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Friday, 10 February 2012

Coronation Street episode review, Thursday February 9

Rosie plastered herself with even more garish Aunt Sally make up than Carla wears, as she excitedly headed for her reality show audition. "How do I look?" she asked. "Depends which pantomime you're auditioning for,"  replied Eileen, dryly. Even so, Rosie got the job, prompting ambitious mum Sally to really push the boat out in celebration."Might see if I can get a Vienetta for afters -  it's not every day you hear your daughter will become a national celebrity, " she gushed.

While Rosie told unsuspecting boyfriend Jason she'd be away for 12 weeks in London for the show, the minx omitted to tell him it was a dating series  with "12 girls competing to go out with a rich Lord"  for which she had to be single. Sister Sophie was shocked when Rosie secretly told her that she planned to dump  supportive Jason by letting the relationship "fizzle out".

Meanwhile Stella laid into Nick for going out with pneumatic daughter Eva (who appeared to be bizarrely dressed up as Carmen Miranda complete with flower in her hair)  as she, Stella, didn't trust him and felt he was too old for Eva, But he managed to mollify her, promising: "I won't hurt her, I promise - give me a chance." Michelle Collins' "Northern" accent, which she seems to interpret as speaking very, very low-pitched and huskily, doesn't really improve.
Carla kept her upper lip stiff at the factory as she announced  to the workforce that: "Frank and I have decided to bury our differences for the sake of the business," and he was unnervingly smiling and polite to her. "I'm so pleased we're friends - just like old times." he smarmed, even offering her a lift back home. But back home alone, the pressure caused Carla to collapse into frustrated tears, so she turned up in the rain at Peter's flat, only for his son Simon to read the riot act: "What she's doing here? You're the reason my mum's gone. You spoilt everything. I hate you." The boy has a point. The omens for Peter and Carla's future in Coronation Street don't look good.
Milton announced to Sylvia that he was going ahead with the Beef Encounter project elsewhere but she realised it would be in direct competition with Roy's cafe. Will Sylvia's so far not exactly strong loyalty to her son finally win out over her infatuation with  Milton?

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Looney Baloon said...

Oh ha ha exactly what we said about Eva, Carmen Miranda, all she needed was a pineapple on her head! Why is it when a soap character comes out as a tarty mess, everyone says they look "gorgeous". Frank still has the hots for Carla, we can tell!

Adam Rekitt said...

A return to poor quality again. Which TV Company holds auditions for a programme the day before it is due to start? Actors' departures are telegraphed months in advance, but on screen it's rushed and unrealistic.

Sylvia and Milton must be both pushing 80. Who opens a new business at that age and more particularly dreams of building an Empire?

Suddenly St Stella is wondering around snapping and sniping. If only she had a clone to invite her in the back and tell her she was behaving out of character. And Nick looked so old, he really should have been asking St Stell out. He's meant to be 30 not 50.

Tvor said...

lol Adam i was thinking that too. Stella needed to take herself in the back.

Anonymous said...

Stella is awful, the dreadful accent, the hoarse and rasping voice and she twists her mouth sideways in a strange way. She makes it her business to interfere and gossip about everyone's business when a pub landlady should be the person to keep other people's secrets.

Dubcek said...

I'm surprised that she doesn't have a t-shirt with a picture of Mother Theresa on it with the caption "I'M Baaack"

Anonymous said...

Agree with all the comments about St Stella. Is the sniping an attempt by the writers to make her 2 dimensional? I am perplexed as to why this insipid character has been allowed to take over an iconic institution like the Rovers. Bad move.

Anonymous said...

Why does not one character tell this harpy to take her nose and shove it into her own business?
The confrontation with Nick was just sad.
She tells Nick off...Nick says Leanne broke his heart..Not batting an eye Stella then invites him and his whole family round for their tea. WTF!!

ChiaGwen said...

LOL! All of the above comments are funnier than the show- well maybe except for that hideous outfit and hair of Eva's. I expected them all to laugh when they first saw her. I did.

Anonymous said...

For Gawd's sake stop thrusting Stella down our throats.Her character is as wishy washy as SHE looks ( wardrobe/ makeup,please get a bit of colour into her).Please have her commit some hienous crime or better still,arrange for the next car to hit her do a proper job so there is no way back.


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