would be on Frank’s mum Anne.

Now that Carla and Peter (CarPet)’s relationship is out in the open, their life takes on the mundane, everyday tasks that need doing and in Carla’s case, this means taking care of little Simon. She takes to motherhood as well as a duck takes to train driving, and in this particular duck’s case, he does not drive that train very well. Carla’s a bit tipsy from an afternoon tipple when she goes to pick up Simon from school and he wants nowt to do with this new woman in his dad’s life. So Carla drags Simon away from the school gate by pulling on his arm. He tells Leanne and Peter that Carla’s hit him but eventually he has to come clean.

Over at Steve and Tracy’s house, Steve tells his missus he’s moving out to live alone in the Streetcars flat. Tracy assumes this means she’s getting No. 13 all to herself but she’s assumed wrong when Steve moves the wonderful Beth and her even more wonderful son Craig in the house with her. Beth sets her sights on Steve, thinking there’s chemistry between them and Tracy does her best to encourage this, knowing full well that Steve will run a mile. Beth dolls herself up, lays the charm on as thick as her make-up and does her best to seduce Steve when they’re alone in the house. Steve’s terrified but in a wonderful comic scene he manages to wriggle free, this time any road. Beth’s an excellent addition to Coronation Street and her ever-silent, ever-eating son Craig, played by young actor Colson Smith, is comedy gold. And all this with Craig’s pet rat, Darryl too.

The stress of new motherhood forced Katy into running away last week and this week she meets up with sister Izzy in a park. There’s talk of their mum who left them when they were kids and Katy’s afraid she’ll end up just like her. Izzy assures her she won’t and lends a supportive hand, enough to get Katy to return to Ches and the babe. Now that post-maternal laundry has been aired, washed and dried, Anna and Owen do their best to help Katy and Chesney by looking after baby Joseph. Owen hopes this will get him back into Anna’s good books and her good pants, but Anna’s more steely that that. Although even her heart must have melted just a little when Owen built a fairy grotto around the garden pond for little Fay(e).

Pointless story of the week was Tommy going on a date with the blonde bimbo from last week. It’s all a ploy to get Tommy and Tina together, which let’s face it, I hope happens because that boy needs a storyline as much as a duck needs a new train to drive.

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