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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Amber leaves Coronation Street - again

Nikki Patel, who plays awesome / awful Amber on Coronation Street, has filmed her final scenes for the show.  Digital Spy report on a story in today's People (which I can't find online) that confirms Nikki's time is up on the cobbles.

But it's not the first time she's left and returned so this may not be the last either.

A Corrie source, who's always busy on a Sunday it seems, tells the People: "Nikki's part in the love triangle was a huge success, but the producers feel that the character has run her course. Nikki is a professional and she understands, although of course she is disappointed."

Amber will leave the Street after a series of rows with stepmum Sunita Alahan.

A Coronation Street spokesperson added: "Nikki will be leaving us at the end of her contract, but viewers may see Amber again."

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Well lets admit it, Awful Amber's resurrection was not a success but a disaster. Not sorry at all to hear she is going, she was hardly in it lately and was pointless anyway but wish the actress the best for the future. Perhaps daddy dev could go too - here's hoping!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Frosty, I agree that her return story was a disaster, but I do like the character and the actress as well... it was the stupid story -- love triangle with Sophie and Sian that was the disaster!

I hope she does come back... and next time, there's a good story surrounding her return... like she gets her university degree or something...

Anonymous said...

Maybe next time some stronger story lines would help.I like the Amber character,I hope she comes back again with some solid writing behind her.

Danny-K said...

I will miss her easy-going, laid back, 'laissez-faire' delivery. I found her an engaging character.

Sunita and Dev fell victim to stereotyping. Asians running a corner shop? Common enough, but how original - not!

Although in the past month, Sunita has now had a big change to her working environment.

Amber's character was a breath of fresh air, suffocated as mentioned above for want of more original and compelling storylines. Shame really.

Anonymous said...

Good riddance Amber - please take Dev with you, PLEASE! At least they've done something new with Sunita.

Anonymous said...

If something is "common enough", how on earth is it stereotyping?

Anonymous said...

would have been better putting her in the pub instead of Sunita..more realistic anyway.

Paul said...

totally underused and wasted in her return. The "love-triangle" storyline was one of the worst the show has ever devised.

She was fab first time around in her scenes gossiping with Norris. Brought some fun to her role.

I feel sorry for the actress, not really given a chance second time around.

Danny-K said...

If something is "common enough", how on earth is it stereotyping?

To answer your question:

Asians are "common enough" in Manchester to find them in virtually every field of endeavour - virtually every field!

Surely you must agree, that it follows that the entire population of working class British Asians are not all corner shop owners - that's so 1970's.

I think the difference being that Corrie is predominately about working class people - and not accountants, doctors etc., But still, my point is originality - they pulled it off with Amber.

Round my way there's a privately owned and predominately staffed Asian garage. Soapland can easily accept a Kevin or Tyrone in almost every soap that's ever been, but an Asian small-concern garage owner on Corrie?

Probably comes under "NOT common enough".

(Mind you on one BBC soap there's a 'hot looking', long blonde locks, female 'grease monkey' garage owner - how common is that?)

Anonymous said...

Previous British Asians on Corrie have included a lawyer and a textile factory owner.
What is Amber's degree in? Do we know?

David said...

I've always liked Amber and I'm gutted she's going. She was a very fun character and I don't understand why they are getting rid of her but tired characters like Kirk, Seaan and Fiz are have been around for ages and won't be going anywhere any time soon.

njblas said...

Nikki Patel is a very good actress, and originally Amber was a fantastic character. I blame the Powers That Be for deciding to reinvent her as a snide, manipulative bi-sexual temptress. How could they think for a minute that was going to work? Now her character has 'run her course' despite the fact she is (still) the only remotely interesting member of the Alahan family!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't exactly call her part in the triangle a 'huge success' lol. I thought the whole storyline was a bit of a flop.

ChiaGwen said...

They are pretty deluded if they think that lesbian triangle story was a huge success...NO IT WASN'T!!
Loved the original kooky, unhibited Amber not this snarky, dour imposter. Hope she returns as the original and not to continue a relationship with that dreadful Sophie.


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