Monday, 13 February 2012

Booze Busters

Tonight’s scene stealers had to be Gail and Audrey and their trip to see Dr. Carter in the medical centre after poor Audrey went all woozy.

I’ve always loved these two characters, I think they are funny, classic Corrie women and in an otherwise dull two-parter I think they really livened up the show tonight. The scene in the kitchen where they were challenging each other to bin the booze was a particular highlight of mine.

Obviously the whole alcohol ban storyline has been set up as a plot device to bring Lewis back into the frame, but if it means seeing more of Gail and Audrey over the next couple of weeks then I’m game. We haven’t really seen that much of them recently so it’s nice to have them onscreen for a bit, even if it is for silly scenes such as tonight’s and Friday’s worst surprise party ever in the back room of the Rovers.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

I actually thought Audrey really looked quite ill in those scenes yesterday. Yes they booze far too much on Corrie, surprised they can afford it in these austere times.

Coronation Street Corner said...

They are a great double act. :)

Anonymous said...

I reallllly wish both Audrey and Gail would do SOMEthing with their hair! Audrey's never been a good advertisement for her salon. And Gail always looks buried underneath her hair.
~JB in Canada

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