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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Favourite Corrie characters countdown - ninth poll

Hello all! Now, I hope you've voted in the seventh poll of ten because that is now officially closed. But you have until 01:00 GMT next Tuesday to vote for two of your favourite characters in the eighth poll.

So, who's in our penultimate poll?

Elsie Tanner - The original Street siren and femme fatale. Thrice married, she also had 22 men! A mother to Linda and Dennis, she also mothered many of the Street's young girls like Gail Potter, Suzie Birchall and Marion Willis. She's best remembered for her catfights with the likes of Ena Sharples and Hilda Ogden!

Brian Tilsley - Gail's first husband who was a mechanic. He was easily dominated by his mother Ivy and usually he and Gail would end up in an argument over his mother's inteference. Brian's proudest moment was when son Nicky was born in 1980. The Tilsley marriage was plagued with problems with both Brian and Gail being unfaithful and Brian not believing he was daughter Sarah Lou's dad. Best remembered for his untimely death. He was fatally stabbed outside a nightclub.

Ken Barlow - The only original character to have remained in the soap since its inception. He’s had four wives, fathered four children and has had 24 girlfriends. Known for his quiff, he’s lived on Coronation Street all his life and has held many jobs – varying from a teacher to a supermarket trolley pusher! He had a twenty year rivalry with factory tycoon Mike Baldwin.

Fred Elliott - A Master Butcher famed for his repetitive speech. I say, his repetitive speech. He was also a serial proposer but his true love was Audrey Roberts. He didn't have much luck with his wives on the street - Maureen left him after a week and Eve turned out to be a bigamist! He's also remembered for confessing that he was 'nephew' Ashley's dad - 25 years after the Betty/Gordon Clegg storyline!

David Platt- Has gone from a sweet toddler to the son from hell to a responsible husband and stepdad. He was deeply affected by Tricky Dicky's dastardly deeds and vowed to ruin mum Gail's life for making his life a nightmare. He sent cards her from 'Richard' and pushed her down the stairs. He managed to ruin sister Sarah's wedding by driving into the canal. He seems to have settled down now with new wife Kylie and her son Max and works at gran Audrey's salon.

Annie Walker - The snobbish landlady of the Rovers for over 40 years. Married to Jack for 33 years and mother of Billy and Joan, she was known for her delusions of grandeur and her defining moment was dressing up as Elizabeth I in the 1977 Jubilee parade. After Jack's death she soldiered on behind the bar, relying heavily on staff Betty, Bet and Fred. Another proud moment was being Weatherfield's Lady Mayoress in 1973.

Have you got favourites in this six? Well, vote for two of them and we'll see where they'll be in the countdown!

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Anonymous said...

I don't like the new David at all. Seems they've come to a dead end with this character and he's become a Gail clone...out from somewhere out back...looks like he's sucking sour lemons...mouths off some smart come-backs and then it's back to wherever. Kylie too...used to be ineresting and now it's just dreary. It's getting pretty bad when the most intesting character of the Platt family right now is Audrey.

Anonymous said...

Well let's face it- the most interesting member of the Platt family was never going to Hamster features Gail!


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