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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Coronation Street double episode review - Monday February 20

Such a joy to see the ever suave Nigel Havers back in Coronation Street - and he's looking well on course to winning back duped former love Audrey. Her  reservations seem to be eroding away bit by bit as the seemingly reformed posh conman attempted to woo her back with red roses, puppy dog eyes and professions of love and making amends.

When she started to feel sorry for him because he could only afford to live in a shabby flat, it was clear the writing was on the wall for her doubts. There's a lovely chemistry between Havers and Sue Nicholls, and viewers will just have to wait and see whether there is a still a wolf  lurking under that  dapper sheep's clothing. He's all heart:"I broke a habit of a lifetime - I didn't take your money," he told Audrey. Romeo, eat your heart out!
Audrey and daughter Gail had bumped into ex gigolo Lewis by chance as they stopped for refreshment at a country pub after their genteel lady jog.  A startled but ever duplicitous Lewis  - who, you might remember, had absconded to Barbados with the money he stole from Peter's bookies - at first pretended to be his own  twin brother " Hugh"  and donned a pair of glasses until, in a laugh out loud scene, the barman  outed him  by calling his real name. Lewis scarpered from the pub but didn't waste much time ingratiating himself back in Coronation Street, dropping into the  bookies to pay back Peter's £4,000 with an extra £1,000 to boot. However his visit to the Rovers ended in farce as angry Deirdre -  whom he smooched in the bookies to distract her from his thievery - socked him most convincingly in the face.
Elsewhere macho man Owen decided to grandchild-snatch Joseph after rescuing him from a kitchen fire after his confused teenage mum daughter Katy, desperate to get away from the confines of motherhood, left her baby home alone with Anna Windass's adoptive  nine year old daughter  Faye, who got locked out.  Alas Katy then slipped away from home, seemingly for good.
Judging by the longing looks between the increasingly tango tanned Tina and eye candy Tommy Duckworth, who both secretly fancy each other but have been at cross purposes, it seems another Street romance can't be long off fruition, especially after Tina became spooked when she saw him dating another girl.
Comedy couple Julie and  Brian made up their differences after the doctor told him it was still possible to father a child after a vasectomy.
Meanwhile, Sylvia didn't go through with her new life in America with her "yankee doodle dandy"  beau Milton. After an awkward, hugless, beautifully pitched farewell with son Roy -  who was secretly devastated at her departure - she returned form the airport, saying she couldn't be doing with Americans, talking loudly about their "faucets and closets, not at my age."  The smile on the old dragon's face on her return, when Roy wasn't looking, made it clear she too was delighted not to be apart from her once estranged son, either.  As ever nicely played by David Neilson and Stephanie Cole.
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Danny-K said...

Whilst wanting to believe in Lewis, the 'elephant in the room' question about the Lewis character needs answering first.

And that is, if he's genuine and wanting a new start, and realised he did love Audrey all along, why did he not get back in touch of his own violition?

Instead he's only handed back the stolen money AFTER he was caught red-handed, carrying on with his old ways when Gail and Audrey bumped into him in a pub that he thought people from his past would never, ever, discover? Would he want them notifying a sighting of him to the police?

Audrey needs to call in at the police station to check out Lewis's story of 'turning himself in' - bet he hasn't.

Also, if the alleged offender of a crime is apprehended by the police they always inform the victim of the crime. The scriptwriters know that. Has Peter been contacted by the police to be told they have apprehended the offender?

Frosty the Snowman said...

What exactly was the point of Milton? Seems like Robert Vaughn's agent had a "window" in his filming The Hustle and managed to get him a gig on Coronation Street. Unfortunately he was disappointing and made zero impact.

Kiwifruit & Cheese said...

On the contrary. Whilst not having any particular liking for Milton, and whether it was TPTB's intention or not.....I feel that his purpose in the show, if nothing else, has been for Sylvia to realise and show that her feelings towards Roy have grown and she does in fact love him and feel closer to him....and I find it rather nice :o)


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