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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Coronation Street episode reviews, Thursday 23 and Friday 24 February 2012

Am I the only person who thinks  that common as muck single mum Beth is a virtual doppelganger in looks and personality for Cilla Battersby-Brown? 
Anyhow, it's good to see her and her pudgy, rat-keeping, ever munching son  Craig with his "very unsettling gaze" become regular characters. The house-sharing storyline with a very unhappy Tracy promises many good comedy moments, such as when Beth explained that his per rat  was named "Darren, after his dad." 
Funny scene when Steve spotted Beth's  ghastly "glamour" photo portrait pinned up  on the living room wall and she proudly asks him what he thinks of it. "Well, it's got a nice frame," he ventured with a grimace.
Some romantic cold-shouldering in these episodes as Frank's Mr Nice Guy act with smitten Sally rapidly began to cool. Still, her offer of making the rapist a romantic meal of frozen "mini Chicken kiev and jacket spuds" wasn't exactly enticing and Norris soon caught on that her replacement menu of "pork in lemon and butter sauce" was a ready meal from Freshco. Get that woman a Delia Smith cookbook pronto!
Meanwhile Tommy Duckworth was reduced to claiming he was taking up smoking and planning to travel round the world "next week" in order to shake off his pretty blonde bimbo one night stand (the role was quite nicely played, I thought) who had  already given names to their four children and had made his picture the home page on her phone.  "You're too full on, " he told her, as an unimpressed Tina hovered. 
Chesney, Katy and baby were reunited thanks to help from sympathetic Anna, with not so tame Neanderthal dad Owen  trying to tone down his controlling macho man act and even offering to babysit his grandson so the teenage couple could have a rare night out. 
Carla - who despite her flaws is starting to appear a more sympathetic character recently - was the talk of Coronation Street after Simon refused to go home with her at the school gates and she had to grab his hand to drag him home and Simon later claimed to Peter she had hurt him and shouted at him.  She later tipsily exploded in a rant to her employees at the factory much to the satisfaction of  about to be murdered Frank, who charmingly told her: "I haven't seen make up like that since Thriller". He has a point!
Leanne returned  from her stay with Toyah but told Stella - who she quite naturally calls "mum" now, have people noticed? - that  she was not planning to hang around in Weatherfield. Simon, who wants to get rid of Carla, whom he views as his wicked stepmother, will not be happy.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

The "Im Leaving Weatherfield" mantra was sung again when we all know Leanne isnt going anywhere, as usual - why do they keep doing that? However, I thought the writing on both the episodes on Friday was much improved, anyone know who the writers were?

Humpty Dumpty said...

If Carla is to become a more sympathetic character, we need to know more about her childhood. Her jokey remark about always having her arm roughly pulled as a child was the first glimmer. Let's hear more about her early years.

The double act of Beth and totally silent Craig is funny but will soon run out of steam. Rather than just make Craig a figure of fun, we could see his brilliance with computers/diy etc.


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