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Monday, 20 February 2012

Corrie weekly awards: February 13 - 17

Here's this week's awards, a little late. I've included last night's episode as it was originally meant to be Friday's second.

Feeling abandoned award: Roy can't bring himself to face his real feelings, or admit them, at least.

Green eyed monster award: Tommy thought Jason was back with Tina.

Agony Uncle award: So Brian unbares his soul to an almost complete stranger because... he was a teacher too?

Pants on Fire award: Tina said she wasn't trying to split up Kirsty and Tyrone. Of course she was!

St. Ella's councilling of the week: Tommy across the bar, Tina across the bar later, and even Karl is getting in on the act, advising Brian!

Slippery as a bucket of eels award: Lewis, of course! He's still got the chat doesn't he? (Audrey don't fall for it! Nooo put that phone number in the bin!)

Rocky Balboa award: Deirdre right-crossed Lewis to the face! Good on yer! Wonderful scene in the pub!

Forewarning award: Audrey asking how Betty is, she's still under the weather!

Reunited award: Sylvia couldn't get on that plane!!! Yay!

Smug Git award: Kirsty's got rid of Tina and now she's got rid of Tommy too!

Lines of the Week:
Carla about Sally "Then what is she?" Michelle "Besides what we know she is"
Tina about Kirsty "She's not gonna get away with it this time" (Wanna bet?)
Sally to Tyrone "You made a mistake. Mistakes can be corrected"
Gail "I've never been so insulted!!" Audrey "We both know that's not true!"
Sylvia "There's nothing worse than a new lease on life and finding out it's on a short term rental"
Sylvia "Bitterness doesn't become you, Roy" Roy "Nor motherhood, you, it seems"
Lewis "Gail, please don't self combust"
Brian "Ken Barlow is a phoney and a turncoat" and "It broke my heart to lie" (tosser!)
Deirdre about Audrey and Lewis "I bet they were up her stairs two at a time!"

Best screen cap of the week, Gail blowing into the breathalyser!

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Danny-K said...

Award for the most ill-conceived, and utterly lacking in credibility scene, goes to:

The scene with hapless headmaster Brian, shovelling endless fish and chips (or whatever takeaway it was) into his toxic gullet whilst in the middle of a doctor's consultation, where the doctor played second fiddle to his pigging out, just to prove Brian's duplicity in running the school's healthy lunchbox initiative.

- Whoever dreamt up that scene needs dumping, head first, into a 12 foot deep vat of used fish and chip cooking oil on the grounds of crimes against credibility!!

Tvor said...

OH yes wasn't that awful?

Tiddles Galore said...

I thought this week was another brilliant set of episodes. Lots of really gentle, traditional Corrie-comedy that wasn't forced or farcical (is that how it's spelt?).

The comedy came out of brilliant writing and brilliant delivery by some wonderful actors who know to play the scene straight, rather than for comedy, and this is why it works so well.

If Corrie keeps this up, I really feel it's well and truely turned a corner and has left behind some of the mistakes it made last year.

Anonymous said...

No visa needed award: You cannot just jump on a plane to the USA, procedures have to be gone through and it takes more than a couple of days. Sylvia should have gone away for a couple of weeks, didn’t make sense for her to turn around and come straight back.

Sudden alcoholic’s award: Since when did Gail and Audrey sup gin in the afternoons? All concocted to bring Lewis back, a very unconvincing storyline.

Cuckoo award: Sorry we don’t like Kirsty but Tommy shouldn’t still be dossing with Ty now he has a partner and a baby on the way, stop feeling sorry for yourself man!

Bad manners award: Two chins Brian stuffing his face with chips in Dr Matts surgery – quite revolting

Adam Rekitt said...

I agree with Tiddles. I enjoyed all this week's episodes for the first time in a very long while. Brian shovelling his chips was a poor scene and it was clear that what was meant to be Friday's two episodes were split between Friday and Sunday.

Nevertheless, Gail and Audrey were good value, the Roy/Haley/Sylvia threesome is a billion times better than Carla/Peter/Leanne and Kirsty is a very intriguing character. Even Tina and St. Ella seemed less irritating. And there were no murders or rapes. What a week!

Danny-K said...

" and Kirsty is a very intriguing character"

- I haven't quite written her off yet either.

She's intriguing in so much that there's mileage to be had in wanting to know what failed and torturous relationships, partners and/or family whom she's lost that she's keeping quiet about that have resulted in driving her to this manic, obsessive control over those she deems should put her first at all times.

Somewhere in all that control is the overwhelming fear of losing. What's driving it?

Anonymous said...

This week was pretty good, but that doctor's office scene with Brian stuffing his face was really nauseating to watch! Blech!! I was kinda hoping he'd choke.
~JB in Canada

Anonymous said...

Who's more sickening with a mouthful of chow...Dreary or Brian..both enough to gag a maggot!

Frosty the Snowman said...

How about :

Carry on Cartoon Award: Brian and Julie and Gail ridiculously over acting, I think I prefer her shouting and miserable than this strange metamorphasis into a gurning fool.

Most Unbelievable Not Credible, Pointless and Dreadful Return Award: Why on earth have they brought back Nigel Havers as Lewis? Is he one of Phil Collinson's luvvie friends? The whole story is totally preposterous and is wasting Sue Nichols as Audrey who is a great character.

Silly little cow award: Katie who insisted on getting pregnant at 16, giving up her studies cos she wanted a beybey, now she cant cope, selfish thick little pram face.

Tvor said...

I think Katie's struggle was inevitable and it happens to older mothers, too. It might give a teenager second thoughts about what it's really like, too.

Dolly Tubb said...

Katie's predicament is being very well portrayed. Post natal depression and stress can happen to any woman and this story is being very sensitively handled without getting overly sensational like some Corrie stories can be. Well done Georgia May Foote

Laura said...

Claire all over again? Enough already! It's been done


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