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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Corrie weekly awards: February 20 - 24

Cookie Monster award: Craig is back! Funniest scene of the week!
Head vs Heart award: Audrey's head say NO but her heart is leaning to YES.

Freeloader award: Too right Tracy should pay her half of the mortgage, and even if they were happily married, she should!

Green Eyed, Posessive Monster award: Kirsty's at it again.

Shortest Job Ever award: Job offered, job rescinded without even starting! That's Gobzilla Barlow all over!

Stepmother Fail award: Carla picking Simon up at the schoolyard, while she was tipsy.

Out of the mouths of babes: Amy telling Steve that Grandma says Grandad is a know it all. (snort... they hear everything don't they?)

Digging your own hole award: Owen isn't helping persuade anyone to his team. At all. Every time he opens his gob he's digging himself in deeper and proving Katy right.

Typical Kylie fashion shout out: "I love chaos"

Lines of the Week:
Gail to Audrey "I don't want you turning up on my doorstep at midnight with a gin bottle in one hand and a box of tissues in the other"
Steve "I was borderline alert!"
Owen "Two words... Dead. Fish."
Anna to Owen "Most of the time you're a lovely, lovely man but sometimes your mask slips and there's a right nasty piece of work in front of me" (That's Owen in a nutshell)
Chesney to Owen "You don't want to help. You want to control!!!"
Frank "Peter, can I help you?" Peter "Only by dropping dead"
Tyrone "At least with a car you get a manual"
Lewis to Kylie "David's wife? Shouldn't you be throwing drinks over me instead of buying them?"
Frank (with vaguely disguised contempt) to Sally "Loathe as I am to pass up on frozen chicken balls..."
Carla to Sally "What are you? the new time clock? Because I'll happily punch myself in!"

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Father of the year award: Why would Steve move Beth and her rather odd son into the same house as his 6 year old daughter, causing her upset and distress? Just to score points off Tracy, this is becoming tiresome the same as the face pulling clown Steve. How come the house is mortgaged anyway, I thought he sold the Rovers to fund it and the sale went through in about a fortnight.

Sack the bookie cleaner award: We all know Carl’s betting slip was knocked on the floor by Cruella’s giant carpetbag when she burst in having yet another one of her many “traumas”. Wouldn’t it have been found on the floor though? I think Hangdog Barlow has made a grave mistake in making an enemy of Carl, let alone to his reputation by not paying what he was owed.

Stop the eating scenes please: Why does Brian have to be stuffing his fat face in almost every scene? It’s really becoming offputting now. I know this character was brought in for “comedy” but its really not working for me; he is just a gluttonous buffoon.

Pointless (again) Award: What exactly is the point of Fiz these days, she has contributed nothing to the Katy/Chesney/Joseph scenes, more interested in stitching knickers for the Wicked Witch. The character is superfluous now that Stape has gone, and should be written out.

Troubled and damaged child award: Whether she killed Owen’s guppies, I fell sorry for Faye, she is played by a cracking little actress who could give her shouty cousin a few tips.

Hint for a new character award: Izzy and Katie’s mother has been mentioned on more than one occasion so that gives a clue that she is going to turn up in the street looking for her daughters. Another long lost mother story.

Let’s laugh at the fat kid award: Why do we have to hold up fat and ginger people as points of ridicule? Craig has to be seen eating in every scene and we are supposed to laugh at him. It’s a form of bullying Mr Collinson, you really don’t have a clue do you?

Now served her purpose award: You can see the contempt that Frank really has for Sally showing through now she is of no further use to him. Boo hiss

Tvor said...

I laugh at the kid because he stares and never says a word. Has a pet rat named after his father, takes a plate of biscuits and only puts one back. He's so funny. Fat or thin he'd be just as good. My peeve is people making fun of heavier women like Beth. Her glamour photo was really nice as it happens. As awful as she is, common as muck, I think she's still kinder at heart than the last horrible mother, Cilla to whom she's been compared, and probably a better mother too. Better than Tracy I'm sure and Steve could do a lot worse. He has done actually!

Faith-Anne said...

.. my sentiments exactly, Tvor!

Anonymous said...

I'm with FTS..I don't find one thing funny about Brian or Craig pounding food into their faces just about every time they're on screen...and garbage food to boot. They act like they haven't eaten for days...slathering and gobbling and trying to talk at the same time (Brian - Craig is a mute)Barf. The episode where Brian brings his greasy chips into the Dr's office was really stupid. I get that the writers are trying to introduce them as a comedic couple but the fat jokes have got to go...unless Julie and Deidre get equal billing in the overweight department and have similar scenes.

Humpty Dumpty said...

You have to be extra careful how you portray children. There's a lot of teasing and bullying going on in schools and it would be terrible if overweight kids were nicknamed 'Craig'. Who remembers Billy Bunter?

Adam Rekitt said...

The ridiculous Tracey/Beth house share story just proves that Tracey's character is a dead end. Clearly, the producers have no idea what to do with her.

Not content with Brian being the world's most worrying headmaster, he's now becoming the most stupid. Why does the show have to portray most professionals as bumbling idiots?

Coronation Street's comedy used to come from the characters. Hilda's muriel, Vera thinking she was related to the Queen. Collinson's desperation is such that we are now just meant to laugh at fat people. This week's episodes were dire.


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