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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update, February 20 2012

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Julie’s pregnant and loved up but when she tells Brian about the baby, he pulls a sniffy face, walks away and tells her he hopes that she has a nice life. Julie’s now pregnant and confused. Brian reveals that he thinks she’s been playing away because he’s had the snip, the big V. Julie – you’ll remember - is pregnant and confused and now she’s upset that Brian could believe she’d have a fling with a fella. The two of them go to the docs where Doctor Carter confirms that the snip, the big V, isn’t always a success and tests can be done to prove Brian’s the dad. Julie – you’ll recall – is pregnant, confused and upset but this piece of news has made her happy too.

At Roy’s Rolls, Sylvia prepares to leave and swap the Street for the States when Milton offers to whisk her away, away, away down South to Dixie. “I’ve got a first class ticket for a first class dame,” he croons and it’s enough to turn Sylvia’s head, a little anyway. She breaks the news to Roy, hoping that he’ll say he doesn’t want her to go, but he doesn’t, not Roy. Even though he is hoping that she’ll stay. “Just say the word and I’ll stay,” she says - but the word remains unsaid. And so she goes although it’s what neither mum nor son want. She leaves and she goes without a hug or a hold, just a handshake from Roy. And then she comes back. “I can’t be doing with faucets and closets and pants, not at my age,” she moans and gripes about American life. Roy smiles, Sylvia’s happy and the good ship Roy’s Rolls gets back on an even keel.

It’s been Valentine’s this week and cupid’s arrow should have shot straight through Kirsty’s head and knocked her off the cobbles for good. Instead it urged Tyrone on to propose to Krazy Kirsty and Krazy Kirsty, knowing a soft touch when she sees one, says yes. So Tommy moved out and in with Tina and Jason in the flat above the wherever the flat is. Tommy’s trying to give Tina the glad-eye but she’s not having it, not until St. Ella of the Rovers pushes Tina into Tommy’s direction and by then it’s too late. Tommy’s been chatted up and kissed by a blonde piece who’s got trouble with her exhaust.

Lewis the charming cad returned this week and knocked Audrey’s romantic socks off, again. But is he a changed man or just playing her for a fool, again? She bumps into him accidentally when out jogging with Gail, in a wonderful comic scene with mother and daughter power-walking up dale and down. When they needed a rest a pub came into view and so in they went, and so did Lewis too. Ooh, that sentence rhymed. At first Lewis pretends he’s his own twin brother but is outed by the barman who calls him by his name. And then he sends flowers to Audrey and tries to win her back using every charming caddish trick in the book. More potent still, it’s every charming caddish trick in Lewis’ little black book. He even pays Peter the money he nicked from last time around. Deirdre is less forgiving and thumps Lewis by the pumps when she spots him in the pub. It wasn’t a bad thump as it happens.

Chesney’s so shocked by his mate Big Garth at the market being able to eat a whole French stick for lunch that he’s not noticed Katy isn’t coping with the baby. She’s coping so badly that she leaves the baby alone and not just the once. The second time she leaves him, she drags in little Fay(e) to babysit and that’s when it all goes horribly wrong. Fay(e) decides to grill cheese on toast which quickly turns into cheese on fire. And then she manages to lock herself out of the house while the fire rages and the baby cries inside. Fay(e) runs to get Owen who breaks down the door, saves the baby and turns off the grill. The cheese, I’m afraid, has had it. Not even St. Ella could have saved the cheese and I’m surprised they didn’t get her, instead of Owen, to save the baby. She’s not saved the life of a baby – not yet.

Over at Underworld, there’s more bitching than stitching as Frank winds Carla up summat rotten and she loses a big order ‘cos of his wiley ways. The sooner he’s killed off, the better.

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